I got the job opportunity in KISUMU and presently i am at the negotiation stage of my package, but preently I dont have any idea about...

...the l;iving expenses in KISUMU like 1) what will be house rent in comparatively good & safe locality 2) what will be the fooding expenses if I cook at home 3) What will be the primary education expenses for my son . If you can help me with the above expenses than i will be in good position of negotiation & i can have good time in KISUMU.


Country: Kenya


hi . what kind orf a job have you gotten.
to me wheather you got a big job or small one the botom line is how you handle your own life.always be adjustable and you will survive at all time. if your employer gives you a small wage does is mean you will not take it.
just a thought.
This will depend on your salary I have a friend who live in Kisumu for a long time, they are now living and working in Kisii, I will get some info and let you know.
My cousins live in Kisumu, the cost of living is not high, what you have to do is budget yourself to your pocket.

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