Are there Iranian restaurants in Pataya and Bangkok?

I visit Thailand in September. Can you please tell me how I can find Iranian restaurant in bangkok and pataya?


Country: Thailand


Welcome to BKK Thailand .. well as you ask abt Iranian Res'
YES we have in BKK & Pattaya !

in BKK i saw one called NOOR Res' Located near FIRST HOTEL
you can see from the Link below here :

and also arould Sukumvit Road @ Sukumvit soi 3 ( called NANA Road- Arab stree ) you can go there by using Sky Train located @ NANA BTS station .If ny Taxi all taxi driver know NANA.

in Pattaya thay are also Arab Res' arould not difficult to find coz most of the Arab Res' are in the BIG Area . i will ask someone i know & let you know ASAP
have a nice day ..
Noor Iranian Restaurant
645/52 Petchaburi Road between Sois 13/15
Opposite the Indonesian Embassy

It is a family run with a small menu, a handful of seats and loads of friendly charm. The menu emphasizes ‘kababs’ a staple in Iran and lots of wonderful basmati rice. There are, of course, a variety of other times offered, including yogurts, hummus and salads. If you are looking for a unique culinary treat served with warmth and pride, give this place a try. It is open daily from mid-morning until about midnight or Soi Arab is between Soi 3 and Soi 5 near Sukhumvit. (I know Iranians are not Arab) There are many halal restaurants in the area. Most middle eastern people stay at the Grace Hotel. It is also near Bumrungrad Hospital
in Pattaya in second road not so fare from cross second road and south road. there is Arab quarter.
I wonder why would anyone want an Iranian restaurant in Thailand? I love Iranian cuisine and know it reasonable well, but prefer to have it in Iran rather than elsewhere. When one goes to another country,one should try the local food. If it comes to Halal, then of course, one can always look for Thai Muslims and eat comfortably... Personally, I love Thai cuisine too for its subtelity of different tastes
Noors is very good, went there after a visit to the hospital and was really impressed!

Nothing better than good food to cheer the soul...

Have fun,
Your best bet would be between Sukhumvit 1 and 9. Best donairs in Bangkok right on Nana.
there are a numbers of them. check out these areas:
Bkk > sukhumvit soi 3 (nana nua) - between main post office & silom rd. - pathumwan area by the indra hotel
Pattaya > pattaya south a couple of blocks down the marine bar
Noor Iranian Restaurant 645/52 Petchaburi Road between Sois 13/15, it's in the Arab area of Bangkok, around the Nana area
There are a number of Iranian restaurants in South Pattaya. Some are located on Thappraya road (southern 'extension' of 2nd road) in between Soi VC & South Pattaya Road & on Soi 16 (Walking Street)
in Pattaya
i recommend 'Arsit Lebanese Restaurnat' where you
can get fine dining time to enjoy the Iranian cuisine.
Located on Thappraya Rd,Pratamnak Hill,South Pattaya.

for more info and contact number as the follow link.

Arsit Lebanese Restaurant is supposed to be godd in pattaya.
In Pattaya there is an Iranian restaraunt on 2nd Rd. It's on the south end of 2nd road. Just ask motor bike taxi as I don't remember the exact name but I have seen it there. It is close to the hotel called the Vault.
Hi If you are coming to Thailand I would suggest you stick with local Thai food, other tates can be a bit dicey to eat as ingredients tend to be somewhat suspect. Eat Thai and have a good time here. Irainian food best prepared and eaten in Iran.
Come Sukumvit soi 3 near NANA BTS by Sky Train or call for taxi to NANA.
Enjoy the food
In Pattaya, there's an Iranian restaurant and bar on Pratamnak Road. There's also one on Soi 12.

Have fun!
In Bangkok in the sois 3 and 5 there is a selection of middle eastern restaurants,

if you are looking for the best food in bangkok, go to sukhumvit soi 3/1 and the namee is shater restaurant and the TEL is 02-655 6460 and the food is really amazing.

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