Adventure holiday in Africa (Inexpensive please)

Which package is most reasonable to visit Africa,do trekking,see wildlife,sea,mountains etc. ? We are open to camping too. Specifically looking at Serengiti,Kenya and Namibia. Travel's in July or August. Anyone's been to these places? Pls advise.


Country: Kenya



July and august is peak season in Kenya. I would advise you to do camping.Also note that if you are a group of around 6 or more the cost will go down as you will share the cost of transport.
there are many places in Kenya to do camping.
Naivasha: activities in the area include trekking, biking, visiting Hell's Gate National Park.

Mount Kenya; Mount climbing and also visiting the National Park

Nakuru National Park ; Visiting the Park
Masai Mara national reserve

From Bush Safari to Sun and sand at the Coast we provide all.

I would definitely advise you to go camping, as that is the best budget-option. Furthermore, it will give you the opportunity to experience Africa to the full - campfires, bush sounds, star dotted sky.
In Kenya you can do walking safaris & trekking, around Mount Kenya, the second highest peak of Africa, located almost on the equator. Many local safari companies offer the so-called Northern Circuit, from Mount Kenya to Samburu (wildlife), then via Baringo and Nakuru (lakes/ wild- & birdlife) down to Masai Mara (famous of its own kind). Masai Mara is a MUST in this period, as it is the stage for the annual Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. This means many travellers in the Mara, but even more wildlife - literally millions of them, an unforgettable experience. After Mara you can head to the coast via Nairobi. Here the best option would be to rent a beach house - it gives you all the freedom, privacy and comfort of your own place, including often a chef/caretaker who will spoil you with his cooking (and cleaning). Surprisingly enough this option is more budget friendly than staying in a hotel - hotels are huge, luxury, often very expensive (all-inclusive) resorts.
It is also possible to combine Tanzania & Kenya, to do Masai Mara and the Western corridor of Serengeti. Bear in mind that you will need separate visas for both countries.

And this is just a start! More questions, feel free to ask. I can also suggest a more detailed itinerary if you like.
In any case: Enjoy! And Karibu Africa! (Welcome to Africa!)
Hola my friend,
If you not 100% sure about which countries to visit and if it is going to be your first time in Africa; consider coming to South Africa too.
The reasons for saying so:
1. Place where humankind started out as you can vist the Craddle of humankind just outside of Johannesburg,
2. You'll find that South Africa is not so vastly different from the UK and the USA as the infrastructure is well developed making travel easier,
3. South Africa offers nature, culture, wild animals, rich history as this is the place where Nelson Mandela started his long walk to freedom which in the long run and by looking at the bigger picture started changing the world,
4. It also offers some of the best beaches and it is home to the world's largest GREEN canyon, Africa's longest mountain range - the Drakensberg and much, much more.
5. South Africa is also a haven from where you can explore other smaller African countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and the Kingdom of Swaziland; all of these bordering on South Africa.
Please visit the following websites to see what your African visit can offer you:
or look for Old Vic Backpacker's Inn on the web - they are located in Mpumalanga South Africa or look at my website at: , I'm sure you'll find something to fit your pocket and your taste!
take a 10 day tour of kenya which starts from Amboseli to the south; mt,kenya,samburu lake anakuru,and the masai mara... the first 2 answers are really to reckon with.
July August is Kenya's peak season. There is a great place on the South Coast called Stilts which is cheap Banda's on Stilts and there is a great veriety of things to do with Tsavo East and West on 3 hr drive away.

Dear Friend,
Thanks for your decision to visit africa. For this period of time(July) Kenya is the best option where everyone will never miss to visit.Its time where the seventh wonder of the world is expirienced, ie migration of millions of wildbeast from serengeti to Maasai mara, this is purely wildlife activities, other activities are biking in Hell's gate,birdwatching in Lake Nakuru, L. Bogoria, Kakamega forest among other fasnating adventures of your choice.Hope to hear from you
kenya is the best place to be,beutiful montains in eastern province of Kenya,the great rift valley,the famous and the eighth wonder maasai mara where you can see all types of animals.its cheaper when i a group since group packages are mara you can stay in kisii town the connect and this will save you a can also visit the only fresh water lake iin the world and home to Barack Obama in kisumu.Naselicca hotel and jumuia hotel are the best in kisumu and

Now that you are interested in Serengeti, Tanzania, here is a sample itinerary:

5 nights Lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater- departs from Arusha on Mondays at 1400 hrs (includes flight Serengeti/ Arusha).

