Hi everybody! Im going to come to Vietnam in September and Im planning to stay there for a long -term without work permit.....I have a...

...budget and I want to find a cheap apartment around 100 dollars for a month near Tan Son Nhat airport area...I have heard about Bui Vien - Pham Ngu Lao Street which they have cheap apartments for backpackers. But I prefer staying near Phu Nhuan or Tan Binh District...Please give me some advices. Thanks


Country: Vietnam


Hi Melsy,
I think you will have great difficulty finding an apartment for only $100/month anywhere outside of the backpackers area. For that price, you might get a room in Phu Nhuan or Tan Binh ... but it won't include very much & will probably be quite run down.

Although it has become more realistic over recent months, the rental prices in Saigon are still ridiculously expensive for what one gets in return for one's $$$.

You have taken a wise step to ask here. People know people who are looking for tenants. No doubt somebody will make you an offer.

Good luck,
thanks all of you for answering me.... If I couldnt rent apartment so could I rent a room like vietnamese students accommodation? and what if the owner need any special paper work to let me rent a room ? please give me some your advices or if you know who has a room for rent , please tell me! and I want to ask about the price for extensing visa every 3 months . is it easy to get a job here such as an english tutor. I was heard that we need a certification to teach english here
For $100 a month? I think this is very unlikely.Even a room will cost more than that. Apartment? No way.Good luck.
You are right.
In Tan Binh district, you can hire a room (own run way) with $100/month.
If you can pay $200/month you can hire aparment in K300 (Quach Van Tuan street).
You want to live long term in HCMC without work permission, you willnot be allowed in the near future.
K300 ? is it safe to live there long term? I prefer Tan son nhat airport area. thank you
No way, at least 200 USD / month
Hi Anh, I doubt you can find a department of such a price with decent condition in the area. This can only be done if you share it with other people. So you might want to look for flatmates or think of staying far from the center.

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