Hello! I was won an airplane ticket to Nador, Morocco in a lotery. I'm excited to visit this country for the first time, but I...

...can't find much on it online. Is Nador just an airport town near some other interesting area, or it is worth visiting by itself? Any ideas, tips or related links will be welcome. Thank you in advance!


Country: Morocco


Nador is a small city in the north of morocco, it near the Mediterranean sea, u can also go to chefchaouen (ask to see akchour,falls site)is a great place and tangier great city, and if u have time there s more to see in morocco fes, marakech, agadir, essaouira( the wind city), in morocco there s 3000 km coast, so enjoy ur trip here s my mail all the best saad
Yeah Nador is a very nice interesting place to visit, it is in the northern part from Morocco, very nice ppl there and wish to visit it though, I live in Safi also interesting place, known by Good sardines, nice beaches!
Enjoy ur holiday Marta!
hello yes welcom to morocco bat for ur tchos nador for ur furst timl in morocco ther is not air plan for that plaic bat is betr f u tchous fes that u weel have mor tim te go mor in south of morocco f u want te go to marrakech or to merzouga becous from fes to de south is mor byotefl te see than in north and win u ar in fes f u want te go te nador is posible 2
you can try visit some near cities to Nador as El Houssima
Nador is little bit far from most interesting places in Morocco but it's depends what activities or things that you like to do
Hi there.

As it's the first time you visit Morocco, i believe you should not try to hang around Nador and go down to Fez. You can take a direct train to Fez & discover the beauty of that ancient imperial city. The city probably has some of the most interesting medina of the country with some remarquable monuments.
Congratulations on your ticket! wow you actually won a ticket on a lotery, great!

I'm afraid Nador is not one of the best places to visit in Morocco, and, the best thing you should do as soon as you get there, is to get a Bus out of the city! I'm sorry if this sounds too harsh... but no foreigner I know actually liked Nador... some Moroccans like it coz its close to Spain, ... nothing else...

You can easily get a CTM Bus to Rabat where you have some monuments to enjoy. In Rabat you can easily get a train to Marrakech and have fun. From Marrakech get a bus to Ouarzazate and enjoy some oasis and kasbahs, from Ouarzazate get another bus to Sahara desert. From sahara desert get another bus to Fez, from where you can get another bus back to Nador. :)

Greetings from Sahara Desert.
Thank you all for your help and ideas!
Now I'll have to get a bit more familiar with the Morocco map and decide on what to do. The flight will be for free, but... the time we'll have there will be short! Just enough to say: I WANT TO COME BACK!!!!

: )
I agree with Pierre Marie COUPRY. From Nador, go to Fes, the Imperial City, but there is no train fro Nador. Take the bus ( CTM). then from Fes you can go back to Nador or go to the Desert then Ouarzazate & Marrakech if you have enough time.
HELLO marta laurente
I agree with . From Nador, go to Fes, meknes the Imperial City, but there is no train from Nador. if you need prit car from nador ask then from Fes or go to the Desert then Ouarzazate & Marrakech if you have enough time.
As you are in Nador ; north of Morocco you are close to saidia the future moroccan destination with new resorts and beachs, close to Nador there is Tanger, andif you intested for more interting Moroccan cities drive to the south where you can find Fes ( center of morocco).
best regards.
from Nador you can visit El Houssaima, Titouan, Chefchaoun, Fes, Taza, Ouajda, and retourne to Nador in 4 or 5 days you will enjoy your trip
good luky
i think that you have to visit imperial cities in morocco if you want to enjoy your time and you will take the benefit of your winned lotery.
so thats what i have this time
Nador is a small city not that big and take it from me or not if i were u i would not passe over anyway u can come to a big city such as Marrakech or tangier and get there after

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