Do you think that a trip to Costa Rica worthwhile?

Im thinking of going on an eductaional trip to Costa Rica but I don


Country: Costa Rica


Yes Off Course, You will find a lot of new reason to come and stay at Costa Rica, The people, The culture, The Wildlife, The Contrast between The ocean across the mountain, If you are planning to come for studies this is the right place. and by the way Visit Turu Bari Tropical Park
Of course it worth it, not only the wildlife, and beautiful sunsets in the marvelous pacific and atlantic coast, but the most important value of Costa Rica, the people. Ticos are worm, interesting and fun to be around what are you waiting for?. Costa Rica is waiting for you.
Pura vida.
Yes! I especially loved the hot springs and just the pace of life there. I will definitely visit again. The coffee alone is worth the trip. :-)

It is totally worth it, whatever you feel doing here you can, like watersports such as white water rafting, snorkeling, sport fishing, or, if you are more the kind of nature, we offer 27% of the country saved in private and govermental protected areas, and it comes from lowland rain forest to high barren lands in the top of the country, Chirripo Peak.

Birdwatching is big here since we have over 878 species, or even for spanish, no better place to learn it, and you can learn it in the city or at the beach.

Besides the people are friendly and living is average to low cost.

I would totally recommend you to visit us, you can email me anytime for more questions or needed info.
absolutly. Costa Rica small territory offers lots of atractive options for educational trips: birdwatching (you can se quetzals) whales, monkeys, sloths, volcanoes and much more.
Absolutely! Costa Rica is definitely a place worth visiting! Beauty is shown in all forms and sizes :) You will see from rainforest to amazing beaches, and will meet very nice people. I most certainly reccomend it.
it absolutly worth it, u will do staffs probably u never did before, meet people every where in every corner, feel the breeze of fresh air in ur face and see unforgetable views all over the country. u definitely want to see that!!!
Well, first you must ask yourself: what am I looking for? What do I expect to get out of my trip and/or vacation? Possibly the best a person can do when they go on a trip anywhere is to have very few expectations.

I personally have taken several school groups on eco-tours of Costa Rica and they have all loved it!(high school and university.

So once again, your question begs another question: what are you looking for in an educational vacation?

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