What is best beach in west coast of ecuador?


Country: Ecuador


There are 5 provinces that have beautiful beaches. La Ruta del Sol is a good way to be in some of them and enjoy a little bit of everything, like different sports, relaxing time, dancing and good food and drinks.
All of them are really nice places you will enjoy any of them.
The best beach in the west coast is Salinas beach, that is very near Guayaquil that is the pricipal city with an International Airport.
You also has Playas, that has the second best weather in the world all year around.
If you're looking for exciment and big waves for surf you can go to Montanita.
We have all kind of beaches, it depends on what do you prefeer. All of them are beatifull with warm water.
If you have more questions, please ask me for.


Ma. Ines Marmol
I think it all depends on what you're looking for.. a nice and relaxing place could be Monpiche in south Esmeraldas, also Canoas in Manabi. If you're looking for party, go to Montañita. Main cities such as Manta and Bahia (both in Manabí) and Salinas (Santa elena) have very nice beaches with all services
Salinas is a beach where ecuadorians, especially from the city of Guayaquil go. It's considered snobby and unfriendly for foreign tourists (read any travel guide) If you want to go where the good vibe is and if you are looking for an inexpensive place, then go to Montañita or Canoa.
There are many beaches here, so it all depends on what you're looking for. If you want to go to a beach alike those in the caribbean, the Frailecito beach is where you need to go, it is part of the Machalilla National Park. Then one of the most popular beaches is Montañita, and that is because it is the best beach for surfing here in Ecuador. But as our country is not so big, you could go and visit some of them or even most of them, you'd really enjoy it.
The nord provinces are the best: Esmeraldas, Manabí and Santa Elena. In Esmeralds you can go to Atacames where you can have fun at night and Mompiche is really very visited by foreign people where you can surf. In Manabí you can go to Canoa and Manta. in Santa Elena you can go to Montañita where you can surf and meet another foreign people. in all of these beaches you find good weather, hotels, typical food, party and relax.
Hey, good question! Well, as you have probably noticed already, when it comes to Ecuador, it has everything to satisfy everybody's taste. So about beaches, it depends on what sort of place you are looking for. Playas is a beach one-hour drive away from Guayaquil, it has a nice weather all year round. Montanita is ideal if you're looking for nice waves to surf, it is very very touristic yet not full of huge buildings or luxury, think of it as a small town -which is what it actually is. Though, you'll see there are as many foreign people as there are locals.
Playa de los Frailes, Canoa, Puerto Lopez, Olon, are some other beautiful beaches in Manabi.
Esmeraldas (province): Sua, Same, Tonsupa, Esmeraldas, Monpiche, Atacames, are some choices if you're visiting Quito or are around north Ecuador.

I think the best beach are inside The Machalilla National Park, the beach named Los Frailes it's incredible, also Montañita if you're looking for Surfing and Fiesta!!!, so in Galápagos exist good beaches too. In Isla de la Plata or in Galapagos you can dive or snorkeling....

the best beach is playa las salinas!!
beautiful water and calm stay!
In the Ruta del Sol, Montañita beach, its surfing beach whit a natural charming is so relax so cool
All of the beaches in Ecuador are amazing depending on your interests! My personal favorite is "Los Frailes" in Machalilla National Park, Province of Manabi.

If you have any additional question, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Saludos desde Ecuador.
I love the beaches in Puerto Lopez area, I stayed at a very nice Ecolodge, Alandaluz, here is the website

If you want to stay in a genuine place, with no masive tourism with large lonely beaches you could visit RioVerde, north of Esmerldas. If you need ant tip just let me know
I think that the best beach in Ecuador is Salinas and in the second place Same in Esmeraldas.
You definetly should go to Montañita.
Depending on your preferences, there are beaches for everything in Ecuador,

mingling and mass tourism - atacames or salinas
nature and relax - los frailes, puerto lopez, rio verde
surfing - canoa, montanita

It all depends!

