5 or 6 days in Thailand what can i do ?

Hi all, My name is Mai, and I'm planning to go and visit Thailand on April 30th, I plan to go to Chiang mai and then back to bang kok, may be take and bus to Ayuthara and Pattaya. Could you please advise me how to arrange my trip because it very hard to immagine and plan everything out. Moreover, I would like to ask for some street food that is famous in bangkok somewhere just the local knows and sell special food Thanks Mai


Country: Thailand


Hello Mai,

To save time and money going to Chiang Mai I would visit Ayutthaya along the way.

Take the morning train to Ayutthaya visit the sites then take the evening train from Ayutthaya to Chiang Mai 2nd class sleeper. This will save you money as you can sleep on the train instead of a hotel. Here is the train time table.

To learn more about Chiang Mai see my profile as I have many article I wrote there.

Have fun,
Randy and Ning
Greetings Mai
I hope you are well ?

Mai, it depends on your budget how much you want to do?
Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Please look out for the commision rides that Tuk Tuks and others will try to take you on. This seems to be the norm in Thailand.

Start at Bangkok, book the train, I would definately travel " First Class " it is more private with fold down beds.

Not to clued up about the bus service, or its routes south.
I would include a couple of days touring Ayuthaya.

Pattaya is also a good visit but not longer than two days.

As for using the credit cards, rather use them in upmarket areas and keep your eye on them to prevent " skimming" by the merchants. Use money, it is better and safer for you.

As with any travelling, be aware of your surroundings and people, but relax, this is Thailand and you are on holiday.

Street food in Bangkok that is eaten by the locals and very good is chicken and pork satays, sticky rice with chilli sauce. Beware the Thai style is very hot spicy wise ?
Som Tam is a must and Tom Yam Gong, spicy and tastes good, as we say aroy mak mak.I have eaten many times from street vendours and I have not been sick. I have a really strong tummy and can eat most things. I cannot say the same for some of my friends, so be careful and watch to see who has more cutomers, then go to them, the locals are a good indicator of who to choose.

Phuket is more my area of expertise, so if you would like to visit, you may write to me again.

Safe journey and may good fortune follow you here.
First class by train ? Not me !
But if you bring your winterclothes and don't mind the lack of fresh air, you can try... It's very boring as well in such privatecabin.
Second class sleeper is fun, real adventure and very comfortable beds. Choose an upper or lower bed and don't forget to take the walk to the restaurant !!!
when you arrive at Sunwarmburi airport you can get local buses to your destination from there you can get cheap food Paypaya Pork pork spicy. If you are travelling to Pattaya geta bus from airport cost is 200 baht takes about 1.30 minutes 5 dollars and it takes you to the bus station in Nakula from there for 25 baht you can get a baht bus to take you to anuy hotel you need from 50 dollars a night to 10 dollars a night depending on your budget.

Give me a call if you need any more infor 0815761568
Hello, Mai
You are going to Bankok and Changmail rite? here is the things i suggest you to do. I actually own a hotel in Phitsanulok the city close to Sukhothai(appox.1hr.) . Sukhothai was the first truly independent Thai Kingdom, credited with creating the Thai alphabet. The superb temples and monuments of this great city have been lovingly restored in Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see for all travellers. Phitsanulok is the city located in in the middle between Bankok annd Changmai so it really a good place if you wanna have a rest for maybe 1-2 day then go to go Changmai or BKK. In Additional there are also a lot of thing you could do in Phitsanulok including going to the Folk Museum
(where you can see the carving and casting of large Buddhas) Nigh Market , and seeing the Phra Buddha Chinnarat the most beutifulest buddha in Thailand, etc.

This is my parent hotel is no#1 hotel in Phitsanulok rate by tripadvisor. hoteal website:
Huh, first you say you own a hotel and later you say it belongs to your parents ?
Not understand...
depending what you like to do, but if i understand it you are just here in thailand for 5-6 days.. if so i think you should choose 1 or two places otherwise you will be sitting ion transport all the time... i am located in Koh Chang about 5 hrs from bangkok on a bus and 40 minutes by plane(trat airport).. so if you like to have some nice island life with beaches,cool people, and things to do then i would choose koh chang if i where you

all the best and good luck
If you are a single female traveller, dont go to Pattaya,
and indeed Sukhotai is a better place to visit than Ayutaya.
You can take a flight from BKK to Sukothai with Bangkok Airways, it is not cheap but it is wortwhile, as the airport in Sukothai is in traditional Thai style
Female traveller don't go to Pattaya alone ?

