Help need. Im going to Peru

in june -july.. I know its winter but is it cold? What do they wear? What Should I wear? Im also going to visit the rain forest, any tips or advice? I have no idea what to expect.. Please help


Country: Peru


Hi, in Perú but where in Perú, because if you come to Mancora it's warm in Lima and Cuzco it's cold, all depend.

Lima is pretty humid most of the time, so the problem here is not the cold itself, but the sensation. Temperature drops down to 15 ºC and rarely drops below. Humidity ranges around 90%. If you're going to the jungle, make sure you get your yellow fever and malaria shots and pills. Bring some light clothing but make sure you have long sleeves and forget about shorts. Mosquitoes are terrible in the Peruvian Jungle. If you can give me more details of your planned activities or about what you want to do, I can give you more detailed advice. Antonio
Peru is divided up into three distinct geographical regions: the coast, the mountain highlands and the jungle.
Mid April – October.
This period is the dry season, with hot, dry days and cold, dry nights, often hovering just above freezing, particularly in June and July. May is perhaps the best month with the countryside exceptionally lush, yet with superb views and fine weather. You’ll find the flowers in full bloom, the grass green and the streams full.
Peru’s high season is from June to August which coincides with the dry season and summer holidays in North America and Europe. You’ll find Cusco a pretty cosmopolitan city with tourists from all over the globe converging on Machu Picchu.
The Coast (Lima, Nasca, Arequipa).
May – November
From May to November the temperature drops a bit and you’ll find blankets of sea mist engulfing the coast from the south right up to about 200 km north of Lima. At this time of year only the northern beaches such as Mancora and Punta Sal are warm enough to provide pleasant swimming.
The Jungle
April – October
This is the ‘dry’ season with daily temperatures averaging 30–35°C. However cold fronts from the South Atlantic are common when the temperatures can drop to 15°C during the day and 13°C at night.
The dry season is the best time to visit the jungle regions … there are fewer mosquitoes and the rivers are low, exposing the beaches. It’s also a good time to see nesting and to view the animals at close range, as they stay close to the rivers and are more easily seen.

I hope thisinformation help You or drop me on line

For Lima and in general for the coast, it's not too cold use a long sleeve shirt ans a pair of jeans, a sweater or a jacket for the nights. In Cusco and the highlands, it's very cold but no rain in June-July. For the rainforest, be sure to get the yellow fever vaccination 10 days before you arrive, bring sun block and repelent(a must), and prepare yourself for the contact with nature.
June & july are winter in Peru. But the lowest temperature in the shore is 12º C. In the mountains is different, sometimes under 0º C.
In the rainforest is always hot
You don't need special clothes for the shore, but in mountains you must wear it.
Hi, In Lima is winter so you will need jeans and jacket, you could wear a hat too. In the jungle the weather is warm so you can wear shorts and t-shirts.wear Hat to protect you from the sun.Raincoat, in the jungle we can have long rains.
Winter in the coast, in Lima, es very mild. Should not go down more than 10celcius. Where are you from, if you are from the US or Europe, ok generalizing, should be a piece of cake. As for the rain forest, take a reliable tour and lots of bugspray and be ready to be dazzled! Best, Manolo
It depends which part of Peru are you going and also where you come from. For example in Lima, in July we have 16 - 12 celsius but the feeling is like 8 - 6 celsius because of the humidity.
If you are going to Cusco - Machu Picchu, during the day is hot, like summer any where, but in the night is winter, very cold, 4 - 5 celsius.
If you are going to rain forest in that time of the year (like any time of the year) you have to be prepared for a lot of rain and hot, very hot weather.
What you can expect there dependes on what are your expetations, forget any thing about a traditional hotel, there only a few in that area. Try this web: you can have an idea of what is waiting for you.
Hi, if you come here in june or july to lima, you should bring some warm clothes, coz we're having winter time, like jackets, scarfs, hats or gloves...if you are going to the rain forest you should bring an umbrella.
tk cr !
Hi well, if you're going to stay here in Lima for some days, you will need jackets, jeans, t-shirts too 'cause is not so cold here, with jackets you will be just fine, and yes it depends from where you come from ;-) and for the jungle you will need, long sleeves 'cause of the mosquitos, i think t-shirts and shorts will be ok BUT use a lot of repelent, sneakers and special clothes for the rain to not get wet.

