what is the weather in december there?


Country: South Korea


Hi, from the first week of december it will be very cold, the temperature goes down very quickly from +5 to -10 celcius it can be - 20 also, and sometimes snow.
but in Seoul city the roads and all service will be continue to be good.
in the city the lights in the trees during Christmas are so beautifull, its great to be there in that time!
It is usually cold, dry and windy. The temperature can go below -10 degree.
The weather varies from location. if it's up north (Incheon, Seoul, etc.) it can go below -10C. in the middle region like my place (Daejeon) it can be within -10 ~ 10C. while down south (Busan and Jeju) can be a little higher but still can be from -5 ~ 12C.
There's never snow here in Busan (besides the occasional fall that will melt as soon as it touches ground), but the temperatures can be as cold as -10. Usually it hovers between -5 and +5 C. Though I'm from Canada, I'm always colder HERE in the winter because none of the buildings are insulated well, and even in the hallways of the university where i teach it feels just as cold as outside, because only the classrooms are heated. The bathrooms too, are ALWAYS FREEZING because they leave the widows wide open and there is no heat. But the cure for the winter chills here is always the jimjilbong, the Korean bath and sauna house. With numerous hot bath pools and hot rock saunas and steam rooms, it's soooo relaxing...and it'll warm you up in no time!
I can't tell you any more then what the others have already told you but it can be well below freezing during december with some snow in Seoul. I am from wisconsin, usa so it is a very comfortable. It is something that you should not worry about to much and it is a very nice time of the year here!
Seoul is bloody artic.....bring a coat.......they have plenty of hats and gloves here. Ulsan, in the South is much like Britains weather, dark, gloomy, cold, windy, freezing and we had snow this year. im dying for it to warm up, it's still bloody cold now!!!!!!!!
it's usually not too cold. but so cold at times. like when after rains. but most time it's okay to do outside activities in dec
I found it to be the coldest month but I have only spent one winter here. It was pretty dry for the most part and it doesn't snow much at all compared to back home in the States.
Cold and windy. Make sure you have hat, gloves, and plenty of layers!
usually It's cold. The nearer you get to Seoul The colder it gets. However it's not that cold like north pole. ^^
With a proper jacket and warm clothes You can travel around without any discomfort. Cities near the cosast and the sea,
It may be very windy. Not a good idea to travel during the winter anywhere in the world if is is not some sorts of tropical countries I think.
The weather is icy, windy and cold, with some snow. Dress very warmly, it can feel much colder than Canada!
Like everyone said it is cold, freezing!! But usually sunny except when it snows. Recently we dont get much snow as it did before.. But you can still go skiing and snowboarding in the mountains :)
The weather is going to be cold for the most part. Bring a jacket and some warm clothes when you come here. Also, the weather is erratic due to global warming ... so it will be in the 60to70 F range.
The weather is bitter cold in December. Not usually much snow, but temps do go way down. It's akin to Beijing or NYC. It is an excellent time to go skiing in the different Korean Mountains as well.
Most years, getting very dry and apporaching wintery windy conditions...January-March are the coldest months however.

This is a very nice page whether you are interested in daily weather or averages.
According to this site the average temperature in December is around 0, and the precipitation is the lowest in the whole year, around 1.51 cm.

This is a very nice page whether you are interested in daily weather or averages.
According to this site the average temperature in December is around 0, and the precipitation is the lowest in the whole year, around 1.51 cm.
Yea... It depends on the day and where you're going. Busan is much warmer than Seoul... but I live just North of Busan, and one day it was 25 Fahrenheit, and the next it was 55. I depends on the winds and if it's raining or not. The temperature varies a lot here in the winter. I'm from Florida, and I can handle it with a light jacket....
If visiting Korea in December, a coat and gloves are a must. In Seoul, it does get cold but bearable unless the wind is blowing and then you must have hat to protect your ears. It doesn't snow as much in Seoul as the countryside. All in all, December is not bad time to visit. Although, early January through middle of February can be the coldest.
first week of december is cold.but if you visit kyongju
or ulsan not soo cold like in soul or kyonggido
It can get really cold with plenty of snow. Jeju (small island to the south) sees a little bit of snow but is considerably warmer (but with more wind).
Breezy and cool...not yet frigid. That comes in January and February.
Don't come to Seoul in Winter.
It's cold and not very pleasant.
Spring or fall would be better time to come to korea.
December is very cold, with ice and snow. When it's windy you do not want to go outside. If you have to visit in December, there is alot to do that is inside. Otherwise, visit in Fall or Spring!

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