I live in Pattaya for years and see no reason why that would be not good...
Dear Mai Phan,

5 or 6 days are not a lot of time to see all of Thailand. However, I would recommend the following: Book your flight right away to Chiang Mai. There you might join one of the city and around tours offered by many tour companies and spend the night in one of Chiang Mai's comparably cheap and fancy Hotels. There are plenty of things to explore in Chiang Mai in the evening like the Night Bazar, traditional Thai dancing shows, an affordable, but exceIlent variety of Thai and international Retaurants of all origins. If you want to afford spending 2 more days in the north, do a Pai/Mae Hong Son tour, where you will be brought to Mae Hong Son the next morning, experience a city- and temple tour there and go on to Pai, where you spend the night and an evening of its own kind. There are excellent accommodation options there and the town offers a flair atmosphere that no other place in the world can produce. Next afternoon you travel back to Chiang Mai, take the night train Bangkok and get off in the morning at Ayutthya. Take a sleeper train,1st class is best, 2nd class Air-Con is also okay. Join one of the tours offered of Ayutthya's ancient sites and you will be able to proceed to Bangkok in the early afternoon. I am sure that Bangkok will have plenty of gourmet restaurants and night life attractions on offer and you will enjoy an unforgettable evening there. Stay over night in Bangkok and do a Bangkok City tour there the next day. Proceed to Pattaya in the afternoon, best by private taxi (cheap and comfortable), check into the hotel and go and check out their infamous market. If you can make your trip 6 days, you can stay there the next night, too, and enjoy a full day with relaxation, beach activities, shopping or whatever you feel like. The day after that, you will take a private taxi at a convenient time, which will bring you to the airport in Bangkok in time to board your flight back home. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me at .

I wish you a good time in Thailand, whatever you will do.

Dear Mai Phan,

5 or 6 days are not a lot of time to see all of Thailand. However, I would recommend the following: Book your flight right away to Chiang Mai. There you might join one of the city and around tours offered by many tour companies and spend the night in one of Chiang Mai's comparably cheap and fancy Hotels. There are plenty of things to explore in Chiang Mai in the evening like the Night Bazar, traditional Thai dancing shows, an affordable, but exceIlent variety of Thai and international Retaurants of all origins. If you want to afford spending 2 more days in the north, do a Pai/Mae Hong Son tour, where you will be brought to Mae Hong Son the next morning, experience a city- and temple tour there and go on to Pai, where you spend the night and an evening of its own kind. There are excellent accommodation options there and the town offers a flair atmosphere that no other place in the world can produce. Next afternoon you travel back to Chiang Mai, take the night train Bangkok and get off in the morning at Ayutthya. Take a sleeper train,1st class is best, 2nd class Air-Con is also okay. Join one of the tours offered of Ayutthya's ancient sites and you will be able to proceed to Bangkok in the early afternoon. Stay over night in Bangkok and do a Bangkok City tour there. Proceed to Pattaya in the afternoon, best by private taxi (cheap and comfortable), check into the hotel and go and check out their infamous market. If you can make your trip 6 days, you can stay there the next night, too, and enjoy a full day with realaxation, beach activities, shopping or whatever you feel like. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me at

Have a good time,

Phitsanulok is the center of thailand you could also travel to Phitsanulok by air, train, or even bus. Most travellers who planing to go to Sukhothai most of them do not stay over night, becoz there is not thing to do.
Going to Sukhothai you could go there by catching a train from Phitsanulok or bus not sure about a plane.
Hi Mai,

