I arrive in Sao Paolo airport (from England) on Wednesday morning (10am) 12th May and I am looking for a ride to Cunha (Parati is...

...nearest big town). Would be very greatful if there is either anyone to take me or can advise the cheapest & easiest way to go with luggage


Country: Brazil


I love this region of Cunha which is next door to Paraty!!!!

From there y a lot of options...lots of go to wilderness in Cunha, gorgeous waterfalls, very interesting hikes; you can go to Paraty and spend the whole day there, the historical village is great to walk everywhere, I love getting lost in the narrow streets of Paraty.

Or you can even stay in Paraty, I know very cheap options that you can stay and cunha is just 10 minutes away.

Don't forget that you are also very close to the coastal beaches of Trindade, Gonsalinho and so many other hidden paradises.

From the airport to Cunha's region you will take at least four hours.

PLEASE DO WRITE TO ME!!!! I will be happy to give you some hints, my email is

In my profile you can visit my blog which is quite funny!!!

Happy travels!!!!
Great - thank you so much for all the information. If I didn't want to take the bus, do you know how much a taxi would be?
The cheapest way to get there is by bus. Actually, you'll have to take two buses. You can take the first one from Sao Paulo (Tiete Road Terminal) to a city called Guaratingueta - you can choose two travel companies to do that: 'Viação Cometa', (11-2221-5618, 2221-2367) or 'Viação Pássaro Marrom' (2221-0244). The second one, you'll get from Guaratingueta City to Cunha, by the company 'Viação São José' (you can phone to 12- 3133-1115, 3132-3666, 3111-1425). It's important to arrive in Guaratingueta early to avoid to miss the bus to Cunha. Otherwise, you can call to Viação São José before you plan the whole trip, so you can manage better your trip schedule. Have a wonderful stay there!
Thank you for all your information. If I didn't want to take the bus (because I have luggage), do you know how much a taxi would be?
From São Paulo to Guaratinguetá you go by bus (cheapest), then to Cunha again by bus. I've done Cunha to Paraty by bike and have to say that is the most difficult road to go by car, bus, etc.
By bike was difficult...
Better to stay in Paraty, one of the most charming places in Rio state.
Thank you for all your information. If I didn't want to take the bus (because I have luggage), do you know how much a taxi would be?
Wow! Small world! I was born in Brighton! And more: I in fact transferred a German client-now-friend Ulf from Rio to Cunha, where I own my cottages "Chalets of Aybloc's Lair" (). What's there in Cunha that seems to have escaped me despite my 15 years of knowing the place (chuckles)?
A taxi from Guarulhos airport (would that be it?) to Cunha will cost you around R$1000. I'll be in Cunha just around then, so I'd come pick you up (provide arrival data, please), and take you to Cunha (where I know my way around of course) for R$675.
I'm already looking forward.
Please be aware that, upon your eventual consent, both of our words given will be gentlemanly binding.
Huge hugs;
- Rio: +55-21-4101.6304/8163.9044; or Cunha: +55-12(!)-8147.3805
Thanks Jim! wow, even smaller world - i know Ulf! We are going to be in the same spiritual community. i spoke to him yesterday funny enough, but they all told me that a taxi is R$300, so I'm a little confused. 675 was a lot more than i can afford. Can I get back to you? My arrival date is 12th May 9.40am arrival from London Heathrow
Well, yes; I WAS referring to airport taxis. Even so, R$300 I find extremely doubtful!
I might give you a fair discount (off the record so to speak), but it'll have to still be worth my while. Besides my fare and fuel, there's tolls, and airport parking to be considered.
Let's keep in touch. Be assured, we'll find a deal for you yet; however, let's not leave it to "5-to-noon".
By the way: Ulf is a REALLY nice guy (as you also seem to be). We had an amazingly good time chatting on the way from Rio to Cunha. He'll vouch for my integrity, I'm sure.
More hugs;
Ok thanks Jim. I have no idea on Brazilian currency but this was a quote from the organisation atht me & Ulf are going to. I think perhaps they have a deal with a company or person who regularly takes guys back and forth - i am unsure. I'm just trying to make contact with them. Levae it with me for a moment. Many thanks
Ok, Mike! But let me know in good time whether or not you'll make use of my "expertease": I'll make you an offer - off the record; so, if you wish, you can get in touch by Skype: ("aybloc"), Ph.: (21-8163.9044), and/or e-mail: ().
Hi Jimmy, thanks for your kindness and offer, but I now have an offer for 300 R$ to Cunha. many thanks, Michael
Taxis cost around 650 reais.

Email me and i can make a better price for you Have a look at my website to know a little more about me at and click on the 'interpreter' section.

You can go to Paraty and then take a bus to Rio if you want to see our marvelous city!
so where in Rio are you now Michael?
i am in Cunha near Sao Paolo, here:
It is easy to catch a buses in Rodoviaria do Rio to Paraty.

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