What are your recommendations for a good place to spend our honeymoon in Jamaica?


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It depends on your budget but I suggest any Sandals Resorts for best service and great people.
The best places to spend your honeymoon is any of the Breezes hotel or Sandals Resorts whether they are in Montego Bay Ocho Rios or Negril, You can also try our spanish hotels such as Riu Hotel, Grand Bahia Hotel or Iberostar. If you are interested i can send you more info on whichever hotel you choose as they offer honeymoon packages
I would say in Negril because there are awesome sunsets, In Montego Bay there is much to do to bring lovers even closer you can visit Outameni Experience to learn about the history of Jamaica, there is Mystic Mountain to have fun, the beaches, Accompong Town to learn about the Maroons of Jamaica, there are places that offer horseback riding classes if you are not a pro, you can go golfing both in Negril and Montego Bay, In Ocho Rios, you can swim with the dolphins in Dolphin Cove, In Portland you can learn about the birthplace of tourism, where the first pier for cruise ships was begun among a lot of tours that can be done. The West side of the island was made for tourists. Kingston is the life of Jamaica you can go to plays and pantomime, visit different museums, go to concerts in the summer i.e ReggaeSunSplash and Reggae Sumfest. Actually in order to snuggle Mandeville right now is quite cool a pleasant area to visit it is away from the hustle and bustle of life it has its tours too! It all depends on when you have planned for your honeymoon!
It depends on what u are looking for. If you like all inclusive then sandals is good, also bahia Principe in st Ann is also a goiod place i stay there once. The rooms and splendid with marble showers and a lovely ambiance. However, island outpost has some real nice off the beaten path hotels. Jakes hotel in St Elizabeth is really good, I has a authentic jamaican feels without the resort flavour, fish freshly caught and an intimacy unrivalled. . The owner for the one i visited is Jason Henzel son of famed jamaican filmaker Perrry henzel
Sandals is the place for honeymoons.
to answer your question i would first like to know a few things. 1. what price range are u thinking about?
2. How long are u planning on staying? Off the top of my head though, any of the hotels on the North Coast can provide u with a very enjoyable and memorable experience. I can be more specific when u give me a little more information.
i suggest sandals or couples resorts or any of the hotels in the superclubs group like brezzes, grand lido barco it all depends on what u are willing spend. Going to any of these places will certainly be unforgettable.
two places that would suit that occassion well are Sandals Royal Plantation and Moon Bay in Neril. Check out this link for details on moon bay
First of all thank you for your interest in our beautiful Island,If you are a young couple the place to be is in Montego Bay, but if it is that you want to be in a relaxed area you should go to Negril or Ocho Rios. It is my opinion that if you stay in Montego Bay, there would be more activities available in teerms of tours, night club. Hotels in and about Montego Bay is Sandals which is popular, Sunset Beach this is also a beautiful property and near you will find a new spanish Hotel Grand Palladium a member of the Fiesta group. in terms of entertainment each property have their own night clubs, however if you wish to leave the property you could go to Coral Cliff where there is live music which I just love! and if you are in a dancing mood there is Margaritaville. all the properties mention can be gound in google.

I hope you will enjoy your stay and that you will have alife time of happiness in your marriage.

I think the parish of Portland is the the best place for honeymooners as it away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, allowing you to explore each other rather than get caught up in the the busy night life that the other resort towns have.
One such location is and there a many others within the parish, all with access to wonderful beaches
It all depends on your budget and what you are looking for. If you can afford Jamaica Inn which is in Ocho Rios I think its a great place for honeymooners. Its a smaller property with a flavour of old Jamaica. It's close enough to Chukka Cove, Mystic Mountain and Dolphin Cove if you want to do tours. I can also recommend a personal driver when you are here if you are not renting a car and not wishing to join the larger tour groups. Other than that you can book with any of the Sandals or Super Club hotels Sandals being the preference. If you choose Mo bay Coyaba is another property to consider Rock House is one to consider in Negril its not on the hip strip but is the perfect spot for newly weds with awesome views private bungalows and your own personal swimming cove. Again it all boils down to what you enjoy doing and what you can afford. No matter what I guarantee you will fall in love with my beautiful island and keep coming back for more. We little bit but tallawah.
If you are not interested in the traditional hustle of the inclusives and want a unique setting: Rock House Hotel and The Caves Resort in Negril are wonderful tucked away hotels that offer privacy and ultra-romance perfect for a honeymoon.