Since your visit is so short I would book your trip so that when you land in Bangkok you transfer planes and go directly to Chiang Mai for 2 days. You might want to find a modest but comfortable place with a pool because it will be very hot in April/May. I would then consider taking the overnight train (2nd Class Sleeper with AirCon) from Chiang Mai in the evening down to Ayutthaya so that you arrive in the morning and have all day to tour around the Historical City. You would need to book this as soon as you get to Chiang Mai because the 2nd Class Sleeper cars fill up quickly. It's safe, just keep your valuables close to you. I had a phone stolen while I was sleeping once. I think that one day in Ayutthaya is enough, but recommend that you stay there and take the train into Bangkok the next morning because hotels will be much cheaper in Ayutthaya than in Bangkok and you really should take the Tuk-Tuk Evening Tour to see just how incredibly beautiful the Wats of Ayutthaya are when they are all lit up for a short time just before the sun sets ans shortly after. The Krungsri River Hotel is just down the street from the train station and they have a nice swimming pool and huge breakfast buffet all for a reasonable price. If you reserve in advance (online from home or Chiang Mai) you can get a decent rate and they might let you check into your room early so that you can shower after the overnight train ride. If not, you can at least keep your bags there and head out while it's still cool to see some sights and come back for a swim in the afternoon. Not too far from the Historic Wats is a great little guest house called "Tony's Place" and that is the ideal place to have lunch and book the evening Tuk-Tuk Tour. All the Tuk-Tuk's in Ayutthaya will know where Tony's Place is, Tony used to be the Mayor of Ayutthaya but now he is retired from politics. When you take the train into Bangkok in the morning you will once again need to find a modest but comfortable place to stay that you can keep your bags at and then try to make it to the Grand Palace, Wat Po, Temple of Dawn, Vimarnmek Mansion, and possibly more. If you have any energy left you can splurge on a couple expensive drinks at either the "State Tower" or the Banyan Tree Hotel REstaurant called "Vertigo". Both places have breathtaking views of the city at night but they are very expensive (by Thai standards) and proper attire is expected. Whatever you do, I suggest highly that you scrap Pattaya and forget you never heard about it. Unless you want to visit what is considered to be the "Sin City of the World" I would recommend a nicer beach resort town that is just 45 minutes further from Bangkok called Hua Hin. It's where the King lives, so that has to say something. You can take a Van/Mini-Bus down to Hua Hin from Victory Monument for 200 baht ($6.00US). Find a place to stay that is South of the Hilton Hotel because that is where the nice part of the beach starts and goes for many many kilometers. Tough to get all of that in with only 5 days. 6 or 7 would really help smooth things out a bit. Best of luck, and remember to only take taxis if they use the meter and only use Tuk-Tuk's in Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya with an agreed price beforehand (and no SIDE TRIPS!) that you have negotiated to your best with a smile on your face. Anything else, just let me know how I can help.
Dear Mai,

are you sure you wanna come all the way upnorth to see Chiangmai ? It's not worth it, just one big disappointing experience. Chiangmai looks like any random outskirt of Bangkok, ugly and dirty, carbon colored buildings behind black spaghetty with as only colorful places the countless 'Walt Disney' temples. Many visitors have illusions, created by moneyloving tourorganisers, of Chiangmai being a beautiful and romantic city called 'Rose of the North' you should not miss. This Chiangmai is gone for long time.

The sad truth is that even the most renowned hotels are occupied for only 10% due to lack of tourists, even in the high season ! Chiangmai is just the place where you don't feel happy. Dangerous traffic with accidents every 7 minutes (source: trafficpolice), a hazardous pollution that gives you irritated eyes, a city where cars dominate and you can't walk without fear, xenofobic locals with a fake smile that only think of ripping you off, treating you like a fool. Hotels and guesthouses won't tell you they allow you to stay for half price, because they are greedy and dishonest in stead of clever. A city where the noise and fumes of cars welcome you right on your bed every morning.

A countless number of tour organisors that push you to visit handicrafs villages, but they will bring you only to the places where they get a high commission for 'dumping you', commissions from $3 to $30 even if you don't buy anything. Surrounded by factory staff you are put under pressure to buy something at silver-, ceramic-, woodcraft- and silkfactories. If you buy, you not only pay the commission that your taxidriver gets for bringing you, but also for those who don't buy. And at the end of the day you wil have to pay the taxi as well ! All very dishonest and respectless.

The best handicraft village is named Ban Tawai where they create real impressing objects, but the taxi's won't mention that one because there they get no comission. Other comission rip-offs elephantshows, monkeyschools, snakeshows, hilltribe villages and lot of other attractions are nothing more then expensive tourist traps. If you respect animals and think of going to an elephantcamp you should see this website about the 'ritual' torture of baby elephants to break their mind and make them obeiding: . Also the 'monkeyschool' will break your hard when you see depressed babymonkies with heavy chains around their feet. In stead you could go to the Metaman elephantcamp where they care resqued elephants.
Again, taxidrivers won't recommend that one because they get no comission.