Hope this can help you.

well yeah.. all people down here alredy told ya...
summer stations can variate from january to december.. so depends pretty much of the place you choose...

if you wanna go to rainforest...dont worry.. there is hoy all year over there...
lots of rainshower though..
but still awesome..
if you wanna know everything else..just let us know..
there's a lot of people who can help you...
peace bro =)
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my Email
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Hi there!!! well defenetly you´ll need both kind of clothes for cold and warm wheather either for rain if you are coming to the forrest good luck any aother things you need in Peru you can contact me at good luck
yes depends of the site, it'll be cold, i think u will visit the south for the archeological sites, like Nazca, Paracas, Cuzco, Puno, it is cold in June yes,so take something with you,
in the forest, cold don't exist :), if you don't have yet your tours made, i work in fair turism, and we are pretty cheaper than many others, so if you want i can build you a tour if you tell me,
take care please
The weather depends on the location you are... in Lima the weather is going to be misty and humid but not to bad... around the highlands (Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, etc.)daytime is nice and hot (24 to 30 C.) but after 4pm. the temperature drops down... by night it can get to -10 C.
The rain forest is a different case... in those months it's dry season, which doesn't mean it won't rain... it just means there are lower possibilities of it...
Over there is going to be really hot... between 30 to 40 C. but one detail you have to remember is that in dry season in southern rainforest of Peru (Tambopata), one per month a phenomenon happens... for 2 to 3 days the weather changes since the winds from the Patagonia heads to north and the temperature drops down almost like in Cusco. I recommend to take some heavy jackets if you go to that area.
It very much depends on where you are going. The different regions of Peru, and the different altitudes present very different climates and tempretures. It will be hot, it is all year around, but this is from the perspective of an english person! It is relative to what you are used to! THe jungle will be tropical and very warm, but the mountains or higher areas likely Cusco will be very cool. It depends on your journey. K x
Your probably route: Lima, the Cusco/Arequipa/Puno (not necessarily in that order) and then rainforest.
Lima, 98% of humidity, temp drops down to 14º C or maybe even 10º C (Puno); not so cold but always carry long sleeved t shirts. For highlands (Cusco, Arequipa, Puno) it's the dry season but still at nights can rain; temp can go from 22ºC (day) to 12ºC (noght); some jacket with gore tex or alike fabric would be recommended; jungle: very hot and humid (25ºC at least in the day) repellant for insects, long sleeved light fabrics recommended.

