hi, how can i get from istanbul to topolovgrad (by bus/train etc)? Also are there any interesting places to stay on the route? Thank...


Country: Bulgaria


I am sorry, but I know nothing about Topolovgrad. However, if you travel by bus and have some time, it would be worth making a stop close to the Bulgarian border at Kapitan Andreeva in the town of Edirne. This was the second Ottoman capital. The main site to see is the Selimieye Mosque which was built in 1575. I find it more interesting than the Blue Mosque and Aya Sofia in Istanbul. There are also various other small mosques to see in and around town. If you are traveling in June, you may get to see the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival. This is the oldest wresting festival in the world dating back to 1300s. Check out for more info.

Has info on buses from Istanbul to Bulgaria. Happy travels!
You may get the bus and travel from Instanbul to Odrin than to Lubimec to Topolovgrad.
You can travel to Bulgaria by bus.There are few different companies, which you can find on the central otogar in Istanbul.Metro and Nishikli are the best.You must take the bus to Haskovo or Stara Zagora and there you must take a bus to Topolovgrad.On the road there are many places of interest.You can visit Edirne-at the beginning of the 20 sentury part of Bulgaria with it churches, fortress, Selimey mosque, beautiful downtown.When you come to Haskovo you can vist there a very beautiful church of St.Mary with its statue, the old houses from 19 century,the old tracian sanctuary, the monument of the unknown soldger on the central squear.If you travel to Stara Zagora you can visit there the Breket tomb of the anciant Bulgarians ( in the west of "Kolio Gantchev" area), old anciant mosaik behind the operhouse , anciant publik building with mosaiks in the post office, the meorial complex "The Defenders of Stara Zagora", astronomy observatory on the lst floor of the Romen Rolan school, art gallery, the house-museum "City Life 19 century", house-museum of Geo Milev- Bulgarian Writer, the park Aiazmoto with a zoo, the path of the health.There are many othe rplaces of interest.If you contact me, I can help you with more information.
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You can take a bus, you can take a train. There are regular busses and trains, just chech the timetable. Topolovgrad is just a couple of km. from the border - Bulgarian side. No, there is nothing interesting to see there except the nature and near by winery. On Turkish side, close to the border is Edrine - I would reccommend you to make a stop and see that town.
Apart from these many other places to visit in Bulgaria. Have luck and enjoy your trip.

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