Do you need a passport for Baja?

Do I have to get a passport to goto Baja? Or can I just use my drivers license?


Country: Mexico


you need a passaport
It's correct, you need a passport.
Hi Melanie, Actually, they are starting to ask for passports more often. I used my drivers license last week but they did ask if I have a passport. They would have let me through anyway I am sure if I said I did not know.

Until Jan 1st, I am pretty sure you can still play dumb and I am sure get through. If you have a birth certificate that will work as well with a license, same as a passport I was advised.
Dou to the changes in the immigration law in México you will have to enter the country with a valid passport
before you were allowed with an offical photo id to enter Mexico,but now a passport is mandatory
Mexico doesnt care as long as your coming down and spending moola, they will love you! But the law is you need a valid Passport.
yes you do...sorry
Of course, passports are required for all outside travel from the USA and Canada. You will receive a tourist visa entry card that will allow you to be in the country for the duration of your travel period. You turn this in at the border or airport upon departure.
Yes passports are mandatory . Don't lost your entry card , you will need it on exit ... Have a nice day
If your residence is outside Mexico, yes you will neet it.
If you're already in Mexico your licence will do. If you're not, you need a passport.

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