It all depends on your budget and what you like doing. I would suggest that you try Negril as it is far prettier and the best beach on the island. There are lots of small get aways too that are lovely or perhaps you would prefer the structure of an all inclusive. Small places like Idle Awhile, Rockhouse or Tensing Pen in Negril are all fabulous places to stay for a honeymoon. All inclusives such as Swept Away and Sandals are great value for the money and are also very nice. They will have lots of options for activities, restaurants on property and lots of extras all for one price. Come and enjoy the island!
Jamaica is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. I will suggest two places for you to get the most out of your honey moon. First {and this is my favorite} is Golden Eye Resorts. You can google it online and find pictures of one of the most beautiful resorts in Jamaica and booking information, etc. Secondly is Strawberry hills resort located in the lush Blue Mountains. This resort is a site to behold. You can also google this resort to find pictures and information for bookings, etc.
I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and make the best of it!
Rockhouse in Negril is really nice, it is not too expensive either, Beaches and Sandals are good too, but they are a lotmore expensive
Sandals Properties are wondeful particularly Ocho Rios, Dunns River Villagio Golf Resort and Spa, Sandals Grande Riviera Beach & Villa Resort. You may google these as well as Couples Sans Souci (these properties are all in St. Ann). You may also go to Ritz Carlton Rose Hall in Montego Bay. Grand Lido Properties are also nice...I wld recommend that you spend a few days in an all inclusive hotel which are like the ones stated above. In the all inclusive properties... all your meals and activities are included in one price and are on the hotel's property and then you can stay at a smaller property such as the Wexford Hotel or Altamont West Hotel...which wld allow you to explore the town of Montego Bay and have some meals outside of your hotel.
My number one recommendation is Sandals. Sandals Royale Caribbean, Sandals White House or Sandals Dunn's River has offered the most luxurious honeymoon package's i've ever seen. The Couples Resort in Negril and St. Mary is also a pretty viable choice. But if you are seeking alot of luxury but at a high cost, there is the Bahia Principe Hotel in Runaway Bay, St. Ann. But my pick would be one out of the Sandals chain i listed
Well I see from many of the answers above,jst as i was going to suggest....The northern coast of our island has plenty of hotels such as Couples, Sandals and RIU. Alot of these hotels are all inclusive and offer special honeymoon packages...and it does depend on your budget and how long u plan on staying.

But here is one more hotel to add to your list that is not widely known but very gorgeous and romantic...check out this website hope whatever you choose it is all you dreamed of because Jamaica definately has many settings for memorable romantic love
I see that many persons have suggested Sandals and Couples, Breezes might be nice too. But it all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for and your budget. There are other hotels which are just as nice: Coyaba, and Half Moon hotel to name a few. Personally, I think that the food at Half Moon is one of the best. If you have friends and or family, a villa may also be a good choice!
The Superclubs or Sandal chain of hotels are really nice which is more of a adult only hotel, the spanish chain is nice (but it's more of a family hotel)when you are on your honey moon you don't to be sharing a pool with can also check out this site if you want to do stuff outside the hote. all the best and congrats...
I must admit that the super clubs, all inclusive resorts takes the cake when it comes to honeymoon but location have to be Montego Bay or Negril.
I hope this helps
Any where there is an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, is a great place to honeymoon. There you have nothing to worry about, only having a good time and pleasing each other. However, if you want to experience more, take additional money for excursions and for sure, shopping.
If you want an exclusive and luxury-filled honeymoon, a cottage at Strawberry Hill in the Blue Mountains would be my recommendation. If you want the beach, Sandals Grande Ocho Rios is the best, especially with Butler Service
I would suggest that you take a look at Negril Escape by visiting their site at for a romantic seaside wedding on the world famous Negril Cliffs
Looking to honeymoon in Jamaica? Coral Cove Resort has all-inclusive Jamaica honeymoon packages as well as an intimate, private atmosphere ideal for a private Caribbean getaway with that special someone. Where candlelit dinners on your private terrace are the norm, and breakfast in bed is just a simple request, the Coral Cove staff willmake sure that your Jamaican honeymoon is an experience to remember.
I want to offer you my personalized vacation planning services. Please contact me regarding what to do in Jamaica.
Great staff, more things than you can do, relaxing and fun
Cons: Pricey (but fair), get to see "real" Jamaica
The Bottom Line: You will enjoy the warm beaches, the great food, the friendly staff, and the royal treatment of Sandals Negril.
If you are looking for a beautiful hill side escape. I suggest the startlight chalet and spa.
Ever heard of Half Moon Hotel, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica? The perfect place for weddings and honeymoons. You can visit their site at .
ALl the places mentioned are very pricey It costs $600 USD per night for Sandals and Half Moon but they are very lovely properties. I however have a very nice guest house that would cost only a fraction of those hotels and you and your future wife would have the entire property to yourselves. I have pictures and I could forward them to you,the villa is located in spring farm montego bay and is above a gold course, whatever your decision have a wonderful vacation
You can also check out Royal Plantation,, Couples Sans souci or Couples Tower Isle (recently renovated) those are great for honeymooners.
Sandal Dunn's River and Royal Plantation are 2 great suggestions for honeymoon.
It depends on what you are looking for. I personally like the Star Light Charlet in the hills of st. Andrew...
Congratulations Justine,
Somethings to consider when going on your honeymoon is location,how do you want to feel while your there,how many nights,the main aim of your honeymoon(passionate desires,romance,ect) the types of amenties that you can get,how about the services that is offered to you and your honey what would he like for the both of you, and plan an itenary, so you may fuljoy every moment.
Do your planning together, and with my assistance I may show you how to get some free amenties or even a room upgrade or even a free candlelight dinner, no promises just suggestions, contact me via email at .

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