MON: Drive from Arusha to Lake Manyara National Park. Overnight at LAKE MANYARA SERENA LODGE or LAKE MANYARA HOTEL.

TUE: Descend into Lake Manyara National Park for morning game-drive. Return to your lodge for lunch. Afternoon drive to Ngorongoro Crater. Overnight at NGORONGORO SERENA LODGE or NGORONGORO SOPA LODGE.

WED: Half day game-drive in the crater. Afternoon at leisure. Overnight at NGORONGORO SERENA LODGE or NGORONGORO SOPA LODGE.

THU: Depart with a picnic lunch and drive via Olduvai Gorge to Serengeti National Park. Game viewing en route to the lodge. Overnight at SERENGETI SERENA LODGE or SERENGETI SOPA LODGE.

FRI: Morning and afternoon game-drives. Overnight at SERENGETI SERENA LODGE or SERENGETI SOPA LODGE.

SAT: Morning transfer to Seronera airstrip for a flight back to Arusha. Transfer to the town center arriving around noon.

Hopefully this will be a helpful hint as you plan.

Kenya is a wow place to visit during this period. Alot of tourists from UK and other Western countries come this period. There are alot of activities like seeing wildlife, trekking and visiting sea and mountain and rock climbing. Visit Kenya at this period and you will never regret. A relatively 400usd per day will be a cheap and enjoyable tour though it goes down with an increased number of people and so would encourage a group tour.
The overland package comes cheapest,costs vary at around 70$ per day and trip covers approx 10 countrys.there is a 3 week option where you can visit the gorillas in rwanda(permit costs 500$)visit the genocide memorial(free) in kigali,chimpanzee sanctuary in uganda(approx 60$ )day,rafting in the nile(approx $110),nakuru nat park & maasai mara in kenya finishing off in nairobi where you can visit the elephant sanctuary in Nairobi.If you wish to do more then the trip prooceeds on to arusha where you make your way to the serengeti and thereon hike on the base camp of kilimanjaro and then on to Dar and take the ferry across to zanzibar.Have got a full itinerary all the way to capetown so you can let me know if you need the whole thing.
i propose a camping trip where yuor itinerary could begin with two nights at samburu national reserve,a day at mt. kenya for walks inthe forest and possibly mt.climbing,two nights in lake Baringo for birds and hippos,one night in lake Nakuru national park with animals and flamigos,a night in lake Naivasha for trekking in Hell's gate national park,two nights in Masai-mara to watch the spectacular migration,and one night in Amboseli national park where you have a clear view of africa's highest mt.kilimanjaro,cross over to Tanzania visit Ngorongoro crater and two nigths in serengeti,if you want to enjoy the beaches then also we can include in Tanzania's Zanzibar island or Kenya's coast Mombasa....thankyou and feel free to ask anyother question or itinerary.
i propose a camping trip where yuor itinerary could begin with two nights at samburu national reserve,a day at mt. kenya for walks inthe forest and possibly mt.climbing,two nights in lake Baringo for birds and hippos,one night in lake Nakuru national park with animals and flamigos,a night in lake Naivasha for trekking in Hell's gate national park,two nights in Masai-mara to watch the spectacular migration,and one night in Amboseli national park where you have a clear view of africa's highest mt.kilimanjaro,cross over to Tanzania visit Ngorongoro crater and two nigths in serengeti,if you want to enjoy the beaches then also we can include in Tanzania's Zanzibar island or Kenya's coast Mombasa....thankyou and feel free to ask anyother question or itinerary.we have all the neccessary camping equipment and qualified chefs with menus of a class and have trucks can take 21pax.
You can find me on and can find any trip that suits you,just to let you know that the overland trips ususally consists of groups that might vary from 5 to 25 individuals.but if you have specifics on age bracket,duration of trip and all places you were want to visit i can be able to customize an itinerary for you.Just give me a buzz.
regards Andiego Kevin Ouma
Please consider climbing Mt. Longonot to see the famous Crater and also enjoy the pleasure of camping in it (it's safe)Trekking is another brilliant idea. Welcome to Nakuru, Kenya (Hakuna Matata!!)Get back to me for more info.
please visit our site to see the different types of inexpensive safaris.