Even when you do the most famous trip to the nearby Doi Suthep mountain temple you are being ripped, by the taxidriver as well as by the tempel itself. Also naturereserves like Doi Inthanon (highest mountain) are tourist rip-offs and not recommendable. In stead you could rent a car and make a trip to the 2km high top of Doi Nonghoi mountain, just behind Doi Suthep with an impressing vieuw, quiet tribal villages right at the top. No tourists there. Cooking classes have also some 'rotten apples' amongs them, there are some god ones that are very cheap, anyway don't go there via a tourorganizer.

For local food you should visit Huen Pen middle of the Ratchamanka street, a restaurant with original Chiangmai food, it seems to be real spicy. I have been in Ayutthaya, my idea is you best visit it via the internet, hot and dusty and not really impressing. Ayutthaya almost lost is status as Unesco World Heritage because it was very bad maintained by the Thais.

Pattaya is very entertaining but the water too polluted to swim. The fun in Pattaya is a jetskiride, the Ripley Museum, fake-art galleries.

For a relaxing, clean beach and 'see-trough' blue water you better go to the isle of Koh Chang furtheron, or to HuaHin a lovely former fisherman village on the other side of the bay of Thailand. You won't forget those places ! I would rather spend all my holiday there then loosing my time in Chiangmai and Ayutthaya !

Thanks very much for the advice,

I would not go to chiangmai and wasted my time there,
If it is your first time Thailand (?), why dont you stick just to Bangkok?? A lot of things to see here :D
Hi Mai,

To save your time in travelling to chiang mai, i will recommend you to take the low cost airline like nok air or orient air to travel there within one hour. Then you could reserve any local tour in Chiang mai to travel around for temples, mountain and hill tribes village. I will HIGHLY recommend you to be there during weekend, because there will be night weekend market which are full of the handicrafts with very reasonable price along the road with a lot of street food. My favorite is the Sunday market.

In Bangkok, if you like to enjoy some nice street foods for local Thai people, there will be a nice one like Yaowarat (China town in BKK) or Khao san road even there will a lot of tourist there. You will enjoy a lot of nice shops around. I will recommend if you like to buy something cheap, u should buy in Chiang mai especially in the Night weekend market. Many things in Bangkok are from nothern part, especially the wooden work.

I took some photos in Chiang Mai for my last trip in the link below:

If you want to find some holiday home either in chiang mai or anywhere, you could look through my website at
Dear Mai

5-6 days it’s a bite short for your plan you might spend lots of time in transportation, rush your journey and miss nice things. So I will recommend you this:

Bkk Ayuthaya – mini van (station depending on where you stay in Bkk)
Ayuthaya – Chiang Mai – night bus
Stay in Chaing mai as you have many things to do & visit ( I can recommend you)
Then back in Bkk, if you like nature you can stop by Kanchanaburi which has beautiful & biggest waterfalls.
Otherwise back in Bkk so manythings to see (I can recommend as well)
I will advise you to skip Pattaya, if you really want to go to the beack then Hua Hin it’s a better alternative.

This are advise and general suggestion but I can help you out for more information if I have details. Feel free to contact me.
Cheers, Ben
Dear Mai,

5 to 6 days isn't a great deal of time to see Thailand.

There is a lot to see in Bangkok itself if you didn't want to rush about. For example, Wat Pra Kaew and Wat Pho are worth a visit.

When you arrive at the airport there are many options; take a metered taxi from the airport stand, take a metered taxi from departures where they are dropping someone off (and save 50 baht), take the Airport Express bus, they go to the main places in Bangkok, or take the shuttle bus to the airport bus station, you can then choose any where in the country to goto. Alternatively, when you arrive, buy an Air Asia or Nok Air flight to another city, like Chaing Mai. (Although Chiang Mai is more like Bangkok with a lot of modern influences, you need to get out of the city and exlpore the mountains.)
Ayutthaya is worth a visit, it is only 20 baht by train from Bangkok.

Any street corner stall sells food, just goto where it is heavily populated, you'll know it is freshly cooked and tasty judging by the amount of people. Try not to pay more than 30 baht for a simple dish such as Kaow pat gai (fried rice and chicken), or Phat Thai (a noodle dish).

Don't try to see too much all at once, you experience burn out!
Focus on what you enjoy, it that is shopping, stick with Bangkok, old buildings, goto Ayutthaya.
Kanchanaburi is a nice day or overnight trip out of Bangkok. It is where the Bridge over the river Kwai (Kwae) is and also nearby is the Erawan waterfall. If you are adventurous you can go kayaking on the river there.

Try the floating markets in and around Bangkok.

