Hi,I'm planing to visit Morocco.What are the do's and don'ts for tourists?


Country: Morocco


well Morocco is a safe friendly country so there isn't much to worry about you can go out at any time of the day and do whatever and be completely safe with your family although there is some things you should know if you dont want to pay too much or lose your money.
Taxis are a thing to avoid they will make you pay too much and rip you off so unless you know the way the driver should go and get him to start the money counter dont get in the taxi.
buses are good cheap and clean specially in Marrakesh.
if you want to shop do it the mornings if you want to shopt for traditional items go the morning and always bargain never pay more than 20% of what the seller is asking for that's a rule dont smile or be friendly it wont get him to go easy on you you can always walk away if he is too hard to convince and that will get him to follow you and propose a better deal.
if you wanna buy food or whatever supermarkets are the best place to do so cheap good and available all day.
if you want to ask for directions to some place ask a policeman or or locals in their 20s.
try not to make a lot of eye contact with the locals it will be taken as if you were hitting on them.
try not to wear something too revealing if you wanna avoid people staring at you or hitting on.
if you want more details please ask and if you want to see pictures of the city look me up on facebook I got groups and pages dedicated to the country :)
Hamza Gharnati is my id and I hope my msg have been helpful .

Hey I love the reply I think you have talked about most things a tourist needs to know ... but Im not sure about the thing about taxis ... well taxis in big cities in Morocco all use a counter ... so just make sure its on which is 90% of the time true .. and about the buses I dont think its a good idea in cities like Casablanca I dont use them very often myself ... u might b ripped off and its too crowedd especially during times like early in the morning , mid day or from 4.30 to 6 .. One more thing maybe if you wanna go to a youth hostel .. they r not bad and they r really cheap ... it will cost no more than 10 bucks at most... good luck ...enjoy and my advice ... just use common sense and u ganna have the great holidays ever :)

Hi, well first i want to tell you which cities are most interestin': so if you want to discover the soul of Morocco you have to visite Marrakesh and Fes, but if you are interested in havin' fun in beaches so i can suggest you Agadir, in Casablanca you can admir the beautiful mosque HASSAN 2 but becareful 'cause this city is considered a little unsafe.
Where are you from? what's your name? contact me if you need more help, good luck.
hi, iam so very happy to invite you to come in order to visit morocco and also enjoy you time by been in the city who have the best weather in arabe countries.
i think fo the question there are some many traditions and coutum can be respected:
1- d'ont make sex or other things in the city and in front of ths people.
2- you can do what you want it's your life but you must be in safe place as home or hotel.
3- respect our rel├ęgion also.
4- respect our traditions and mosques
5- Make sur that you will enjoy the visit by contacting professionnnel personnes.
6- fr the prices ask any one or normal people et d'ont go dirctly to the seler and spend time to make a lot of questions and ask d'ont forget this.
7- Our country respect toursts you will be safe and also happy.
8- One thing take it easy and have a nice time peoples are helpfull! but d'ont go with pretty mans or womans there are dangerous.
9- You can spend many as you like there is et you want you cannot because there are palces who are so chip than you think .
10- For visiting you can take a bus or taxis and go where you want every one can help you without any thing.
the bad one and the beatifull are in any countries. be carefful.

we like you and we love you! come on ! and not think about money or any thing .solutions are always here.
you can ask as you like and i will help you if you want! d'ont forgive this name "ABDO" i'am with you any time any where.
Some very good previous info from fellow Moroccan Localytes. Another important point is that some clients experience problems using their credit/debit cards in Morocco. It is important to arrange with you bank that you will be travelling to Morocco to prevent your card being blocked as a safety measure. Also note that as from tonight you need to add an extra digit for Moroccan telephones. For a landline you need to add an additional 5 after the first zero of the number, e.g. + 212 (0) 5XX XXX XXX and for a mobile phone a 6, e.g. + 212 (0) 6XX XXX XXX. Enjoy your holiday in Morocco!
i often see an ugly thing about tourists. They are afraid of Moroccans, like, going on the street always paying attention for the first that will kill them of course... DUH... so please, relax while in the country and profit fromsome serious converstation and don't act like Moroccan people will bite you. I worked as a tourist guide for hundreds of people so I really know what I'm talking about.

I know Morocco is quite different in terms of cultural aspects etc, and the general idea of Morocco being full of robbers, blond ladies kidnappers and alqaida that will explode in about any minute is just bullsh... don't believe what your friend's tell you back home.


interact with people both men and women (watch out girls many boys are only interested in taking you to bed so just don't do anything you wouldn't do or accept nothing you wouldn't accept back home.

miss the opportunity of interacting with Moroccan people. :) also often people are you damn afraid of police in Morocco. To foreigners, police officers are really polite and will try to help you question you about your origin etc. No they will not ask you for money nor take you to jail. Even if you do something wrong while driving for instance, a couple of words, excuses and smiles will make you go away.
be yourself & act as you're in your own country
be careful from doubtful people you know as ever big city inthe world there's good & bad people too
try to live experiences with Moroccan families in countryside & nomadic places... you'll find a special feeling of real life

do not's:
try do make any non-normal relationships or friendships that you don't really want it (just follow your 6th sens)
give selers the prices that they asked, cause they always think you're foreigner person & you're rich, they always ask 20 to 60 percent more than really is
morocco is generally safe.
as any country always don't smile to the merchants they will make u buy the item, hehehe
also credits card is usless here so arrange what u can arrange? hotels are cheap, every thing is cheap!
just come with open heart sys!!
Hmm is a dificult question can you be specifique please
Hmm is a dificult question can you be specifique please
Email me at .

I got to go now.
just be yourself.of course like every where in the world when you re in a foreign country you have to be more carefull .

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