Mountain climbibing or wildlife will do you good especialy in east africa i.e kenya and tanzania. Your timing is also favourable coz thats when you can experience the anual migration of wildabeast in maasai mara game reserve. this was recently ranked the seventh wonder of world. there are more options that can be arraged upon requisition.
If you are looking for a place where you can get a whole package of all the above activities the place to visit is Kenya.Please note that Serengeti is a National park in Tanzania. For treking and camping i would recommend the Rift valley part of Kenya especially Naivasha you can get camping at reasonable prices also nanyuki. To see wild life Maasai Mara is the place to visit.Maasai mara is the home to Big cat live a documentary that was shot by BBC's national geographic n it had over a milliom hits per day its also home to big cat dairy. When it comes to mountains you can choose btn the rocky Longonot and mt. kenya one of the largets mountains in Africa. When it come to the beach you will be spoilt for choice at the Coast from Malindi, Lamu (an old town),Mombasa, you can do surfing, visit or just walk around old town and interact with locals as you learn their beautiful culture which you can is borrowed both from africans and the arabs. Come experience our culture and food..and the greatest of all the people...
Hi ,
Welcome to Kenya,I don't know anything about Namibia,We can take you to Magadi area where you can do trekking and also see wildlife and also climb Oldonyio Olarro,mount Suswa and Ngong Hills.This time in Kenya is cold in most areas so one must prepare adequately
1.A night in spent in Takaungu creek, three miles to the South of Mombasa. A 25 mile sail will see us to Watamu Marine Nature Reserve, where we can snorkel, watch turtles, visit the Gedi Ruins or sail up Mida Creek to bird watch in the coastal forest. There is no need to go further than Malindi for an interesting cruise, but the more adventurous will want to cross the Tana delta to experience an older Kenya. Perhaps calling at remote Ngomeni and Kipini, before reaching for Islamic Lamu Island which has no cars, only donkeys as beasts of burden. The northerly monsoon wind will then push us the 100 miles back to Kilifi.
I live in Kenya and have traveled extensively throughout Kenya. It would be better to see the wildlife in Kenya especially the Wildebeest migration and you could also do the other activities in the country: an all African experience in on location!!
hi,kenya offers a wide variety of adventures,and they are not expensive.we can organise a camping adventure at a very minimal fee,then organise for a trip to maasai mara game reserve,visit to the coast beaches,then take a visit to our highlands for site seeing and mountain climbing.if it is a group we can organise a hostel,which they charge reasonably.
Hi docent,

