At the end of April, I will be at Hurgada and would like to travel to one or several destinations from it, e.g. Luxor, Cairo, Giza,......

...Please advise how much such trips cost and who should I address in order to get reasonable costs and good-quality service.


Country: Egypt


Hiiiii...You are Welco0o0ome!! My pleasure to serve you without any I'm intersted to make new friends !! :) i can manage you a wonderful trip ( i'll give u my experience without any fees), also i'm working in a travel services company; so i can get you an offer if u r searching for the quality & the satisfaction . !! add me so we can discuss & to tell me your budget :) nice to meet u ...
dear sirs
as long as u r in hurgada
u can go on and have a flight from hurgade to cairo
it is not expensive,, and u can also book it online from many many ticketing services,, and also u can use

and there is the bus ,, it depart every day from hurgada to cairo,, more than 3 companies,,, and when u reach there in hurgada,, contact the concierge in the hotel and they will tell u about the bus station location,, and how to reach there, and also the type of bus to be used,, and also the fee's

and there is private shuttle ,, and also the concierge will help u in it,, as they have the contacts for a lot of companies that have shuttles to fitch u,,

and there is some ordinary ,, normal egyption transportation,, but i do not recognized to use them,, as u will not be comfortable,, as it will be crowded,,
and for further informations u can contact me on

with my best regards
and hope u have a nice stay in cairo, and hurgada
I'm Dina, a senior travel consultant in Egypt, concerning to your tours from Hurghada there are alot of things to do in Cairo & Luxor depending on how many days you would like to spend in each city but the sights you shouldn't miss of course it will be Giza pyramids & the Egyptian museum in Cairo and the most magnificent sight valley of the kings, Hatshepsute Temple & Luxor and karnak temples in Luxor. Also note that you can start the trip from Hurghada to Luxor then to Cairo or from Hurghada to Cairo then to Luxor. You can travel between Hurghada / Luxor either by flight or take a convoy & to travel between Luxor / Cairo either by flight or train and to travel between Hurghada / Cairo it will be either by flight or by van. Then you can decide how would you prefer to travel between these cities.

If you are interested to do private tours through a local travel agent to get reasonable costs and good-quality service, you have to book your hotel in Hurghada with the same agent that will organize the tours or book it direct with the hotel management because I would like to draw your attention that according to a policy If you have booked your accaommodation in Hurghada through a travel agent then you couldn't travel with a nother travel agent.

For further more information or clarification don't hesitate to contact me at and I will be Glade to help you anyway i can.Thankyou.
I live in Hurghada and have guest house here. I help my guests and tourists who are in hotels to organize their excursions and trips at the best price. For example you can go to Cairo in one day go and back for 50 euros. I can also organize for you special trip in Cairo,for 2 or 3 days by bus or by car.. You can go to Luxor by car go and back in 1 day, its only 4 hours. And in Hurghada I can help you to make snorkeling, diving, quad in the desert for very reasonable prices.
you can visit Cairo museum , Giza zoo , Cairo tower and Mohamed Ali castle
thanks for asking
Hi Anatolik,
Welcome to Egypt in advance.
I'm working at a travel agency in Cairo. I'll be glad to help you anytime with a very special price, just contact me with all your details such as how many days you like your trip to be. my email is:
Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Best regards
hello Anatolik,
you will need to book in advance to be sure of what you will have in your tour ,specially time is not enough for you not to have your tour before you come to egypt.
so ,you need to book hotel,tour,....etc
i'm arranging tours ,but i'm not saying book with me,you can choose any of the tour companies,,,they are all good.
but if you need more help ,,,just have a look to :
to travel from Hurghada to Luxor only you can use The Pupplik Bus or fly, There is Defined Prices and class, and from Luxor to Aswan and to Cairo the best was with Train, attention for prices and clean class

Please look under:-
dear antolike
you can contact me and i will arrange every thing for u this is my mobile num +20103333147
welcome to Egypt, the best thing to do is to let a travel agent prepare everything for you, hotels, guide, transportation for one fee.
Hi Anatolik,
This is Shima, I'm a free trip Consultant in Hurghada.
all what i can advise you with is not to let a travel agent prepare everything for you, it may give you a good package for accomodation and food, but it will give you very high prices for excursions, that's how they work, so that i advice you to find an expert in Hurghada to help you preparing everything ( Accomodation, trips ...etc).
this is my honest advice for you, and you can contact me for any further informations or help over my own e-mail address:
Best wishes and have a nice time.
welcome to Egypt
If u wanna an interesting stay in Hurgada. just contact me ( )
dear antolike
i have cheap prices on every thing for trips and transfert you can contact me on
or on my phone number 0020 11 705 438 7

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