Can you recommend a nice beach in Singapore?


Country: Singapore


Well.. I would definitely recommend the Siloso beach or Palawan beach at Sentosa.
Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore.
You can get in by cable car, bus or monorail train.
Some parts of the island are undergoing renovations right now for the upcoming integrated resort.
But worry not as it does not affect the beaches.. =)

You can go to for more details.
Beaches in Singapore are pretty dull and dirty. If you want to just laze on the beach, suntan, and play volleyball and not swim much, then you should definitely try the picturesque beaches at Sentosa. The environment there is very good to relax and chill on weekdays where there is almost no crowd and you are guaranteed to have privacy, and peace and quiet. Bring a book, mat, hat, ipod and you're good to go.

If you are more adventurous, you could go all the way to the east and rent the equipment there to try cycling or rollerblading at East Coast Park. You should be able to explore the whole area (on a bike) in an hour or so.

The beaches there are a little dirty and people usually just frolick in the sea and don't suntan, but you would be able to see more locals, activities, and hustle and bustle there :)

Do note, there are virtually no waves in Singapore so you cannot do water activities like surfing.
Sentosa beaches is a must go destination. They may not come with good waves for surfing,but defitnately a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

East Coast park is also have a very nice beach. Water games are found around that area.

Sembawang Park also have a beach. It's less well known to all, but its a calm and relaxing beach whereby you can see our nieghbour, Malaysia from a stone throw distance away.
yep the experts are right, Sentosa beaches r the Best!

Quiet peaceful and fun for a good outing or picnic. I have been there of course and just loved it! Weekdays are definitely the best coz u can literally hv the whole beach to yourself, isn't that cooL! ^^

Well, if you need someone to chat wif I would like to be ur guide and we can move around in Sentosa and other places, no extra charges for service to bring u around... haha :)

But you have to pay for tickets (as in entrance fees) to certain places of interest and that includes mine share too...keke :)

I m not a full fledged guide but just love to bring people around. So if u need my help/need someone to chat wif to know more of my country, pls message me and sound me out earlier if u r coming this way....

Ashley ^^
Hi Carlo nice beach in Sentosa for me will be Tanjong beach. very nice quiet. palawan, siloso beaches're crowded. nt so bad either.
It defintely has to be Siloso beach. But the beaches in Singapore are rather small. Siloso beach has powdery sand, the place is clean and you can just lie on the beach.

East Coast & Pasir Ris beaches can sometimes be very dirty.
Singapore does not have a topless beach though.
The beaches at Sentosa should be first on your list. Entry to the island is $2 but the beaches are free (you have to pay for alot of stuff in Singapore, lol!). Also, you could make an outing to Sentosa, visit our Underwater World (where you get to touch fish and friendly sting rays!) and the Dolphin Lagoon where our pretty pink dolphins reside. After that just laze on one of the three main beaches and in the evening drop by the bars or restaurants there.

East Coast Park beach is apparently (read: statistically) not as littered as other beaches and apparently has the least polluted waters. But I am a nearby resident who goes there often and it is not a pretty sight most of the time. Plus, the sand isn't soft and the crowds there really get to you after awhile.
Hi there, in fact all the beaches in Sentosa are great in their own way! Should you need someone to guide / show you around (Including everywhere else in Singapore), let me know. U can drop me an email at . =)
Yeah,like u've heard from the majority that the beaches at Sentosa is Good & Clean.
U can get various activities while at Sentosa too, eg: Cycling,volleyball. U get to visit the tourist attractions too,namely : Underwater World,Songs of the Sea show,The Merlion,Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom,Dolphin Lagoon. U must try the Luge/Skyride. In fact there's so much u can do at Sentosa,so it's best u get there in the morning & spend the whole day there.
Anyway,hope u'll enjoy yourself. Cheers :o)

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