Does anyone know any popular food that is served in France?


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Hi there,
Your question is very instresting but is very difficult to answer too, part because, in france there is no natinal food. There are regional food.
For example in the North, Around cities like Lille you will taste the Tradition of everything cooked in a cauldron" Speciality like Waterzoi" kind of vegetabales amixed with fresh fishes or the "Hochepot" vegetables miwed with beef meet. in the East region liek Alsace, Lorraine: You will fidn the culture of the " CHOUCROUTE" it's sour cabbage sliced and mixed with saussage, pork meat. You have the FlAMMEKEUECHE, kind of local pizza with sour cream, onions and cheese, but also the "BAECKEOFFE" Potatoes and Pork.
In the Bourgogne Region; you will have all the speciality cooked with wine, indeed in the region where you find the excelent "Vin de bourgogne" specialitties like " Coq au vin or Beouf au vin" " Cock cooked with wine and beef cooked with wine.
In the South you will find some specialitie slike caabage stuffed wich can be eaten like soup in wich you can find some kind of pork Meats, tasty.
In the mountainous region u will find Moutain specilities like potatoes fried or friend spinachs with herbs and meats.

In the South city of marseilles, you will find the speciality of the "BOULLABAISSE"
kind fish soup very en "vogue" in the area.
Well i thin, you have an overview of what is in french cuisine, not definitely national meat. they can be cooked everywhere in France, if you meet a good cook.
I live in the south. The main dishes here are: Confit de canard which is duck legs cooked in duck fat. Foie gras, Cassoulet which is meat, duck , sausages, pork cooked with beans in a tomato sauce.
hello. mostly the sos next to the meatis either made with lots of cream, sometimes winebased. that u can ask in every bistro (i live in Paris, so i talk about this) u also have lots of food based on their strong, greasy cheeses like: tartiflette, raclette, mont d'or. depends also which reagion u travel to of the country.
The most popular dish in France is :

it depends on where you are really going to .

You already got all the answers about French specialty food, according to each area ... but the most popular, meaning the most eaten, I would say :
* for a lunch out: mixed salads
* for a lunch on the go: a ham sandwich
* for a morning snack : a croissant or chocolate croissant (pain au chocolat or "chocolatine" for thee expert!)
* for a casual dinner home: pasta in many creative ways
As for the most popular things to eat, bread is still number one and pastries on Sundays; as for cheese, it is less in fashion for dieting reasons ! Too bad ... there are over 400 types of cheeses in France!
Bon appétit!
Valerie from
Something we adore : crêpes !!
Go to a crêperie : crêpe with salt (cheese, meat, ....)
crêpe with sugar : (fruit, ice cream, chocolate ....)
MMMMmmmmmiam you choose what you want inside the crêpe.
This kind of food has so much sucess in France that everywhere in the world , crêperies are beeing created (Japanese adore !)
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