There are many beaches nearby, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Cha am, Koh Si Chang, Koh Samet and Koh Chang, all of which are nice. Pattaya is a bit rough if you are a single female though.

Do not pack too much, you'll be buying a lot of stuff cheapily here!

Have fun and email me further if you want help.

'There is a lot to see in Bangkok itself if you didn't want to rush about. For example, Wat Pra Kaew and Wat Pho are worth a visit'

Oh no, not that boring Walt Disney temples again !
Dear May,
To have a 5-6 days to travelling in thailand it's a bit short for enjoy really the country, i recommand you to book a trip to the local, directly from your start till the last day..
This is the way i think to lost less time..
;) Eric..
Hi Mai,

you are about to starting from Apr 30th. Well it's a bit late for Thailand famous festival called 'Songkran' which start from Apr 10th-20th around Thailand. The point of this Thai New Year Festival is about to friendly water splashing all over here. So much fun!~

Anyway, if it is your fixed schedule to have 5-6 days travel in Thailand from Apr 30th then I suggest to just choose Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiangmai. You better plan your trip before coming by booking cheap flight from Bkk to Chiangmai just when you arrived. Let's spend 2 nights in Chiangmai city and around. There are many famous places you have to visit there.

After Chiangmai, you can take a flight back to Bkk but you better ahead to Pattaya whenever you arrive at Suwannaphum airport again. Pattaya is not so big city you can spend 1 night that's enough there.

Now back to Bkk again, I suggest you to stay a place near by sky train or underground train which will make your life more comfortable. 2 nights in Bkk is not so much time. You can save your time by visit Ancient City. In 1 day there you will feel like travel all around Thailand. And the 2nd day you better take a boat trip along Chaophya River. Back to downtown in the afternoon then this is your wonderful shopping time. There are several big shopping department stores on Sukhumvit Road.

Oh yes! you can try special street food in Sukhumvit soi 38 but they serve only night time.

Now enjoy it!
Hi Mai,
It is really depends on what kind of travelling you want for this trip, 5-6 days is not really enough to stay and see alot of things here without rushing true breath taking sighs, getting in and out of the hotel and transports. My advice that you can do as most of the comments here said that make your arrival directly to ChiangMai and then take the way down to Bangkok and stop at Ayutaya on the way. But I would deffinately cross the Pattaya off my plan too if I were you. If you are looking to go to a trip on a nice beach and relaxation Koh Chang is so much more beautyful place than Pattaya, it is taking morefew more hours to travel on the bus or and a drive but iy worth more when you get there. I really dont like to disappoint you if you are looking for a good place to travel. Like the previouse comment saids" it is the sin city" here in Thailand expectually if you are a young female who travel alone, Pattaya is not really i safe place, to go Koh Chang is much better. Above all I would recommend you taking a trip to more like a beachy place in time like April it is going to be very hot here in Thailand I dont know if a lot of people could be in hot a humid place and walking around rushing. Instead, in such a short trip like this Koh Chang or trip to Andaman sea and do some diving or snorkling is much more suitable for weather like April- May. and if you are going to Andaman side you can be arrive to Phuket to get into Thailand and get out there is going to be a customs there, you will save more money that way and more enjoyable with the weather. There are so many things you can do. Or if you are looking to go to Bangkok and some beach near by Koh Chang is pretty fasinating as well. There are so many things to do there e.i. squid fishing, snorkling, look for a good foods, elephants riding. ATV riding and there are going to be some bars on the island as well( if you are a party type) and its not that far from Bangkok.

Most important advice of all" There are bad people everywhere no matter where or what country you are in but when you are not in your own place you have to be at the most alert for you own saftyness expextually in a crowded place like Thailand scammers and thiefs are everywhere taking care of your belongings* put your money and important documentary like you credit cards or passport close to yourself dont put it into your wallet and in your backpack because they could just taking it from your bag without you even knowing it. And first of all study where your embassy is located at for your own safty incase of imergency that is where you are going to be safe.
Hi Mai

Five to six days in Thailand does not leave you much time to vacation as travelling to and from Chiang Mai will take up +- 24 hours of your time already. I would recommend travelling by train as it is more scenic and a more relaxed atmosphere. Travel 1st class if you can afford it and you can check prices and time tables at
If you are pressed for time flying is the better option. Check out
By meaning street food I take for granted you mean Thai eating places. Select one that looks popular with lots of people and even some foreigners. There are so many eating places to choose from so just have a look around. The Thai eating places are most popular with the locals and very cheap and affordable. Once you venture into restaurants and more upmarket venues in malls. it can get expensive. However, most shopping malls have "food halls" where you can get a wide variety of Thai dishes at very affordable prices. Food halls are very popular, clean and safe.