Let me know if you need anything else!
Florence, I do not know if you have been to Florida, west coast beaches, I was a little dissapointed but Salinas is probably the next best beach to compare, Close to the port city of Guayaquil. It has high rises and condo. next best is part of the country,s national park area, Playas los Frailes 10km north of Puerto LOPEZ, at the end of a 4km trail. The rest of the coast beaches are not to pristine, many mangroves and some muddy
All suggestions are precise, the Ruta del Sol is a rout you can do it and discovering different places, if you are arriving to Quito you can start from Sua, and Mompiche in Esmeraldas province, Esmeraldas city could be little dangeraous, than you go to the south and you have Canoa, well known for surfing, a good hotel there is Bamboo, then you need a small bote to go to Bahia, the you go southern to MAnta, well known for ceviches at Murcielago beach, then you will meet Puerto Lopez more in the South, where ypu can take a tour depending the season you are coming you shouldnt miss whale watching, you could also do snorkeling and fishing, near from Puerto Lopez is the Machalilla Nature Park, where you have a "private" beach called los Frailes, next for a good party you visit Montañita, there are often "la fiesta de la luna" there are lot of foreign young people partying electronic music and so on. more in the south you meet Ayangue, SAlinas (best infraestructure), and more in the south playas, in El Oro province tehere is also a beach called Jambeli Island, it doesnt belog to the Ruta del Sol (Spondylus Route), is about 20 minutes far away from MAchala the capital of El Oro province.
mingling and mass tourism - atacames or salinas
nature and relax - los frailes, puerto lopez, rio verde
surfing - canoa, montanita

