Is it possible to convert my Korean International Driver's License to a South African Driver's License?

I am a citizen of South Africa but I am here right now in Korea for work. I have driver's license that was issued to me by the traffic department in Korea. My contract with my company is about to expire and I will soon go back to South Africa. My question is: If i get the Korean traffic department to translate my license, would it be possible for me convert into a SA driver's license when i get home? Or since my Korean driver's license is international, can i use it to drive in SA anyway or do i need to apply for a new SA driver's license all over again?


Country: South Africa


Hello George. My gutfeel is that if your current Korean driver's license is international, you shouldn't have any problem converting back to a South African one. However this is just a gutfeel. Why don't you contact the local traffic department in SA, and just double check.
If your current driver's licence is international it will allow you to drive here in South Africa, but the fact that it is Korean may be problematic. However, I do think that at some stage you will have to apply for a SA driver's licence and then based on that apply for an international drivers licence which in turn will allow you to drive when you travel abroad again.
once ur in SA, go to ur nearest traffic department and have them convert it, yes, it is possible
You can use your international drivers licence here, but it would probably be best to go to your local traffic department and convert it into an SA drivers licence. Good luck!
There are two sides to your question:
1. Is your Korean lisence just a Korean lisence or have you been issued with an International Driver's lisence, and,
2. If you only have a Korean lisence, then you will have to apply for a South African lisence through your closest Traffic Department / Municipal Traffic Department's offices for your S.A license.
If you have an International Driver's license you should have no problems to drive in S.A and as far as I know most other countries in the world.
Hope that helps.
Hi there,

Indeed, you can do the conversion. My parents have done there's from Swaziland and Taiwan respectively. However, this will have to be done by you personally visiting the South African Traffic Department, with an eye-test and a fee. They will probably take a while though (roughly 2~3 months). Hope I helped~
you can drive with international driver's license here in South Africa but its for the best when you irrive here at home to go to traffic department with the right document(SA ID Document, Korea Drivers License, Proof from Korean Traffic Epartment ect) and convert your drivers license they wont give you any problem. just have the right document they need. that's all! since well you are south african there wont be a problem. Try to call one of south african traffic department on +27 0860 4288364.
Yes, they will convert your driver's licence into S.A, as long as it is internationally recognized. Your traffic department in your area in South Africa will be able to handle that.
i had a zambiam license and had to convert it to an sa license, i suggest you do the same will be less problematic in the end.
You would need to get in contact with the traffice department in South Africa. If you could have a look on their website maybe that would answer your questions.

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