Is it very common for expats to live in Bahrain and commute to Al Khobar Saudi Arabia for work? If so, what are some of the biggest...

...issue that come to mind when doing this?


Country: Bahrain


In my opinion, whoever is interested in it :)
1. Maybe it is more convenient for expats to live in bahrain than saudi.
2. Some just love to drive....... lame!?
3. People are mostly friendly and approachable in Bahrain.
4. Oftentimes, You just want to get away from work as far a possible :).
5. Expat and People from Saudi are always welcome in Bahrain whatever the reason is. ..........
It is not common for expats to live in Bahrain and work in saudi. Expat needs a visa to live and work in Bahrain. So any expats from bahrain work visa cannot go to saudi. If you are an expat having saudi visa you can get in to Bahrain. you get a temporary visiting visa.

somehow if the saudi expat sorts out the visa issue to live in Bahrain, then there is no big issues out there. the biggest issue is gettitng the visa.

jasra, janabiya,saar, budaiya are the nearest state to the saudi causeway. With in 45 mins you can reach al khobar from these places if the customs is clear.

Another issue is the traffic rules. I am not so certain with the formalities but getting a ticket on a suadi registered car is kinda bothersome.Bahrian has a strict traffic regulation.

toll price can also be an issue, if your are travelling everyday to and fro it will cost BD 4 or SR 40 a day. Expat might end up paying around BD 120 or SR12000 for a month just on crossing the bridge.You can get an year pass to save money. Again i dont know the formalities on how to get it.
for sure everybody working in east area in sudia arabia going to bahrain easy spically in week end
you have to make sure that your salary will cover the rent cost of your Apartment (Flat), and you have to know there is a Visa entry between two countries for non Gulfian people
driving to saudi normaly takes half an hour but the only issue i'd see is coming and goin on the weekend where the bridge is literally packed otherwise its better to live in bahrain and work there than work and live there.
good luck ! :)
YES,we have lotes of expat's live in Bahrain & work in Saudi...but its a standered that the expat work with a Saudi company which provide's hem & famely the resident permit then they can arrange a permit in Bahrain to his family which makes ther life much easier in schooling,wifes can drive cars in Bahrain..night outs...and much more facileties for the family and indevtual...BUT if its the other way u have to obtain a visa ,it depend on the expats nationality .expat can obtained apon the arrivel @ the Barain international airport...also the position of the expat (e.g. manager etc....)effect according to the regulation ...
Many expatriates commute between Bahrain and Saudi on a multi-entry Saudi visa. Your salary package should cover rental of accomodation in Bahrain and some companies provide drivers to transport employees over the causeway, sometimes 4 or more at a time in cars and mini buses. If not, your package should enclude the cost of the causeway toll and any additional car insurance for driving your car to Saudi. Big advantage is you can go and shop in IKEA which Bahrain isn't big enough to have!!

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