Foreign student from Malaysia going to Singapore

I am a foreigner but I'm studying in Malaysia. Some friends and I plan to go to singapore for our school break. What documents do I need to bring with me when crossing over to Singapore other than my passport? People from my country don't need a visa to enter Singapore, but i just want to be sure. Please help!


Country: Singapore


The documents you will need are just your passport. If you're on a Malaysian study visa you will have proof of this in your passport for the return entry clearance.
Entry into Singapore will be granted and how long you can stay depends on what passport you are traveling on. As you didn't say where you are originally from, check with your home country's embassy.

To get to Singapore from Malaysia, it depends where you are of course but you can either take the bus, train, or even drive through the immigration checkpoint otherwise it's also possible to fly.

Hope this helps.

Dear Foreigner: World expats Students,

1. Check your nationality, whether you need a visa.

Read which level you belong to , then apply it correctly.
(I usually travel without Visa).

2. Passport Validity & Details

Please ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.

3. Please read the webiste to reconfirm your visa.

4. Make sure, you have an itinary plan, inward outward tickets and hotel reservation, to be very sure. I have always provided such documents to customs as an honest tourist.

Also prepare your funds. Buy the MRT Cards. We use Singapore dollars locally, but you can seek good money changers at Change Alley in Raffles Place. ( Take The MRT to Raffles Place).

5. Beware of the Laws governing singapore. Abide them like a good citizen.

See Statutes on Line.

No worries.
Its pretty easy to get to Singapore as long as you have the valid travel documents. Usually you're granted 1 mth's stay but this also depends on your Nationality. Make sure you have proof that you're a student in Malaysia so as to facilitate re-entry into Malaysia.
Travelling to Singapore is easily accessible by air,taxis,railway train & even bus coaches. There are lots of tourist attractions,just check online at tourist promotion board website. Food is readily available & cheap at Hawker centres.
Anyway, WELCOME to Singapore.
Hope all of you will enjoy yourselves & have a Great Holiday.
You will need a valid passport that has at least 6 months left before the validity. Student pass for verification just in case

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