how to get from O'Hare to my hotel downtown


City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Country: United States


Hey ttheman, I was actually just in Chicago a few weeks ago and took a cab from O'hare to the Mile. Yeah, it might be a bit more expensive, around $40 bucks, but it's super convenient to hop in and just go. There are also trains that run from the airport to downtown which are a good option...might even be a better option if you're landing in the middle of rush hour. Hope this helps!
take the blue line to towards the loop ( can't take it any other way) and get off at jackson or lake, depending on your hotel. The ride is 2.25 everytime you get on the train. Or 5.75 for 24 hours of unlimited travel. You can buy these day passes at any jewel or dominicks (grocery store) or buy a three day pass in the airport right outside the train station
Cab is easy, but I would prefer to take the train and save $40. No traffic snarls, on time, and a chance to see some of the city. With the train stops downtown you should be only a short walk to your hotel.
Take the CTA! Hop on the Blue Line towards the Loop and get off at Jackson or Lake, depending on where your hotel is located.

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