Specific travel tips for April?

Experienced traveler looking for specific travel tips for the month of April. What clothing? What the temperature range will be? Transportaion tips, hotel and restaurant leads.. Thank you


Country: Israel


travel by bus and train is easy and cheap
hotels and restaurants depend on your tastes and budget - look at the israel forum
dear karls7090
Weather in April is quite pleasant.
Temperatures range around the 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. Depending on which region in the country. We are talking
about the spring.
For transportation, cheap transportation (rides, buses)Strenuous and Knowing the country.
Hotels and restaurants, like all over the world, according to the price Cheap food can be good and can be bad Food can be expensive tastes and can be bad. All my pocket, and according to taste
by not my pocket
Great time to visit. Winter/wet season is over, but still not too hot. Great time to tour anywhere in the country.
April is Spring in Israel and the weather is comfortable (50F-70F) you will need a light jacket. Hotel prices could be from $150- $600 per night. I provide private tours with my comfortable van (which include any transportation). More about Israel in my web:
Karl, hi: If you're an experienced traveler, consider renting a car - it gives you so much more flexibility! Roads are usually well-signposted and well-maintained. For simple, clean accommodations on a budget, some of the Christian guesthouses around the country are hard to beat; a list can be found here:
Hi Karl,
I just joined Localyte, so only now saw your post. If you have not yet booked your flights and hotels, and you are still planning to visit in April, I would strongly suggest that you avoid the 8th-16th which is the week of Passover - the whole country is on vacation, there are loads of tourists, and the hotel prices reach sky high.

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