Sorry for taking awhile to get back to you i was not around i sure will get back to you with an unbeatable price. here is my email address if you do have any questions feel free to ask. . Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi, i would go for camping or lodge safaris in Tanzania and Kenya. Camping gives you an intimate experience in the wild while lodge blends this with some spoiling. Drop me a private message for further info regarding the same.
i would say kenya, wildlife here is great and we have the most beutfull parks big and vast in different locations. we have samburu, tsavo, masai mara naivasha and many others. to sea the most beutfull beachs vist watamu, diani, lamu and malindi you will be blown away.
karibu kenya
July and August is the peak season where the camping rates are hiked to avoid conjection in the camping grounds,i would prefer you make it to the low season to avoid conjection(any other month except for july and august) in parks and for the camping grounds.camping is the most preferably the best option so us to have the best experience with the wild and to make the tour itinerary simple and easly affordable.Trekking,see wildlife,sea,mountains etc are the best experiences in your are welcomed to kenya.
Inexpensive/reasonable packages are as varied and simply, many as the options available for you.For now if you are interested in visiting Kenya then i would want to tell you that you are about to have a lifetime experience.Check out to have a glimpse of what Kenya has to offer visitors.To cut on cost, of course you'll consider visiting as a group and camping.Mount Kenya is a must visit among others if you fancy mountain climbing.Of course, there is the Serengeti and other places to experience wildlife and the many Kenyan beaches to experience marine life.Hope you enjoy your holiday in Kenya.
dear docent777, if you are looking for a wildlife safari i would highly recommend that see the great animal migration in the serengeti which occurs around the time you are interested in coming. it is considered one of the great wonders of our modern world. also the more you are the the lower the cost. most of the safaris can be combined as in you can start of by trekking around the rift valley in areas such as nakuru, narok and then get a travelling safari to visit the national parks and local venues such as the museums and art galleries and sample the city life in nairobi before finishing off with time at the beach and fishing of the coast of mombasa before going back home. there are inexpensive travel agents and their are hostels to live in and some locals do host guests for a small fee instead of staying in the large hotels. camping in the countryside will help to save your budget.
camping is the most budget friendly option. For Kenya, KWS bandas (, homestays and village tours would be ideal as they are low budget. would you decide to visit Kenya, i would be glad to arrange this for you.
For you information also, the time you are planning for is the high season and accommodation rates go up.
camping is the most budget friendly option. For Kenya, KWS bandas (, homestays and village tours would be ideal as they are low budget. would you decide to visit Kenya, i would be glad to arrange this for you.
For you information also, the time you are planning for is the high season and accommodation rates go up.
would advise you to do take some time to visit the national parks we have am sure you will enjoy yourself
My advice is that if you could consinder seeing the wildlife and combine the adventure with camping.With such Safari,you could either opt to go to Nakuru National Park,Maasai mara,or Tsavo E.and west.But all in all,Maasai Mara is a must for it is a all in all inclusive and in August you will have a chance to wittness the migration of wildbeest.such an experience will stay in your life till old age.This you can combine also with coastal Safari where you will go and learn more about the kenyan history during the colonial days and know who built what eg.fort Jesus,learn what happenned during slave trade and see the Big Elephant horns which are the trade mark of mombasa the second biggest town of kenya.If you have religious interest,you will also get the full history of the first missionary who came to East Africa through the port of Mombasa and discovered mount kenya,Lake Victoria etc.For any urgent and irritating question do not hesitate to contact me for i am at your disposal. This is my e-mail:
Please visit this website for more information.
Hey, All what you wanna do is perfectly wildlife, trekking beach holidays and so much more! I will suggest you Start with trekking Mount Kilimanjaro,then go to Serengeti after that finish with Zanzibar island. This way you will have tackled the largest free standing volcano in the world, seen the largest wildlife spectacle in serengeti, (wildebeeste migration),as well as Ngorongoro crater which is the largest unbroken caldera in the world, and also visited the spice island(Zanzibar). I will be giving you all the consultations FREE OF CHARGE!
See you here!
Jambo, am sure you have read a lot of stuff about the beauty of Africa including wildlife, culture and amazing history that is only found here.

Sunthrill Safaris is a safari company that can take care of all your tours and travel arrangements most specifically in East Africa; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.
Please contact me on this e- mail address, . You can also check out our website on . There are a number of packages that provide a quality experience and at a relatively inexpensive cost.
Kenya is a wonderful destintion if you want to visit Africa in can see wildlife(@ the Tsavo)or the sea(@ the coast), both at the same tour coz they are both located at the eastern part of the country.
I think that can prove inexpensive, killing two birds with one stone and beleive me, its going to be a memorable experience!

Thank you for your inquiries

Visiting Africa is always a delight for many. Depending on which part of the world you are coming from, a proper planning and time management is most desirable. A Safaris ranging from 7 days to 13 excluding flight times is ideal.


You can visualize a combination of Kenya and Tanzania especially taking into account that these two countries have some of the best Wildlife view spectacle on the face of the earth.

Day 1 /2
Mt. Kenya Region 2 nights.
You would get to visit the Sweetwater’s and understand the works carried out by Jane Goodal, by visiting the Chimpanzee Sanctuary as well as the Rhino Sanctuary. While at the region, you get to go up the moorlands of the Aberdare mountain ranges. You also get to see Mt. KENYA Africa’s second highest

Day 3 / 4
From the Mount Kenya region, you go to Mt. Kilimanjaro area of Amboseli, to understand the complexities of Elephants and Ecology. You also get to experience the aspects of eco-Tourism as well as Community Conservations at Kimana. Kilimanjaro will be with you all the time. 2 days spent in this area will leave you more knowledgeable about Elephants and the danger hey undergo due to human encroachment of their habitats.