I agree, but Canoa can have its party moments as well.
The best beach in my opinion is Los Frailes, it is located in Manabi province, is a beautifull beach situated between two mountanins with white sand and blue water, not many people goes there because its inside Parque Nacional Machalilla and if you go on bus you have to walk like 30 minutes but if you go on a car of your own then you will be closer to the beach.
The best beach, or the best complex of beaches of Ecuador are localized along the Route Of the Sun, a path that start in Manta at north and ends in Salinas 218 Km to south.
Let's talk about Manta: Aside from the beaches and beachfront promenades, and the activities they offer, there are very a lot of attractions in Manta and surrounds.
The two main beaches in Manta are Playa de Tarqui and Playa Murciélago. Of these, Playa Murciélago is much better suited for those looking to do some sunbathing and swimming, or to join a pick-up game of beach volleyball or beach soccer. Most of Playa Murciélago is lined with a beachfront promenade called the Malecón Escenico, and features a concrete walkway lined with a steady string of open-air restaurants and souvenir stands. There's even a climbing wall at the western end of the Malecón Escenico. Playa Murciélago is the place to come if you want to rent a chaise lounge and shade umbrella on the sand.
Playa de Tarqui is in many ways a more atmospheric beach, where fishermen and boat builders still ply their trade. Of particular interest is the makeshift, open-air boatyard right on the beach just east of Río Manta; here you can watch as massive wooden commercial-fishing trawlers are built by skilled artisans. Be careful of any valuables in this area, and avoid the Tarqui Malecón at night, as it can be dangerous. If you walk a mile or more farther east along the beach, you can also find some beautiful and deserted patches of sand for sunbathing and swimming.
West from Playa Murciélago is Playa Barbasquillo, which is much less developed, although it's very rocky in places, with uninspiring brown sand in others
Continuing to south, the principal attraction of the Rourte of The Sun is the Machalilla National Park, situated in Manabi along the Pacific coast near Puerto Lopez. It includes beaches, forested areas, little islands and two larger islands, Salango and Isla de la Plata.
A dry tropical vegetation is found along the coast and on the islands whereas farther inland in the higher zones a more humid tropical forest established itself.
Hawks and Falcons are common along the coast and in the dry tropical forests. Small landbirds, like the Vermillion Flycatcher, Mockingbird, Motmot color the dry tropical forest. Frigatebirds nest in the shrubs of this island. Males show off their red pouch baloons to attract the white breasted females. The white-headed frigates below are immatures, which depend for more than a year from their parents. Masked and Blue-footed boobies are other seabirds nesting in larger numbers there.
Definately, the best beach in continetal Ecuador is Los Frailes Beach; this beach was cosidered in 2003 by the National Geographic as one of 15th the best conserved as natural beach around the world.
The Frailes Beach is a beautiful sheltered bay with a pure white sand beach and surrounded by a dry tropical forest. Ideally for anyone in need of relaxation as no tourist installations are allowed there.
Apart from the beach, Playa de los Frailes offers nature trails and viewing spots to the shoreline.
Another imteresting place of Machalilla National Park is Isla de la Plata; some 45km off the mainland, offers visitors an experience similar to Galapagos with fearless seabirds breeding and nesting there.
to be continued..
Humpback whales appear in the summer months along the beach to mate in the warm tropical waters and impress tourists by their impressive jumps.
Fishing is an important source of income for the inhabitants of Puerto Lopez and other smaller fishing villages, which however creates conflict with the conservation plans of the park.
Agua Blanca is one of many archaeological sites of pre-Columbian cultures which were situated along the Pacific coast. The most important cultures were Valdivia, Machalilla, Chorrera, Bahia, Guangala and Manteña in order of their occurrences.
70 km to south from Pto Lòpez.. don't forget Montanita: a majestic beach; this is a laid back destination that has a safe and friendly feel to it. It is also a SURFERS TOWN. Many Latin Americans come to this place in order to participate in the Surfers events that takes place all year round. The road that takes you there borders the Pacific ocean which makes the ride very enjoyable and many local places to eat are available to try. There is a "Seafood festival" that is also fresh and delicious. There are many activities to do around Montanita including surfing, scuba diving, wildlife tours, horse riding as well as just relaxing on an amazing beach. Montañita is also becoming the main destination on the beach to learn Spanish. Montanita Spanish School is highly recommended.
For Ending, Salinas: is considered the best tourist beach resort in Ecuador and the Pacific coastline by many visitors. The sandy moon bay arcs around the resort with dozens of high rising apartment blocks belonging to the wealthier Ecuadorian and foreigner overseas residents overlooking the main road fronted by colorful shops, restaurants, bars, discos, an historical marine museum and major hotels with casinos encased in the latter. The high season in Salinas (December - April), is party time with plenty of night life and nice bars to enjoy along the main frontage of the bay. Later this year a water theme park with giant shoots, whirl pools and wave machines will also be a further attraction. Salinas, offers the most developed tourist infrastructure (regarding to accommodation, beaches, resorts and other attractions) together with the most exiting whale watching tours with luxurious yachts and professional guides. The closest and finest location to witness the wonder of these amazing creatures in the wild. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed..
Friend, don't forget, the Route of the Sun is your next destination!!!
The best beach in Ecuador. Well, what's your description or definition of a "good beach".
Well, I do mind with number of people and place. If the beach meet these criterium then I just go without worrying on too much.
Many people are suggesting Salinas Beach. Then, allow me to talk to you about it and about the points why I don't like it.
First, I had a very nice house. Well, It wasn't mine but grandma's. We liked going there almost every vacation and every freetime longer than 2 weeks, or even longer than 1. We lived near family so we used to have a pretty nice time. But, you know, time changes. And, it used to be popular, but then it render popular. I remember that I got lost once, BY THAT time. So, imagine walking amid crowded people. Finally, what comes with crowd? If you said dirt and no place to stay and "settle on the beach", you were absolutely right.
That's why I like where I live know, or where I go when I've got time, places around Salinas, almost any other beach but Salinas; I go to San José Beach, just near the limit of Guayas n Manabí Provinces. A small community, close to several natural places n natural resource or natural reserves. I don't like reserve cas they're not protected. On beach season, not really crowded, you can walk and bath with a calm mind without worrying on whether or not u'll have a person annoying u.
So, don't go to Salinas, look to any other place. You'll enjoy and I hope you don't get any trouble heading toward people of mind and a little relax! Hakuna Matata!
It depends of wath is your objective and also depends on wath you want to do, there are several kinds. If you want to see whales puerto lopez is a good beach, but it has to be from june til sepetember, it also a good remanent od tropical dry forest. A good party beach is Montañita, north from Guayaquil. It is very popular and it has kind of good waves to surf on. In manabi you can find some really lonely beaches as in Santa helena province. Esmeraldas is diferente, the sea water is warmes and there is some humid tropical forest, a good beach is Mompiche, its lonely and no so popular, also Playa Escondida is nica and there a nice ecological lodge. Anythig else??
Hi Florence,
The best beaches in Ecuador are in Manabí Province, you can follow "Ruta del Sol", I recommend you visit "Los Frailes" beach which is located inside Machalilla National Park, you can get lodging at Pto. López or Puerto Rico (look for Alándaluz Hostería, very nice place with different options in rates), hope I helped you.

