i need gide and a limusin for a group of 14 people we will land at Ochrid at 22.06.2010 to 29.06.2010 we are a family that was born in Bi

we want to visit Bitola where my grangfather born and to have two day at Sthaloniki


City: Ohrid

Municipality: Ohrid

Country: Macedonia


Yes I can find tourist guide and also i will be,I am staying in Dojran-Macedonia were is beautiful lake like Ohrid.
I am ready to arrange you the vacation you need, having in my mind that i live in Prilep, the next city to Bitola, and Bitola is my favourite tour destination which includes: monuments, mountains and free time activities. I am licensed tourist guide, so you can rely on professionality and confidentiality! for more, write on my e-mail adress!
You did not mention which language is required, i suppose it is English, or may be Macedonian? I can help you with car and try for a guide, but do you need a tourist guide or is enough an ordinary guide who knows the places.
Contact me on my email, please
I can help you ... arrange you I am from Bitola .. For any additional informations contact me on e-mail ...
I am not from Ohrid, but I can find you a man who is having a van and all of you will travel with him ! He works with people, traveling from cities to cities ! But I don't know how much it will cost! Do you agree if I get some information how much it will cost?
Hi, All that can be organized, just think that its more easily find carrier Mercedes van with air conditioning, but the limo I am very sorry that I can not organize it for you because on 16/06/2010 I'm flying to USA and I'll have a road trip on my own
so sorry, I hope that you will find someone I can recommend Milan Veleski from Prilep.
I am from Ohrid and I can arrange you an acomodation in ohrid in a hotel or private, and a guide who can take you where ever you want around Macedonija. I ll be glad if you chose me to arange all this to you.
Dear, i can help you with good acomondation and for the transport in Macedonia, if you want to see our offer contact with me on
Greetings from Ohrid
i can arrange anything you want!
I am from Bitola, and i can take you wherever you and your people willing to go!
contact me:
i can arrange all the details about of your stay/vacation here ...With van (or bus) from Ohrid to Bitola (i make u an offer-you decide about the details for time spend in Oh and Bt), and Thessaloniki as well (i collaborate with friends - prof. tour guide in Greece, who will join me/us)...with prof. local guide (lang.: English, Macedonian and Greek). Please call me for details.
Hello friend! We are licensed inbound tour operator from Skopje, and it is possible for us to arrange the transfers you require, and we can additionally offer you some of our tour packages. Please check out our website: We have entry level prices for this season, because we are a new company, and we trying to establish our brand image among our fellow Macedonians in the world as a premium supplier of inbound travel services.
Well, I can arrange a van for you if is that O.K. a big new van.

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