We are taking our 18 month old child to Disneyland. Need your advise.

What facilities,activities and games are available in Disneyland for kids so young? Can I get a stroller there? Any definitely Must take attractions there for her? I also want to know about the Fast Pass.Appreciate whatever advise you can give.


City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States


You have to get Fast Pass for every ride you want to return to- there's no common fast pass for a group of rides. For details on a list of rides that have separate fast pass queues and how it works in detail, visit the following web sites:

You can definitely get a stroller there and don't miss Mickey's ToonTown. Your little one will have a great time there and she can meet Mickey too :)
If you are there around 3PM, you can watch the parade also. Verify the timings from the Disney website as it may change at different times of the year. If you can be in the park till late, there are some other amazing shows and fireworks.

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