As you notice be aware of where you go, when you go!
August, is where the weather is not the best for sunbathing. even if it is posible you will not have strong sunshine and will not get sunburned very fast!
This month is much more for whale watching as many already mentioned. You have oportunity in Puerto Lopez as well in Salinas. A tour is Salinas cost you 25$pp for a 3 hours trips. It is the same in Puerto Lopez. Or you can sale to isla de la Plata and on the way will see some whales jumping out of the water. The only diference is that they will have to continue their way to make the visit.
Regarding the infrastructure: you have excelent infrastructure in Salinas, Machala (south of Guayaquil) Manta and Esmeraldas.
With a reduced infrastucture you have oportunity in Playas General Villamil (1.30h from Guayaquil), Chipippe wich is beter for children (2 hours from Guayaquil), Ayangue Excelent for children (2 hours 30m from Guayaquil, Montañita for night life and surfing, Puerto Lopez and Machalilla Nacional Park with Los Frailes (4 hours away from Guayaquil), Manta and Bahia de Caraquez (4 hours away). All along you have many budget infrastructures and hostals available.
More to the north Like Atacames, Sua, Tonsupa are more reachable from Quito.

If one of these interest you and you want more info it will be our pleasure to inform you!
The Frailes is the beach i can recomend you. It's nice,clean and quite beach where you can enjoy to yourself.The sand is white. The frailes is located an 40-60 minutes from Puerto Lopez.
Everything depends what are you looking for in la playa
relax, nature: machalilla national park (los frailes)canoa

fiesta surfing: canoa, mompiche, montanita, las tunas


nature and relax - los frailes, puerto lopez, rio verde
surfing - canoa, montanita
Los Frailes, that`s in the top ten best beaches in South America!
that`s ubicate in the province of Manabi, this provice have many cool beaches like Montañita too. !
I hope had aswered your question!
Esmeraldas, Monpiche!
The provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, El Oro and Los Rios, make up the Ecuadorian coastline with wonderful beaches and ports and more than 2,000 kilometers. This large road is calles as La Ruta del Sol because you can drive along the coast and enjoy of beautiful places and get to know nice people. There are many hotels for all budgets and you will never forget this adventure. The weather here is an average of 25ºC (76º F) to 30ºC (90º F). From December to May is the rainy season (Winter), when the weather is usually warmer. The dry season is between April and November, cooler and less humid, but you have always to be careful with the ecuadorian sun, specially in Quito. You must carry a very good sunblock.
Best beaches?

1. Salinas
2. Montañita
3. Canoa

I have to agree with those who say that it depends on what you're looking for, party or relax but either way under my opinion Canoa, Salinas, Puerto Lopez, Montañita, Manta, Bahia and Playas are the most visited and nice beaches in Ecuador.

P.S: They all are even more exciting in Ecuador's summer time (from December to April )
There are many.. you can choose depend what are you looking for, if you want to experience the funny and wild nightlife you must go to Montañita, if you want to relax, you can go to Ayangue or Canoa.. if you want to meet a lot of poeple you can also go to Salinas, it is the beach most visited after Montañita.
I recommend you the best, go and do all the sun´s route, you will know all the beautiful beaches that Ecuador has.
Ecuador has many beautiful and natural beaches. i recommend to go to La Ruta del Sol, where you will see exotic beaches. But if you prefer modern beaches, Salinas should be your choice.
Toda la Ruta del Sol es hermosa.

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