Can you tour San Francisco and Muir Woods in one day?


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


If you are in a rush, yes you can. Muir Woods is located 11 miles North of the Golden Gate. So it is a 35 min drive from downtown SF. If you want to walk a bit in Muir Woods, then you should spend at least 1 hour. You will be back in SF for the afternoon and evening.
However, there is a lot to see and to do in SF so you will not see much in few hours.
Have a great trip.
Jackie Grandchamps
Owner of French Escapade
It is possible but I think, if you have the time, you'll be happier by spending one day seeing the city and a second in Marin country...just over the Golden Gate Bridge. There you can see Muir Woods, Stinson Beach, Sausalito, perhaps even Pt. Reyes, one of the most beautiful areas in California. San Francisco is not to do slowly....partly on a bus perhaps and much of it on foot. There's a fun book to use..."walking San Francisco on the Barbary Coast Trail" by Daniel Bacon. Enjoy!
Here's an idea. Wake up and enjoy the City. Breakfast at the Beach Chalet, walk along the sand of Ocean Beach. Mosey up to the Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum and enjoy. Pop on over to the Height or Fillmore for lunch. Then, over the Golden Gate to Muir Woods. I hike through the woods, some photo ops and then a shot drive to the Pelican Inn for a pint and darts to end the day. Enjoy!!
you sure can Peter. I do it everyday.
Sure you can! Muir Woods is in Mill Valley, just over the GG Bridge. Get up early. 9a-1p at MW and 2p-10p at SF that's sightseeing for less than 24 hrs.

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