Looking for information or suggestions on what to do in/around Ho Chi Minh City for about 10hours... as i've got a semi-long stopover...

...and would like to do a short city tour or exploration... Or is there someone willing and able to act as a tour guide for a few hours? Date of travel would be around the 10th May


Country: Vietnam


First, you need an entry visa if your nationality is US for passing the immigration.
Second, you need to contact with a travel agent, they will pick you up and guide you around the city.

Here's the contact info. of travel agent you need to contact with.

Hope you have a pleasant semi-stop stay in HoChiMinh City.
for 10 hours in Hochiminh city, i recommend that you should visit CU CHI was a free target zone there's system with over 250km long under ground. it was built during the Vietnam - American war.. It was declaired that “ free fire zone” which meant that the bomber pilots were encouraged to drop unuse explosives and napalm on this area before returning to their base. get there and u will know how local people could survive . you can try yourself by getting into that tunnel. if you need a tourguide on that day, let me know. enjoy!
There are many things you can do in Saigon, so you should tell us exactly what you are interested in the most. Where would you like to visit? Some famous places in Saigon only? Do you wanna try Vietnamese foods? You prefer learning more about historical places (museum,etc...) or just somewhere for entertainment. 10 hours but from what time to what time? If it is from morning to afternoon, it's different from afternoon until evening. The activities may be different within a day. If you can make clear everything, it's easy for people to recommend you what to do.
Thanks for the answer.. Honestly i've never been to Vietnam, and not really sure what to see or do, but basically just want a small taste of the city and culture for the short time I will be there and hopefully an incentive to come back again.

Have confirmed flights now, so will be from around 2pm in the afternoon till 10pm in the evening..
Things to do in HCM city

Hello, withthin 10 hours in Vietnam, i maybe have some free time to take u around as u wished :) any further contact, email me at . f
I am 99% sure you are out of luck. You will be stuck in transit. This is a communist country and with out a visa in hand there is no way I know of that you are getting out of the airport.
Same b.s. everywhere about everything why does Thailand have 40 + percent return rate and Vietnam about 2%.....Those of us in travel and tourism industry are nuts about idiotic government policy.
Fly to Singapore with long stop over= free city tour, long stop over in BkK, visa on arrival free, stop over in Vietnam, stay in jail. I remember I used to transit Russia a lot, same stupid crap.
From 2pm to 10pm, I suggest you to go to War museum, then go to Ben Thanh market then have dinner at Ngon restaurant (traditional vietnamese cuisine). Tha's all that I can think for such short time. Contact me at if you need a amateur guide then I will try to arrange my stuff.
Dear Anton,

I have some suggestion for you. You can contact to some travel agents which always celebrate the small tour with cheap price, it will be better than you go travel by you self.

Tour Cu Chi Tunnel 1/2 day
Tour Cu Chi Tunnel 1/2 day + City tour 1/2 day
Tour Cu Chi Tunnel 1/2 day + Cao Dai Temple 1/2 day.
Tour City 1 day.
Tour Mekong Delta: Ben Tre + My Tho (1 day trip)
Tour Mekong Delta: Cai Be + Vinh Long (1 day trip)
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