Please recommend a good day to visit Sentosa Island

I don't want to many people and a crowded beach. What days should I go?


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The best time to visit Sentosa is during the week as there are not as many people (less crowded).

But if you want to meet people and enjoy the beach with your friends then go down on a Sunday..

I can recommend the beaches to relax and enjoy a nice clean area to swim in. For after I suggest you go to Cafe Del Mar and enjoy a beer and dinner till late.

Hi there

If you want to enjoy the sun, sand and sea with some peace and quiet, i'd suggest you visiting during the weekdays, monday all the way to Thursday should be fine. Unless you are visiting during the school holidays. Like March, June and those public holidays as well.

Also, do go really early. Have fun!!!

Ps: I love sentosa, also bring my dogs there for some fun in the sun.
Greetngs! Yes, as per other replies it would be best to visit Sentosa during Mon-Thurs, as its usual hotspot for the local during the weekends.

Another thing is to avoid school holidays:

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mon to Thurs is the best =p
If you prefer a less crowded beach,go on the weekdays. Singaporean are typical, the difference is drastic. And on weekends, it is indeed crowded.

If you want to stay till wee hours, visit Cafe Del Mar, for some beer and food, there's a pool in there as well, so do come in water-friendly clothes if you intend to have some fun.

For awesome food, try Sand-bar (food at the beach), it should be awesome, though i haven't try it. Have fun!

Hey there! So, u have all the good answers from the experts :) So what are you waiting for!! :) Head on to the lovely beach in SentosA and hv a great time! Yep, WeekdayS is very relaxing, peaceful quiet and I love it^^

If you need someone to show you around, u can send me a message, if I m free, I wld love to visit SentosA too. Haven't been there 4 sometime.... It will be nice for a
dip and a sip :P keke :)

CHeerS, otherwise I hope you enjoy our Lovely SentosA! Enjoy your stay! And eat all the yummy good food :P HV FUN!

Ash :)
Hey :)

Like what the rest mentioned, weekdays will be the best to be there to avoid the crowd.

However, one thing to note, school holidays are coming, so you might want to avoid going on the weekdays between 16th mar - 20th mar. Apart from this period of time, the beach will be quite quiet on weekdays.

Hope this helps.
May you enjoy your day at Sentosa :)
Don't wanna go to a crowded beach? Well, the best time is to go when the sun is up, shining bright! Maybe between 1 PM to 4 PM you won't find a lot of people...unless of course they happen to be some maniacal ones who don't mind burning their chalk white skins in the name of tanning!
Other than that, there is no way of telling what day will the beach be less crowded except using the same logic that we apply for malls and other public places. And that is - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Heaviest Footfalls and other days - Not so Crowded! Simple, isn't it! Have fun in Sentosa.
By the way, Sentosa has 3 beaches - Palawan, Tanjong and Siloso spread over 3.2 kms...I am sure it won't be difficult to find an isolated spot somewhere...
As what the rest has offered. Mon- Thur is a good time. If you want some quietness with music. I would recommend Cafe Del Ma. They have the beach chair where you need a minimum spending around $20. Order a drink and snacks if you need a bite. Don't really need to queue for the toilet and I feel that the flow of the water for showering will be bigger easier to bath. Haha. Weekend is a no no day to go. I went once on a sun, in the end i had to queue for an hour plus to take a shower.
Btw, these few days has been a raining days so you might want to plan somewhere end of Mar or April.

Enjoy your sun tanning.
Although the beach isn't too crowded usually, to have more space to yourself, go on a weekday but avoid the week of 14 - 22 Mar as this is the school vacation period.
To avoid crowds & queues, the best time is weekdays. Avoid weekdays that falls on public holiday and school holidays. Go in the morning to the hawker center opp harbour front to grab lots of good local food b4 u head down to Sentosa.

If you are not afraid of heights, take the cable car to enjoy a the great view from above.

When you are there, enjoy the sun, sand & the sea at Siloso Beach first. Get a good bronse tan before you head down to the rest of the attraction. Do remember to try the luge & skyride for an adrenaline pumping ups & downs.. There are also places like the underwater world & many more for you to explore.

For dinner, if you love to dine in a place where you can see beautiful sunset, check out Barnacles Resturant & Bar. Great food with great view. Die Die must try....
I think its best to visit Sentosa on any day of the week..
But if you are particular about the crowd on the beach, it would be better you visit on any week days, that too before evening....
Currently its raining season in Sentosa perhaps you might want to try end of the month, best timing to go would be on a weekday, when the crowd is lesser
You can try going on a weekday such as Tuesday or Wednesday. Mondays are now quote crowded on Siloso beach, not sure why. The last time, I went on a Monday, expecting the beach to be less crowded but it does not seem to be the case.
i think better u go at wednesday
cause the day get many good view
not crowded also
if u still there until night u can see song of the sea
or clubbing at some club there
As you've heard so many suggestions already. Think u're pretty clear now.

Yeah,it's definitely advisable to go during Mons - Thurs.
Weekends are definitely a "NO,NO."
The crowd traffic is Heavy,unless you like to mingle with ppl. You can get there by Cable car,taxi,car,Sentosa Bus (from interchange opp Harbourfront) & also the Sentosa Express(monorail) from Vivo City (Lobby L,Lvl 3).Entry charges $3 per Adult & Child above 3yrs.
There are 3 beaches at Sentosa & lots of tourist attractions,not to mention fun & thrilling rides. Try the Tiger Sky Tower - its an observatory tower at 110m high. Adults- $12,Child(3-12yrs)- $8. Think you'll enjoy the Luge/Skyride too.
Be advised that its the school holidays this week(14th -22nd/Mar). Now there's a Promo for mth of March. $15.90 per person (U.P. $32) Check it out at the website() for more info.
Well, Enjoy your day at Sentosa.
Avoid weekend crowd. Go there during Mon - Thu.

Happy chilling...
To really enjoy Sentosa without having to queue and wait for stuffs or squeeze with people on the crowded beach, it is advisable to visit Sentosa island on the weekdays.

Apart from that, written below are some of the period whereby the local schools will be having their school vacation and it's not advisable to go during this period as there will be lots of children/teenagers.

March Holiday: Usually on the 2nd/3rd week of march for 1 week.

June Holiday: From the 1st week to 3rd/4th week of June. Last about a month.

September Holiday: Usually on the 2nd/3rd week of march. Last for 1 week

November/December Vacation: Usually last for about 2 months.

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