Have a nice trip.
Day 1 - Bangkok - Ayuthaya - Lopburi - Pitsanuloke

• 07.00 Depart from Bangkok to Ayuthaya, former capital of Thailand. The principal sights are the gigantic bronze statues of Wat Mongkol Borpitr, the three ancient pagodas at Wat Phra Sri Sanpetch and Wat Pranangcherng.
• Continue via Saraburi to Phra Buddha Badh with its shrine of the holy footprint of Lord Buddha.
• Proceed to Lopburi for lunch.
• Visit the Prang Sam Yod (Sacred Three-Spired Pagoda), the ruins of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Dhat and the Monkey Temple.
• Proceed by bus to Pitsanuloke and check in at TOPLAND or similar hotel.
• Dinner and accommodations.

Day 2 - Pitsanuloke - Sukhothai - Sri Satchanala - Lampang

• Breakfast
• 08.00 Visit Wat Maha Dhat with its revered Buddha statue, Phra Buddha Jinaraj.
• Depart for Sukhothai
• Visit the famous ruins of this first capital of Thailand (1257-1379). See Wat Maha Dhat, Wat Sra Sri and Wat Sri Chum.
• Lunch at local restaurant.
• Continue to Sri Satchanalai, the northern outpost town of the Kingdom of Sukhothai, built by King Ramkamhaeng.
• Visit Wat Chang Lom, Wat Jedi Jet Thaew, Wat Nang Phya and Wat Phra Sri Ratana Maha Dhat standing on site of the Khmer fort "Chalieng."
• Proceed to Lampang and check in at hotel.
• Dinner and accommodations

Day 3 - Lampang - Phayao - Chiang Rai

• Breakfast
• 08.00 Drive to Ko Kah to see Wat Phra Dhat Lampang Luang housing the only Emerald Buddha, besides the one at Wat Phra Keo in Bangkok.
• Depart for Phayao, a unique rural town and former princely state the former glory of which may be seen at Wat Sri Kom Kam.
• Proceed to Chiang Rai and lunch at local restaurant.
• Continue to Chiang Saen, former capital of the first Thai kingdom, situated directly on the Mekong River at the border between Thailand and Laos.
• Visit Wat Phra Dhat Jom Kitti by climbing 383 steps to top of hill, Wat Chedi Luang and the small museum nearby.
• Take a boat trip upriver on the Mekong to the Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet.
• Continue to Mae Sai, the northernmost Thai town and on the border with Myanmar. Stroll through and shop at local market.
• Return to Chiang Rai and check in at hotel.
• Dinner and accommodations

Day 4 - Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai

• Breakfast
• 08.00 Depart for Mae Chan to visit the hilltribe community development center. Then continue uphill to the Akha village of Ko Saen Chai and a Yao hilltribe settlement nearby.
• Proceed to Chiang Mai and lunch at local restaurant.
• Afternoon visit to Handicraft Villages to observe manufacture of lacquerware, the spinning and weaving of Thai Silk and to watch how paper umbrellas are made.
• 19.15- 22.15 Kantoke Dinner. Enjoy a typical Thai dinner with ancient dances from northern Thailand, followed by a performance of dances and songs by various hilltribes.
• Accommodations
• Optional: Opportunity to visit the city's night market in search of bargains.

Day 5 - Chiang Mai - Bangkok by Train

• Breakfast
• 08.00 Visit Wat Doi Suthep, tucked away in the mountains at an elevation of 1,056 meters. The temple is reached using a NAGA railing rising along both sides. The monastery was built by King Gue-Na in 1383. The center is a big chedi (spiral pagoda), containing partial relics of Lord Buddha.
• Continue to visit the elephant camp to watch the elephants taking timber in the forest. Their strength and strategic teamwork will amaze you.
• Also visit the orchid farm and lunch at local restaurant.
• Return to Chiang Mai.
• Afternoon visit to a famous Thai wood carving factory with possibility of buying Burmese antiques.
• Transfer to Chiang Mai Railway Station.
• 16.40 Depart by second class airconditioned train with sleeping berth.
• Box dinner and overnight stay on train.

