hello friends, i am planning to go to Vietnam with a friend. as a budget traveller, we are looking something experiences which fun,...

...happening, and unforgettable yet suitable with our wallet :). 3days 2 night is only our time. our plane will be land in ho chiminch. pls advice and recommend some places to go. especially places which attraction for young people. museum is fine, but shouldnt be boring. Thanks alot!


Country: Vietnam


For that limited time I recommend you to go 2 days trip to the Mekong delta and one day to see Cu Chi tunnels and Cao Dai temple. Find more info at :
Firstly, can you estimate your budget? If you got USD 500 and wanna visit Hochiminh city, you can easily stay in a hotel (small hotel) in Tan Binh district which costs about USD 15-20 for double rooms per night!
Eating and drinking in such area is various and easy to travel Saigon center by bus.
Some places that not cost much and interesting you should go is Cu Chi Tunnel - in Cu Chi District. You can easily search this attractions on google maps or on travel map of Vietnam. (for the whole trip, just spend about USD 20 with tourguides and picking-up cars) This is a historical infrastructure of Vietnam, it is strange and interesting for sure as you can pass through underground tunnel which was build about 35 years ago. Then, you can have some food eaten in war period,it's obviously attractive more than museums.

If you wanna enjoy Vietnamese traditional food, you can visit Binh Quoi Resource in Binh Thanh district, it has buffet every Sunday with the ticket price about USD10 per person with more than 300 dishes. Apart form delicious food, you also can join in traditional games in Vietnam that children usually play in the countryside.

If you wanna try Karaoke services, you should visit NNice Karaoke houses- the best place for Karaoke on Le Van Sy Street, Tan Binh district or Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street in District 3. It's very exciting and you can sing freely, it serve food and drinks as well. Cost for one session about 2-3hour singing+food+drink is about USD 30.

If you need any further helps, you can send me email:
May you enjoy this trip

well since you have a limited time you may try a day tour in mekong delta, if you are a beach bum you may also try a short trip via ferry to vung tau resort, you can add to your itinerary a visit to cu chi tunnels and temples as well the the notre dame cathedral if you are more on the historical side of vietnam, you can also stay in bui vien area in pham ngu lao ward in district 1, hotel rates varies from $10-25 for an overnight stay for 2, it is a backpackers are so expect a busy night together with other foreigners! on day time you can visit ben than market,saigon square or saigon center for some souvenir and add up the reunification palace and war remnants museum,entrance are very affordable.
Fun, discovery and memorable!
Let indulge in "hands-on cooking class" at "The Saigon Culinary Art Center" to experience Vietnamese specialties dishes.
Please contact us for further information or
It's our great pleasure to welcoming you to our Cookery Center.
Our address is: 42/3 Nguyen van Troi - Phu Nhuan Dist. - Hochiminh City. It takes about 15' from the Ben Thanh Market (Central Market).
These are places I think you would consider visiting: two days for: Cu Chi tunel, a trip to the provinces in the Western South of Vietnam, Vung Tau beach; the other day for Ho Chi Minh city and its nightlife
Dear Sarah, I'm Buu Mai Quach, a citician of Ho Chi Minh city. I will introduce you some places which are safety and suitable for the wallet of traveler :
1/ Hotel : You can come to some mini hotel at Ly Tu Trong or Pham Ngu Lao street because that place is close to the center of Ho Chi Minh city but the price is quite ok and it is not luxury hotel.
2/ Transportation : You should call the taxi for all travel because i think it is the most safety for the foreigner who don't know about the way and the stricks in Vietnam, some taxi name as : Vina Sun 84 8 38272727 or Mai linh (so sorry that i forget the tel number)
3/Travel :
- Ben Thanh market : it is th old market of Ho Chi MInh city and you can find many thing from foods to jewery their
- The Zoo at Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
- The Dam Sen park at Dist 11, Ho Chi MInh City
- And i think it 2 night and 3 days in Ho Chi MInh City is too long, you should come to the De Tham street (near Ly Tu Trong and Pham Ngu Lao) . There are many travel company at that street and they allways have the short tour for foreigner to travel some provine which close to Ho Chi MInh city with the price
lower than 10 usd/person.

Note : Don't buy anything from the person who sell at the street, you should eat or dring water form the shops only and do not take photograph with any one because there are some bad person they will ask you for money after you take photograph with them or with their goods.
hi buu mai, thankies for the tips, tht could aware me to think twice about taking pictures with locals there. may u suggest me about foreigner safety to talk a walk at night to enjoy City nightlight and its beutifulness? also taking taxi to going everywhere would be expensive isnt it? do you recommend me to take a tour guide instead of backpacking there?
Excursion (morning 1/2 day) to Cu Chi tunnels & Wildlife Rescue Station Saigon: War Remnant Museum, walking the back packer area of Pham Ngu Lao to the waterfront District 1 for the French era buildings, Ben Thanh Market. Rent a bicycle to wander narrow alleys (inconspicuous entrances in between blocks) Try drip coffee "Cafe FIN" & blended milk fruit "Sinh To" & baguette sandwiches (Banh Mi) or otherwise spend about same amount on an overnight cruise on the Mekong with the Bassac.(my choice)

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