what is the meaning of zoufi


Country: Morocco


there is no such zoufi but there is ZOUFRI which mean single.
Zoufi means nothing... doesn't exist in our dialect.. Zoufri means a guy leaving alone, a single dude..
You are mispelling the word Zouifi which might be written Souffi. Suffism is a religious mode of life grown up in importance recently to give a softer and more moderate side of islamic other way to behave , think and communicate with the other self. Please, look for Ibnou roumi for more ideas and enlightment.
I like your answer. Very good words to describe Sufism. greetings from Sahara Desert.
sorry but zofi doesn't exist
As others told you this word doesn't exist in arabic or darija.
Are you sure it is the correct spelling? You've seen it written or you listened to it? I'm learning how to speak darija and I tend to write the words as they sound to me or the way I'll read them, so most of the times I mispell them, maybe that's the case...
Zoufi is a type of very tasty cheese. Zufi Cheese is creamy and white, and is used as a spread hummmmm. It is made in Val Formazza on the Italian Swiss border. You can get a sort of this cheese in Morocco in few shops only, the Danish brand is called Puck and it comes inside a small glass cup. Or maybe You're just confusing zoufi with the religious group called Sufi (which is my best guest hehehe). enjoy life.
I suppose you mean Sufi which is the mysticism in Islam. There are many "tariqas": different groups of sufis that excercise the belief in many different ways. For example; Originally the snakecharmers, fireeaters etc, were sufis that showed their deep connection with God this way. Actually the sufism is very, very old and apparently they have been very powerful "behind the scenes", through the history of Morocco.
I thinks it's better to write the real word that you're looking for because without that everyone will give you a meaning of word that is similar!
Such a word doesn't really exist in neither Moroccan Arabic (Darija) nor in Standard Arabic. Maybe what you really mean is "Soufi", which is related to "Suffism" or "Sufis".
zoufiii or souffi is a religious mode , i can say that's most imoportant zawiya in morocco , sawiya sofia.
it s not the correct spelling.

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