Hi, In June and July is a good weather, mornings are nice, sunnies and kind of hot but afternoons and night are cold and a little chilly so if you are coming to Cuzco, bring some warn clothes ans enjoy it, it is really wonderul place. About the jungle, if you are going there you need a vaccine(ask the doctor about the fiebre amarilla, i dont know how is in english:)) well you should have that vaccination 1 week in advance you go to the jungle at least, there is wonderful too, everyhting is green and very very hot, so take some summer clothes ans aslo sme waterproof stuff, sometimes it is rainy. Well if you are coming from ..... to Peru, if you arrive to Lima, there is huminity and kind of hot, but in June and July, is kind of cold and cloudy, so be ready for humynidity :), also June and July are the highest season for tourism, there is a lot of people coming and going :), I hope you have an idea about my country, writte if you want to know more, I am new in this localyte but it is fun no?, Take care, Vanessa
hello, well you will arrive in lima and in june and july lima is humid and a little cold and you have to wear some warm clothes, in the rain forest you will need thin pants because there are a lot of mosquitoes, but you can use shorts as well, and you need repelent, raincape, shirts, hat, if you come to cusco in june an july the temperature early on the morning is very cold, and on the night es very freeze i would like to know where are coming in peru. e mailme please.
hi: well between june and july in lima is cold, but i think that you sourvive with a jacket or something similar. in the rain forest the temperature is very hot and maybe you wear a t-shirt and a short. the average temperature is 30 centigrades degrees.
Hi Shermy2314
Lima is cold but not freezing. Normal jeans even shorts in winter, the cold days are arround 13 celcius. Humidity in Lima is arround 95% in June or July, normal t-shirts,no rain in Lima just small drops.
In Cusco is strong sun in the day and cold in the shadow and nights.
Going to rain forest means very hot, take two pair of shoes,t-shirts with long sleeve, shorts and thin long pants, you canuse jeans also, in the jungle there is a posibility to be so cold us Lima small chance but possible take a jaket in case and moskito repealent, dont worry to much of what to take i ve been there several time with regular cloth
Erick Bulos
In june in Lima is not too cold like Cusco, Anyway you will need sweater, jackets, gloves and maybe hat, temperatures in Cusco outdoors by 6:00 in the morning 41 Fº and by the 2:00 in the afternoon about 60ºF (indoors-in the shade). But mostly blue sky and shine sun outdoors that burns your skin, that`s why you will need a pretty good sun scream. About the rain forest areas like Machu picchu which is the higher part of the jungle weather is much warmer, not to mention the lower jungles is even warmer and if you go to Puerto Maldona or El Manu yellow fever vaccinatination is required as well as to drink pills to prevent malaria specially for el Manu or remote areas inside the jungle.

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not too much rain but is freaking cold on the mountains and the jungle is humed sooo bring the right things to wear. you got to go to see machupicchu at my town. fell free to write
Hi, in Peru we have different climates depending on the region you are going to visit. If you go to the Amazon rain forest during the months of June and July, it is very hot and rains not to frecuently. You need to take very light clothing and some waterproof jacket, also need insect repellent and sunblock. If you come to Lima, you must bring thicker clothing because it is cold and with very high humidity. If you visit the Andean region (the mountains) it is colder and very high, with sun during the day and very low temperatures at night.
I need to know where are you from bcause, if you atre froma a place with a strong winter our winter will bw nothing to you, at least in LIma, which weather in winter never goes under 14º celsius. although it is humidity is not really cold for people from northern places.

At the mountain the waether is more cold thsn LIma and the at trhe joyungle always earm but rainny,
Hi, winter in Lima is cold and humid, it doesn't rain but it drizzle a lot. In the Andes, it is really cold, might get -0º at night, but it is almost always sunny during daytime. In the jungle, it is the rainy season, it is hot and humid there, because of the closeness to the Equator. In Lima and the Andes people wear warm clothes during June, Juyly and August; wear light clothes in the rain forest and bring a good bug repelent. I hope you enjoy Peru!
in this time is cold am sure u're visiting Cusco and is about 50F or 10 C. lima is also cold and grey you should wear some jacket and sweater or shirt inside
Hello, how are you?hope you are doing well.
Replying to your message:
-Winter is cold here, for us cold is 17°C or 15°C.I think it will help you to know what to wear.
-For example some jackets or t shirt with long sleeves could be a good idea, is not really a big deal.
-Rain forest its a really nice idea...I could help you with that if you want, with accommodation or information :) and advices I could tell you depends of what you want to do there.
Send me an email ()
I will answer all your questions...cheers :D and welcome to PERU!
pretty much all being said about the weather, just one tip:
give Lima a couple of days; despite the sky would look like rat´s tummy, you´ll find great food, outdoor sports, nice bars...have fun! enjoy it!
Lima is great weather, in Limas winter you need few heavy duty items to wam up...there is no need to wear them...jeans and a jacket are OK
Hi, how you doing, well in Lima at that time is a litle bit cold, before you go to rain forest that you could do in Lima is take a Pisco Sour, its a typical drink from here, and makes feel your body a litle hot, stay for two or 3 days in Lima and the enjoy our jungle that is amazing.