Day 6 - Bangkok

• 06.00 Arrive Bangkok Railway Station. (No breakfast)
• Transfer to your Bangkok hotel.
Hi Mai
Looks like you have a few ideas and have received plenty more from Localyte guides.
If tropical beaches and forest and a relaxed authentically Thai experience interests you, then come south to Krabi.
Beautiful scenery, great food, fabulously friendly people, soothing inexpensive's all here and no maddening crowds of bemused tourists and greedy touts.

Regardless of what you choose to do, you are bound to be enthralled and will vow to return.

happy travels
Hello Mai,
For the places you want to visit in 5 or 6 days, I think you may well find yourself travelling for much of the time. If you can, fly between Chiang Mai and Bangkok or take an overnight sleeper train which will take about 12 hours. In Chiang Mai, the Night Market is unmissable and Doi Suthep, the most importment temple in the north of Thailand is definately worth a visit.
In Bangkok,I would recommend visiting the Grand Palace, Jim Thompson's Houae and Wat Pho. You can take a bus or train out to Ayutthaya.
For street food just go to the places that are busy.
Hello Mai,

Your name means "new" in Thai, so I assume you are new in this country.

Bangkok in itself is worth a few days. The king's palace (Wat Phra Kaew) is a must as well as the streets around with the amulet market nearby in Thanon Maharat, but you could also visit Wat Pho (home of the reclyning Bouddha). I am less fond of War Arun, but another great place is Vimanmek the palace of former king Rama V (you need a taxi to go there).

From Wat Phra Kaew, you can take the tourist boat down the Chao Praya river to Chinatown (stop at Memorial bridge) and the vegetables and flower market (go there preferably in the morning). I love this place for its smell of spices and great photo opportunities.

Then you take the tourist boat again and stop at Si Praya. Next to the pier you have River City, with a great number of antique shops. These are pricy items, but you don't need to buy and can just enjoy and learn about asiatic culture by talking to the vendors.

From Si Praya, you can take the shuttle boat across the river and go to Klong San market. At the back of this market, you have about 20 food street shops, which are great, because far from trafic noise and polution. One of these, an old lady with a big smile, sells omelettes with oysters which are a marvel. You can also find good noodle soup or Kao Phad Kung (Fried rice with shrimps). All that is very cheap.

You then take the shuttle boat again across the river and maybe you are tired, so you go for a foot massage in Si Praya (just acroos the pier). There are plenty of shops providing this service, but I recomend Thai Pride (at the end of the road on the right, before Charoen Krung road), because they are staffed with real professionals from Wat Pho massage school. This is low cost heaven happyness.

After massage, you can walk to your right along Charoen Krung road, walk in front of the main post office and take Soi 38 to your right to go to Oriental Place (nearby the Oriental hotel). This is again a great place for antique shops which are worth more than the best museum and free. You can learn a lot just by talking to shop vendors (don't go during lunch time, they take long lunch). Again these are pricy things, but you don't need to buy and if you speak kindly to vendors, they will be more than happy to tell you the story of what the sell. I particularly recommend "Object" (Mr. Jean Richard Borman) and "Ananda"(Mr. Dutocq). They both speak English and French, I have no personal interest in their shop but I enjoy spending time with them.

If you have courage, you can then walk up Silom Road. Another great place for street food shops is up Silom, behind the Bangkok Bank on the right (you need to walk probably half an hour from Charoen Krung).

Taxi are cheap in Bangkok, but make sure they use Taximeter (if not they will charge you three times normal price). This is particularly true for traveling from Suvarnabumi airport.

If you feel lost, send me a message, we will have a good Tom Yam Khung together. I wish you a great time.
Hi Mai,

