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I will be in Singapore in mid-April. I have a hankering for chilli crab that I remember from my visits in the early 80's up around the Sembawang/Nee Soon area. Now that everything is "New Town", is there any genuine, traditional "kampong" chilli crab to be found? All I get are recommendations for horrifically priced restaurants! Where do YOU go for chilli crab? Or Barbecue Stingray? "Insider" knowledge required please. Shane


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I am not sure if the regular place that i go is it "kampong" enough for you.

I usually go to "Melbourne" (that is the name of the stall) at Toa Payoh Lorong 8 Blk 211. Is very crowded during weekends and average waiting time is about 30 - 45mins. Be there early if you wana avoid the crowd and the long queue. Is a non air condition coffee shop but they sell really good crabs. Is also non-GST and service charge.

For Stingray - there is a hawker centre right opposite the above mentioned crab place. I personally find it quite nice and also very crowded on weekends. Average waiting time is about 20 - 30mins.

Remember to dress light and simple as it could be rather hot in Singapore during April.

Hope it help.

That sounds very close to how I remember it being all those years ago Vivian. Thank you!
Dear Shane : World expat Traveller

Sembawang Chilli crab near the coast is long gone. Sorry to disappiont you.

Well, You could go to Newton Circus, a bit pricy though, always check carefully the price and KG before you order.

Else, you may want to go to Choa CHu Kang, Free shuttle bus. Go for the tours.

There is an outdoor Cheap BBQ , wine place, inside by the Patio is very romantic.

Else deeper on the lower level floor, has a good seafood place, and also patio is very nice. It is not that very expensive, in terms of seafood.

Or you can come to clementi MRT Station. Where there is a seafood shop in comparision with other seafood that is cheap and good. My boss Likes to bring our Japanese staffs there.

Chilli crabs cost $40 Plus ...for two crabs. I am a buddhist so i much dont eat or kill live foods. I dont have a choice when entertainig the overseas visitors.
As A visitor , i think going to Newton circus is slightly expensive but i think reasonable, most of all later you can walk down orchard. road.

Best regards Marilyn.
Hi Shane, The best crab place in Singapore is at Outram rd. The restaurant is call Crab Delicacy. It serves the best crab in Singapore like Crab Bee Hoon and Chili Crab. The price is reasonable.

As for Stingray, you can try it at Adam road food centre. The stingray there is the best.

Hope you will like this.
Hi Shane,
There's this real yummy crab at Ang Mo Kio!! You ought to give it a try!! =D
Worry not about the exorbitant price, it's around S$20 + for 2 yummy chilli crabs.

As for Stingray, you gotta try out this stall at Jurong West. It's really fresh and goes well with the special chilli sauce that will leave you asking for more..

Both stalls that I have recommended are at Hawker Centres, which provides comfortable seating with cooling fans..

Try it out!! =D
~ The stall might only serve the dishes at dinner time.
Hi Shane,
I have heard of a few places that serve chilli crabs. But i have tried all yet. Places like 'No signature' their crabs are huge same goes for a place in Bt panjang which seems quite deserted. Ang Mo kio Ave 10, and 1 more nearby Still Rd where you have to make booking for the crabs but not the tables. Normally, all these food are sold and served during dinner time. So you might need to consider about your starting time.

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