I need a tour guide for 2 days in the capital of vietnam HOW MUCH?


Country: Vietnam


For 2 days, You pay $60 for an experienced Tour Guide. He/she will recommend you the must see places around the city. Let me know if you happen here 0913.512.140
Have fun!
Hi Roger,
A standard guided tour of the most significant and visited attractions will take most of the two days. Having your own guide will enable you to see more in the same time ... and save on a lot of incidental "hassles".

We also include a meal.
Both these replies are about the standard for a good guide.
Most "Xe Om" drivers can also double up as a guide, but quality varies. Personally I recommend goimg with one of these guys as some xe om drivers can be a little "under educated" on what foreigners would like to see and do.
In addition, knowledge in body-language is a need :)
It depends on their experience. Usually a pretty good one will cost from 20 to 25 usd per day.
The cost can vary substantially depending on the knowledge level and language ability of the guide, and the transportation and extras like meals. A specially focused tour like my Street food and Market tour is a bit more but includes everything including a western guide (me). I can also customize a tour to exactly suit your interests.
The cost can vary substantially depending on the knowledge level and language ability of the guide, and the transportation and extras like meals. A specially focused tour like my Street food and Market tour is a bit more but includes everything including a western guide (me). I can also customize a tour to exactly suit your interests.
I recommend you to hire an interpreter living in capital. I wish i could help you but i am living in HCM city.

Have a nice vacation.
Hi Roger; I think you just need one day excursion within Hanoi. The other small places in Hanoi such as: local markets, old town you can do it by yourself, depending on your own rhythm. Other special places need to go is Ho Chi Minh complex, Temple of Literature, Pagoda and Temple nearby westlake and hoan kiem lake, museum of ethnology..
Approximately US$25/pax, US$35/2-4 pax, US$45/5 pax & above.
It can be free if you contact Hanoikids, they are a group of local university students who volunteer to guide foreigners just to practice speaking and listening to English. They are said to be quite professional. It's also a good chance for you to know more about Vietnamese youth, right?
Here's the link to their website, u should write them email to book in advance and tell them about your needs:

By the way, i'm not its member, i just wanted to become a member of Hanoikids but i was so busy. If i had time, I would definitely join them cuz it's such a great chance to broaden my network.
one interesting thing is that you can make friends with someone, and he will be willing to take you round Hanoi free of charge. that's my advice, cauz everybody in VN is very hospitable and tries to do as many things for you as possible, especially as you are a foreigner ^^! no worries and have a wonderful trip.
P/S: i'm Saigonese, hehe
A tour guide fee cost around 30.00USD/day, for a good one. good luck
and, hey, anyone volunteers to be a tour guide for the owner of this question ??????????
just a cup of coffee :P contact me as this address "" if you need ;) hope you have good days in Hanoi
Free. No guide fees. I'm in Hanoi. I'm member of Hanoikidsvn. We take the people on citytour without fees. Contact me if u interested in. Ruby Ngo +84978536422 or mail me :
It depends on you wanting to have a professional tour guide or a student. Some may be eager to do it free 'cause they just want to practice English.

I can guide you around and show you many places of interest (esp. if you want to visit cultural places), by taxi or my bike. I'd be happy with $30 for all: finding you a good and cheap hotel, showing you around, taking you to villages nearby, etc.
May I ask? What do you really want in Hanoi?
It costs 25 USD/ day. I am a tour guide. I used to work for some leading travel agents in Hanoi. Now I start my own business. I can guide you all around the north of Vietnam. Contact me soon.
Hi Roger..

You are so luckily...currently i also helping my friend get some information from the tour agent...

Information from Tour Agent:
1) Private Tour - $50 per day
included : private car, a tour guide can speak english, lunch,entry fee & water puppet entry fee, you can arrange which place u wanted to visit

2) Daily Tour (16 person)-$18
- by bus, normal lunch, entry fee not included for water puppet show if you want to go for the show need to paid extra ($4)

Below is the tour agent you can be contact for futher more information & you also may stay at this guesthouse too....

Bamboo Hotel & TNK Travel
Add: 32 Hang Be Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel : +844 3926 2378
Room Rate: $15 not included breakfast - twin bed
Room Rate: $18 included breakfast 2 person- twin
ok if you need we will have some discuss. contact me .you can do any thing you want, see everything you want. just hanging out with me and no worry about money, may be 50$ for 2 day. of course if you think it deserved!
Go with Dao Duy Nam, he is a fantastic guy and knows Hanoi better than anyone I have met before. Going with him you can see parts of the city and have experiences that very few foreigners get to have. He is super helpful and I believe better than any tourguide you could hire from a company. Hanoi will be that much better seen with Nam.
I think you can search for some useful info in this website - it's of the foreigner community in Hanoi. Not sure what kind of activities would interest you (e.g some of my foreign colleagues only love bars/ noisy places and thus, would find places like pagodas boring).
Btw, if you come, I can show you a place where u can enjoy some food from crickets ;)
80 USD / 2 days, including lunchs, transport inside city and tickets for the 1st Uni in Vietnam - temple of literature ,Ho Chi Minh complex, Ethnic minority Museum, Art museum, Water Puppet Theatre. I set up this tour openly depending on the local's thoughts and tourist's hobby.Hope U'll enjoy it.Pls contact me to get more infor. Thanks for reading !
maski lbre bro pa gas ka na lang sa tsibug
Tell me how you want your tour or visit in Hanoi to be - is it adventure, cycling, trekking, cruising etc. You can do so by going to , click on trip planner, you will be immediately taken to a free trip planner page. Here you can fill in how you will like your tour to be - your taste, holiday period, interest etc. and we will take care of the rest, just make sure your email address is correct. Otherwise you may contact us on or by Email , Remember quality service is what we are after. Thanks
I can be your tour guide, not really a professional but i had experience with my foreigner friends. And I was born in Hanoi and living in Hanoi till now, so I can show you around. I offer you a price of 10 usd per day
Hi there, English or French speaking tour guides in Hanoi cost between 25 usd - 30 usd per day. Outside overnight if any will incurs 10 usd supplement per night. Good bye
Hi, maybe by this time, you have already been to Hanoi. I have heard very good things about the Hanoi Kids group, who do tours for free. Otherwise, your price will depend on what you want. The price for an all day tour can vary between $8 USD and $90 USD, depending on what conveyance you use, (motorbike, car, minivan...) and also on the number of people in your group. Will you go to places with entrance fees? These may or may not be included in the price of the tour. The same goes for your meals. When you arrive in a city, you should try to speak to some different guides and ask them some questions to see how much they know about the places they will take you to see. Can you understand their English? Can they understand you? Do they have a reasonable amount of knowledge about the sites? Also, be absolutely clear on what the price will include. Otherwise, you may get sucked into a "free" tour and then find yourself paying for all kinds of hidden costs. Good Luck. Hope you will contact me if you come to Hue City.
it's 20$/day if you like please contact my email i will recommend you some private tour guide
Backpackers from English speaking countries will need people who know Vietnam well & who can speak some English (little or much) to help them with their trips in many cities in Vietnam. While there are many energetic students who also don't mind being volunteers to help. just in sai gon

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