5-6 days time will be a little bit of rush if you're planning to see all these places, but I would recommend you to visit and enjoy only Bangkok for this period of time.
Transportation by bus or train if it is not very good class may be a problem as April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand.
I would highly recommend you to see Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Pho temples as these are the most popular ones.
I think, Pattaya may not be a very good idea to visit as a single female and I am not sure that you can enjoy such a place.
I would highly recommend you to see 'Siam Niramit' show as it is really a must see show of Thailand where you can see Thai cultural dance in a spectacular show. It may appear to you a little bit costly but I believe that the show deserves it as I was amazed when I watched. The stage is in Guiness Records Book, as it has many amazing features.
When it comes to street food you can try Som Tum (is a papaya salad which is very spicy) or Tom Yum (is a kind of Thai spicy soup with shrimps) or Patthai (is a noodle dish if you dont like spicy food). If you don't feel comfortable because of the hygiene on the streets, you may choose to do the same as me when I first came to Bangkok. Most of the thai dishes are also served for not very expensive prices in food courts of 'Siam Paragon' and 'Emporium' shopping malls. Both of these shopping malls are luxurious ones but the food courts have a lot of hygienic Thai dishes. You may not like to get sick when you have so little time to spend here in Bangkok so you may not want to risk it.
I wish you a great time in Bangkok.
Hello, to be honest you will only have time to do see two of the places you suggested, Spend a couple of days in Bangkok and then you could either go to Ayuthya to visit Thailands old capital or go to Pattaya for a party. If you do more I think you would spend too much time travelling and not enopugh time enjoying
If everything is not just a matter of price, the make a difference to your self and the locals. See for the real experience.
Hi Mai,
I am a local tour guide here but I don't do a long journey trip like Chiengmai but I can arrange hotel and places for you.For Ayutthaya or Bangkok area, I can do the guiding for you.I am a real Bangkokian and can show you whatever you wanna know and see...Hope to hear from you soon.
Dear Mai,
I would recommend you to skip chiangmai and take your flight to Bkk then i can help to manage van for you to see numerous activities and cultural performance will acquaint you with close contact to nature at River Kwai, Kanchanaburi the place surrounded by mountains and forests, full of exotic birds and flowers.
Activities are as following:
-Enjoy traditional and cultural Mon dance
-Mountain biking
-Boat trip to see charming riverside scenery
-Exploring the Lava Cave
-Enjoy river jump
-Hiking at historical Hell Fire Pass trail
-Visit Mon village
-Bamboo rafting
-Fishing and try thai traditional massage

You may fly to Bangkok and I can arrange hotel and transportation to Kanchanaburi for 3 days and 2 nights. Then you can come back to Bkk for shopping malls and street food at China town and Khao sarn road for 2 days and 1 night. After that you can fly back from Bkk to your hometown. Btw, where do you come from? How many ppl do you plan for travel this trip?
You can contact me at

Bye and tc
Hi guys,

I really thank to all of your help and comments about the plan for my trip.

I would say I will just have 6 days in Thailand, it doesn't matter where I go now, it's just I want to experience the life in Thailand.

From what you guy said, there are so many place and so many thing to do in Bangkok, could you please tell me what about, ?

I may cancel and not going to Chiangmai, so is there anything around the city, I mean like Ayutthara, any place is fine it's just I didn't have any idea at all,
yep mai, i also think that 6 days in thailand is way too short but if that is all the time you can devote this trip why not choosing ONLY ONE LOCATION, if you stick to bangkok i'd recommend you to stay around the river & the grand palace in banglampoo area (where famous/infamous kao sarn road is also situated..), it's VERY SAFE to walk around everywhere in the city so after seeing the main attractions -- there are a number in the area & by the chao praya -- you can catch a river boat for a very economical fare and just get off at any pier your feelings take you, you will be surprise by the unplanned "sights" you will come across! for a change of pace & technology, one of the following days you can get off by thaksin bridge and catch the bts skytrain, ditto with an elevated (& quick!) view of the city, the bts routes are easy & user-friendly and economical as well. if you have time visiting old ayutthaya is also a good pick.
just remember that at that time of the year is veery hot & humid in bkk, if you opt for little cooler chiang mai don't forget to take a look at our stylish city guide & directory:

enjoy your trip!
Street food in Chiang Mai: certainly try the Anusarn Market next to the night bazar.
Hi Mai!

My name is Panne. I'm the local guide in Thailand. I live in Chiangmai. If you didn't plan anything yet, please mail me at


Now if you decide not to go up North, it is worth to stay a few days in Bangkok and than proceed to Kanchanaburi (River Kwai) and Ayuthaya.
In Bangkok I recommend to stay in the Silom City Inn, very clean and cheap hotel. Not far from Chinatown, close to the Expressway and in a soi from Silom Rd.
In Ayuthaya you can go to the Krungsri River Hotel and they should be able to give you discount on the roomrate. It is only a stonesthrow away from the temples and ruines in the centre.
In Kanchanaburi you can find many nice places in the vicinity of the bridge.
If you like more info about what to visit in Ayuthaya or about culture and tempels, you are free to contact me at
Enjoy your trip.

Just dont miss the Songran festival,
Try to be in thailand on April 13.

make it easy by visit
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