Day 5
Tarangire (Tanzania)

Crossing the border at Namanga, you will move into TANZANIA for a continuation of the Elephant story at Tarangire. The Ecosystem at Tarangire helps you to appreciate more of the powers of the African Elephants, as you see the Giant Baobab trees consumed by this African Giants.

Day 6
Lake Manyara
You get to experience the Soda lakes of Africa’s Great Rift as you cross the Rift to visit Lake MANYARA National Park. Pink Flamingos as well as great baboon populations will great you as you enjoy the cool Tropical rain forest.

DAY 7/8
Visit Olduvai Gorge( cradle of Mankind) before settling down at the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater. 2 nights at the crater region will leave enlightened by the vastness of the greater Serengeti Region.

Day 8
You get back to NAIROBI via Namanga for an overnight of relaxation.

Day 9/10/11
3 nights at Masai MARA will put you right in the middle of the greatest wildlife spectacle on the Earth. Dubbed one the Natural Wonders of the world, Masai Mara will be steaming with Wildlife and will be your finale to a great trip. Being with the MASAI Community, you will not only learn their culture but also get to visit with them.

Day 12
Nairobi/Home bound

Returning to NAIROBI, You get to relax and be ready to return home being more knowledgable on both African Wildife, its people and the challenges they experience.


• Trekking up Aberdare Mountain
• Visiting the Masai and Kimana Community Projects
• Camping in Tarangire
• Nature Walking at Gibbs farm in Manyara
• Camping in Masai Mara
• Accommodations
You will get to experience both camping and lodge accommodations at various stops on this programme. When we do camping Safaris, we consider both Number of people in a group as well as ages and preferences. Self managed camping means that you participate in setting up and cooking while luxury camps are more like the lodges safe for sleeping quarters. We advice on a combination of both.

This programme is covered in Mini buses in Kenya and 4x4 Land cruisers in Tanzania. We also recommend a consideration of a flight into Masai Mara and Back. This saves you time and offers ample downtime.

We have tentatively given this programme with views of getting you to understand some of the areas you can visit. The number of days does not matter as can be rearranged.


This can be quoted upon request and we guarantee reasonability in PRICINGS


Please do get in touch with us for more detailed programme and information. Please let us know your country and number of people intending to travel.

Thank you

Thomas James Wanyoike
Bush ArtAfrica Safaris Ltd

Yes July/ASugust is an ideal time for the safari especially serengeti, u can have the package of 14days eastafrica camping safaris, this starts from mountkenya> to western kenya> lake victora>Maasai mara> kilimanjaro > to serengeti
July/August is peak season, and the best travel time to East Africa so give it a shot!. You can combine all of the activities you have mentioned in one package at unbelievably low price if I host you.First You will be arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport and transfer to Moshi town, Trek on the largest free standing volcano in the world which is also the highest mountain in Africa i.e Mt KIlimanjaro also known as "the rooftop of Africa".After that you will be seeing allmost all the animal species of East Africa in Serengeti and also the in the largest unbroken caldera in the world i.e Ngorongoro crater. This time you will visit the cradle of mankind at Olduvai Gorge also known as The garden of Aden. After this you will be flying to the spice island of Zanzibar for all your sea experiences and beach activities. You will never wish to leave ! See you here ! I am waiting for your word. Lucas is a Safari consultant for East Africa.
Multi-country travel between Kenya and Tanzania will grant you with an opportunity to enjoy and apprecitate african Wildlife and umached landscape scenery. Tourism activities available includes walking safaris, game drives, cultural activities, sun & sand bathing, conservation endeavours to mention but a few. July and august concides with the wildebeest migration, the spectacular wildlife phenomenon which have been declated the new 7th wonder of the world....this is a not something to miss!!!

I suggest the following rewarding itinerary..
Day one: Aberdare Ranges
Day two: Nakuru National Park
Day three: Maasai Mara
Day four: Masai mara
Day five: Nairobi
Day six: Amboseli National Park
Day seven: Amboseli National Park
Day Eight: Ngoro Ngoro National park
Day nine: Ngoro ngoro National Park
Day ten: Serengeti National Park
Day eleven: Serengeti national Park
Day twelve; Arusha - Nairobi

The safari can be tailor to fit your needs. The price for the lodge safari will be approximately USD$ 270 per person per day will camping will be USD$ 140 per day per person.

