Elizabeth Hotel near Orchard Road in Singapore?

Have you ever been there? What was your stay there like. Any comments? Would you recommend it?


Country: Singapore


actually Elizabeth Hotel is withing Orchard Road area. Is walking distance of about 8-10mins to the Orchard main shopping area. It was quite a reasonable nice hotel.

Enjoy your stay!
Hiya yeah me been there to pick my friend up frm UK. its a nice hotel near to Orchard Rd the shoppers paradise ;)
HI , have not stayed there.If I am not mistaken, the Elizabeth hotel used to called the York Hotel. There is another hotel behind the Le Meridian Hotel and it is called Grand Central Hotel, that is another 4 * property though the facade looks like it needs some upgrading. The Elizabeth hotel is situated near Paragon shopping centre.
York Hotel and Elizabeth Hotel is both 2 different hotel. York Hotel is near to Goodwood Park Hotel and Far East Plaza. Elizabeth Hotel is near to Paragon and Lucky Plaza.

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