I am look for Language school in Jamaika?

Do you know English school for me? I want come Jamaika for 3 monthes and I am want learn speak good English, also I want learn dancehall


Country: Jamaica


I have a foreign language center where I go to visit the student and teach them the language they wish to learn. I teach English, French and Spanish. As for dancehall,I would have to refer you to someone else who can best assist you with that one. The price below is for 64 hours of lessons you decide how many hours per day you can handle.
Belle du Jour is a language Training Centre. We have native speakers as trained teachers. We have a unique facility in the Buff Bay Valley, in Portland. Belle du Jour is also has a culture school for music and dance. So you will be learning English and Dancehall for the same price.
Is the question ask related to jamaica?
The Center for Language & learning is a school located in Kingston, & run by a girl from France who moved here several years ago.

They teach english as a second language, spanish & french.

Kingston is also the home of dancehall, so there would be plenty opportunity to experience the vibe.

This will be the coolest option, trust me.....

I dont know the prices off hand, but if you link me ill find out.
I can help you with the dancehall,as i am a part time dj, just link me when you get to JAMAICA and i could take you to a few partis and have someone show you the dance moves.
there is a school in Kingston Jamaica called the Language Training Centre i will get the relevant details and send to you soon
I used to work for the Language Training Centre and I am charging the going rates so! She can have a tourguide some days and a teacher on others!
Well currently in Jamaica there are many schools that teach foreign languages, and english, but for basic english or Jamaican cereol I would have to double check and get back to you. As for dancehall lol that will be easy, thats my job to teach you that lol. But as for budget Are you requesting accomodation also or just for the classes?
Even the Hilton hotel offers dance lessons and it isn't U$800 it no more than U$200 what you are charging to learn to dance the moves I have seen on tv you are highway robber!

What side of the island will you be?

Arrangements can be made depending on where in Jamaica you are going to be.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
First i need to know what type of language you speak in order to help you, i would need to know if the teacher speaks your language. When i know this bit of info then i can give you a answer on that. On the dance hall stuff am a producer so i have many links in that field so you will be a star when am done with you.
For English If you have not been taught how to teach I would advise you not to I have been trained at Shortwood Teachers' College for basic English! You are charging way too much for inexperience!
hey, this is a link to a french lady witha language school in kingston.
her husband runs a music nuff dancehall .

lu_moon2001 at
There are many schools teaching english. When you decide to come I will assist you to get into one of these school. However, here is the link for jamaica yellow pages ( ) search under schools. if you need any other help you are welcome to call on me again.
there is aliance francios shell for french in kingston jamaica, you can visit there website..
Too much school here for that in every town you go in jamaica dance no problem the local teach you for free. just give me a link i can hook everything up no problem..
hi there,

First of all, i am happy that u have thought of coming to Jamaica. There is a language Training Centre in Half-Way-Tree,Kingston that offers language classes for tourists but what language do you speak? this information would be very helpful in finding help
Waking up to the beautiful caribbean sea...

Classes and tours plus dance = fun, fun and more fun.

you need a one on one class not to be locked up in a classroom the best way to learn english is to be integrated in the Jamaican society.
I am aware of a linguist at the starfish hotel in Falmouth, Trelawny who if contacted would be willing to teach you english. Learning dancehall would be a bit more tedious, and i think learning that would mean living in Jamaica for more than three months
The name to ask for is ShowJam if you are visiting Montego Bay on the north Coast. They can offer you a better package for the Language and the Dancehall
Hope all goes well
Too many peoples replyed to me cause I want learn english I want than all the peoples.
Miss Jorja thank you for pick me in the airport and thank you for a beautiful class and nice place for sleep, I feel I am make many families in Jamaica. I wish go to Kingston and Montago Bay and Dunn River I am know that all the good peoples who replyed me first will take care me.
I am just loving Portland and the coconuts. Thanks peoples
With Love
Learning english in Jamaica is easy. No schools are coming up in my search, but for nine weeks in Jamaica, and a desire to learn dancehall, you can be as impressive as Gentleman from Germany and Albarose from Italy, to name a few dancehall artist doing well right now.
Email me at and let me know your purpose of learning the language. I am only too happy to help.
Jamaica is an english speaking country and finding a school is simple enough. Where will you be staying in Jamaica?
Dancehall lessons
Yes you can learn to Speak Foreign Language in Montego Bay -

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