Wishing you all the best as you plan your safari.

Rachel, APTF (USA)
6 Days (5 Nights) Tsavo East/West and Amboseli in KENYA.

This safaris looks as follows:

Day 1: Watamu kenya – Tsavo East.
Early morning pickup from your hotel at 06.00 hrs, we drive along the mombasa – Malindi Highway to enter Tsavo East National Park through Buchuma Gate at around 08.30hrs. We start our Game drive immediately, stopping briefly at Aruba Dam to see the animals come to drink water. Our game drive continues until 12.30 when we come for lunch at the famous Voi Safari Lodge. During your lunch you will be able to see animals at the lodges two water holes. After lunch you will relax in the lodge until 16.00hrs when we start our evening game drive until 18.30hrs. We then return back to the lodge for dinner and overnight at Voi Safari Lodge, Voi wildlife lodge or Ndololo safari camp.

Day 2: Tsavo East.
We spend the whole day with morning and evening game drives in Kenya’s biggest Park and will have a chance to spot Lions, Red Elephants, Maasai Giraffes, Impalas and different species of birds. Dinner and overnight at Voi Safari Lodge or Voi wildlife lodge or Ndololo safari camp.

Day 3: Tsavo West
Early morning game drive at 06.30hrs after taking a cup of hot coffee. We drive until 08.30hrs when it's time to return back for full breakfast as well as checking out at the lodge at 09.30hrs. After check out we proceed to another game enroute while going outside the park to drive to Tsavo West National Park passing Mtito Andei Gate arriving at Tsavo West around 11.30hrs. Game drive en route to the lodge for lunch and check in. The evening game drive starts at 16.00hrs, whereby you’ll visit Mzima Springs. Mzima springs is a fresh water lake famous for its abundance in Hippos, Crocodiles, and different Species of Fish. We then return back to the lodge for dinner and overnight at Ngulia safari lodge or Ngulia safari Bandas Lodge.

Day 4: Tsavo West – Amboseli.
Early morning breakfast at 06.30hrs, we check out at 07.30hrs then start our last game drive through Tsavo West National Park, entering Amboseli National Park through Kimana gate. The game drive continues up to 12.30hrs when we check in at Amboseli Serena Lodge for lunch. After lunch, you can relax in the lodge until 16.00hrs, then our evening game drive starts until 18.30hrs. We return back for dinner and overnight at Oltukai lodge Or Kibo safari lodge.

Day 5: Amboseli
Explore the animal paradise in Amboseli National Park with morning and evening game drives, have a chance to view the beautiful “Mount Kilimanjaro” as well as different animals and species of birds. Dinner and overnight at Oltukai lodge or Kibo safari camp.

Day 5: Amboseli – watamu
Early in the morning we take a cup of hot coffee or tea while preparing to go for an early game drive as well as a view of Mt.Kilimanjaro and wildlife. At 08.30hrs we return to the lodge for full breakfast. At 10.00hrs it is time to check out of the lodge and proceed to another game drive enroute on your way out of the park. The drive leads to Voi Town where we have lunch at Silent Guest Resort. After lunch we depart to Mombasa, arriving in the hotel early evening around 17.00hrs.

Hi. July to August is the best time to visit kenya,apart from seein the wilderbeast Migration, the weather is at its best for camping/treking and safaris. All this can be arranged in advance at a very reasonable rate.

For more details go to
Kenya is great for adventure visits and events all year round , July or August is good from the Migration of animals in Masai Mara the 8th wonnder of the world , Kayaking Tours which I organize are also possible on Kenya coastal beaches and creeks.
if you are looking for wildlife safaris i would highly recommend that you visit masai mara and enjoy the great wonders of wildbeest and other animals like big five.For compig you can have the climbing of mt kenya it has the best comping sites as you enjoy the snow.


We have a variety of packages to pick from but i would professionaly advise you to take a seven days Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro climbing safari, if interested in mountains or trekking. Camping do well while montaineering though there are lodges within.

Wildlife viewing i would recommend a 8 days safari starting with Lake Nakuru national park for night. Two or three nights in Maasai Mara. Actually in july the migration will be at its top gear. Two nights in Tsavo national park and may be one night at Amboseli National park.

