What is the Ski season?

what is the ski season in switzerland and southern france? Can I ski around thanksgiving ( last week in novemeber) IS there skiing at that time of the time of year?


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the best season to ski in the Alps is between December and April. Some years there is not much snow before January but this year we've had quite a lot since November. At that time we are in the best time of the season: lot of snow, sunny days, not very crowdy.

The best resorts for a good skier is Chamonix, La Grave in France, Crans Montana, Verbier, Zermatt and St Moritz in Switzerland. Personnally I always recommand good skiers to go to Chamonix. For me it's the best, with a good cosmopolitan friendly atmosphere and it's not as expensive as swiss ski resorts.

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Skiing season is DEC to APR,
But if their is snow, some resorts open already mid NOV, but be carreful some are only open during week-ends...

for example this past 2 years their was a lot of fresch snow in NOV.

If you want to come to Switzerland their is a very nice resort open all year round: Saas Fee (just next door to Zermatt), you can ski on a glacier and their is always very good condition in NOV.


You'll have to go higher up to ski in the glacier zone. Check out Zermatt, Saas Fee, Verbier, the areas around the Aletsch Glacier or Chamonix in France. A lot of the bigger ski resorts (like Zermatt I know for sure) have webcams that show their slopes in most seasons, it would be helpful to check these out.

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