In search of decent,cheap restaurants in Las Vegas.

Hello, I'm leaving for La Vegas with my boyfriend.Where can I find good,cheap food? Any seafood or steak place would be awesome!Thanks!


City: Las Vegas

State: Nevada

Country: United States


the days of dirt cheap great meals on the strip in Vegas are over. If you are looking for the 5.99 steak and fixins, you have to go off the strip and look at the downtown casinos. they still have those sort of deals.
In Vegas you want to do Buffets all the way!!! You can find them at every and any hotel
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if your are looking for a good steak place try Tony Romas they have a restaraunt within the Freemont expierince in old Town Las Vegas a steak will run about $10.00 to $12.00 dollars, Also like the other helpful Localytes have said the casino's all have their buffets for around $9.00 and if you go that route try the Mainstreet station casino (again by the Freemont experience) buffet has a pretty good one! Another suggestion for affordable and safe, food places, try the Denny's at the corner of Main street and Las Vegas blvd. at the base of the Stratosphere hotel or the IHOP just to the south of the Stratosphere on Las Vegas Blvd. both will run you about $8.00 to $10.00 dollars for a meal there! Bon Appetite! and hum? Travelguy4u

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