Another package would include the Aberdares National park travel to Samburu National reserve in the far north and may be you spice it up with the magnificent Maasai mara. We also provide Tanzania packages which we can combine with the Kenyan ones to bring up a blend of experience which is unforgetable.

You can contact me :
If you want something really inexpensive, you won't visit the big parks. If you're not a resident or a citizen, it can be up to $40 per person per day (depending on the park). You can catch buses, trains and matatus to some of the greatest locations in Kenya, though, without entering the parks. There are plenty of campsites frequented by hitchhikers, backpackers and overlanders that dont require expensive entry into national parks.
If you want the whole overland experience, email my boss at its a great way to get around africa and to see more than you ever would in a closed landrover.
Hi, it's good to know you will be coming to Kenya soon. We can arrange for you to enjoy all the activities you have mentioned through a tailor made safari.
Please give us the number of days you wish to spend on your holiday and we will send you a quotation.
Please take some time to look at our website and drop me a mesage

July/August/September are the best times to visit Kenya. The first step is for you to come up with your budget and the number of days based on it we will definitely prepare a package for you, whether camping or lodge safari. The must visit parks in Kenya are Masai Mara for wildebeest migration, Lake Nakuru for flamingos and rhinos, Samburu for unique species and crossing the equator, down to Amboseli Park and enjoy views of spectacular Mt. Kilimanjaro and head south to Tsavo West/East and wind up in Mombasa for crystal clear beaches. You can mix up camping safari with lodge accommodation in certain parks. We welcome you to Kenya and look forward to host you for a memorable Kenya safari, you will definitely have a good bargain!

5- Days Easter in Malindi

The whole 5-Days package @ Ksh 13.500/= p.p in triple, double or single room.

Children up to 10 years sharing room with parents pay ony Ksh 4.500,--

Day 1. Thursday 9th April
Departure from Nairobi at 8 PM by Mash Poa ( book your ticket early )

Day 2. Friday 10th April
Early arrival in Malindi and check in at Scorpio Villas
Breakfast & get together at the pool for water gymnastic
Lunch at the main restaurant
Afternoon time to do shopping, sightseeing and relaxing
Welcome dinner & Malindi by night overnight as scorpio villas

Day 3. Saturday 11th April
Transfer to Watamu beach and snorkle
Transfer to a farm for drinks & lunch
Late afternoon return to Malindi
Dinner & overnight at Scorpio Villas

Day 4. Sunday 12th April
Relax and stroll on the beach, dip in one of the 3-pools or have some drinks in town.
Lunch & afternoon beach volleyball & football
Farewell dinner & overnight at Scorpio Villas

Day 5. Monday 13th April
Departure for Nairobi.
contact:Ronald email:
Come to Kenya..
Hakuna Matata...
the best ad cheapest way is camping its also a wonderful experience camping at lake chala where you get to see kilimanjaro in the morning wonderful sight contact me for more camping adventures
for treking,there is the option of either mt.kenya or kilimanjaro in tanzania,for wildlife there is best of kenya or best of tanzania,takes seven days each,or even try namibia.for more info,contact me on;

Try kenya my friend.Cheers
Maasai Mara is the best place to be in August/September due to the 7th wonder of natural world, the wildebeest migration. Therefore a 4 days Maasai Mara and 2 days in Lake Nakuru would do good. The price is approx. 1000 - 1500 camping to lodge.
Thanks for your decision to visit africa.
For this period of time(July-september) Kenya is the best option where everyone will never miss to visit.
Its time where the seventh wonder of the world is experienced, i.e migration of millions of wildebeest from serengeti to Maasai mara, this is purely wildlife activities, other activities are biking in Hell's gate,birdwatching in Lake Nakuru, L. Bogoria, Kakamega forest among other fascinating adventures of your choice.
therefore it will depend on what choice you prefer,
karibu kenya.
Since you were planning to travel to Kenya in July/August, it is safe to assume that you already did.

If not, I am glad to advise you or any other traveller wishing to travel to Kenya that we Kenyans are very hospitable by nature and we go out of our way to make visitors feel at home.

You can go on a 3 days camping safari for approx USD 400 and climb mountains for as little as USD 750, depending on how many people you are in your group.

I will be glad to assist you further.

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