A good place to stay and budget is Condor´s House

Hi, I know a good rute that you might take and know even coast, highland and jungle. I might be according if your target is low.

Near Lima you can meet good beaches: Cerro Azul, Pisco, Chancay Huarmey are some attractive points near some kms from here (less than 3 hours of trip) In this places seafood is delicious. You can also meet Lunahuana and practicing canoa in there and Caral, the oldest city in american continent.

From Lima you can see Tarma and Huancayo. These are so nice cities in highlands and you can enjoy good food in those places and meet farms and lakes. Near Huancayo there s a place where u can sky.

Straight on Tarma you can see San Ramon. Begining of Jungle and share some moments wisit jungle natives and taste their food.

These tour is cheap and exciting and It will demand to u just 2 weeks. If you visit those places you will know more about Peru than other visitors.

Hope u decide a good intinerary
About the clothes, just bring a couple of coats and a good pair of jeans, and also boats! No more, the weather here is not as cold as in USA or Europe.
Some shorts and t-shirts for the jungle, lot of insect repelent and sunblock. Cusco is cold below 0 c or 32 f at night but sunny during the day.

if you like further info or email us to


jose Antonio

in the rainforest you will be allright with a long sleeve shirt and thin trousers with light trekking shoes and a hat. At night it can be a bit chilly but not that much. Take your polarfleece with you anyway.

In Puno, Cusco, ... it is definitely cold at night but with your polarfleece and a good outdoor jacket it's ok. During the day it can be very hot in the sun but as soon as the sun goes down the temperature decrease dramatically. Many hostals don't have heating so take a good sleeping bag
skirt, sweater, jeans and tennis. for the jungle is other case it is rainy and many mosquitos, what can you expect? friendly persons, good food and interesting places
In Lima it never gets below 16 centigrade, and in the rainforest is always like summertime, so only on the mountains you might need heavier clothing (cuzco particularly) I've moved around with just jeans, regular underwear and a t-shirt and shirt, and sometimes a sweater or umbrella, weather is not really extreme here, probably you should travel light and if you visit the mountains get a sweater there, you find nice ones for almost nothing

Yes it is Winter on the coast , the jungle is hot but you must always bring a raincoat. Where are you comming from ? For many tourist Cusco and Machupicchu are warm and hot , and for other are cold.

The temperature in Lima is 15 C or 58 F In Cusco is different during the day middle day is 75 f but the nights are colder .The jungle is hot about 85 F to 90 F

Please some suggestion in or email us to

best resgards,

Jose Antonio
Lima never gets colder than 15 C, and the rainforest gets really warm, like up to 35 C, imagine visiting Florida, sometimes in the rainforest you will like to wear socks and trousers and long sleeves to prevent being bit by mosquitoes and other similar foes, so think spring, probably
You should pack for all 4 seasons: Peru has everything from High Mountain to jungle to desert, and teh climates that go with that. In Cusco, we have developed a sort of layer clothing: depending on the hour of day or wether you are on the sunny or shady side of the street you will be taking off clothes all day. Good luck.
Jacket with sweater as well as hat and gloves for the winter. In the jungle t-shirts or shirts with long sleeves. Short pants could be but you must use insect repellent. See our FAQS at

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The weather in june july is opposite the northern hemisphere.
In Peru is winter but not as cold as in the US or Europe.
On the coast it is cloudy, cold and misty.
On the highlands it is hot and sunny during daytime but cold at nightime.
The rainforest will be fine, no rain in that season, but hot and humid.
Wear clothing according with the local weather, bring both for hot sunny days and for cold chilling nights.

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