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when is the best time to go? And any other help


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You can go to Peru and visit the Inca Trail anytime of the year. Because of its location temperature there doesn't vary as it does in some other South America countries such as Chile or Argentina.
Hi superllama. Sincerily, there is not a especific time to come, all the year tourist from every world arrived to visit Machu Picchu and other places. But if you want a especific date, I suggest june 24, because is the day of the most important Inca´s celebration: INTY RAYMI, thousand of people celebrated the SUN PARTY. For the climate dont worry, every year is the same temperature. But Inca trail is not the unique atractive, you have another thousand...
Hi, there is no specific time, but right now we are in raining season, so the path are not good enough to do the inka trail, right now is humid and very sllipery, travel agencies and guides will recomend you to do it after the raining season, so the best time to come here is between June and November. Good Luck!
The Inca Trail is closed in Febuary.
At this time and to January 2010 is open. One month a year the Goverment needs to repair and mantain the "Capac Ñan" the name of the inca trail in Qechua language, the best time is frem May to November but the best is to do it asap.
The 4 day trek is the best, there are other options, make reservations 2 months before!!!!Lares Trek is nice also..
You need rain jacket all the time it can rain any time of the year in Cusco.
The Inca Trail is a very nice experience try to make it easy going toenjoy it..isnot a race and is very safe.
Hello, I think one of the best time to do the Inka Trail is when is on June, July, August or September, because the weather its really nice besides the other months of the year, hope u can enjoy ur trip.
Take care.
It depends what do u have in mind!, For me, the best time is in between the last week of July and the first of august, because u can find lot of art, food, dances, and people from all the country during the patriot celebrations, also, there are many shops offering a lot of sales, and u have more chance to get better prices, but u have to take care about reservations in hotels, because if you come here without a reservations, it would be so hard to find a good price and a free room. Another option is to come here during march, because lima is so sunny, but not too much, and u can have a nice day to walk by the city and places around!
You can go whenever you want. It's always wonderful. It depends if you wanna visit another place.
the most expensive months are june and july...those are festivity months the inti raimi in cusco and july is the month of the independence day of Peru. i think the best time to do the inca trail is september and october.
I think that the best time to go to Machu Picchu is since june thru august becaause there is no rain and there are a lot of celebrations !!!! good luck....
Because of rain do it in june or later. If you can stay in cusco by last week of june it will be nicer cause of the Sun Party (an Inca festivity). This is very nice and popular in cusco. Plan yor trail ahead with a good travel agent.
Good luck
I have walked the Inka trail 53 times, since I'm a Tour leader and Tour Guide in Peru. I can tell you with experience that the best month is April. The reason is simple... the rain season finishes in April and everything is green. the orchids are blooming all around and the weather is good. Not too hot during the day (20 to 25 C.) and not too cold by night (5 to 0 C.).
May is definitely not recommended since it is "friaje" time that means that by night in some camp sites you can feel -10 to -15 C.
June to august wouldn’t be my first choice con still very cold by night and very hot during the day.
September and October are other months that I can say are pretty good too since the rains haven't started yet and the cold nights are gone.
Remember that it is mandatory to go to the Inka trail with a registered tour operator, and you must book your trip at least 3 months before you come to Peru, otherwise the entrance tickets won’t be available. Just 500 people can get into the Machu Picchu National Sanctuary per day and that number is including Travelers, guides, guide assistants, porters and cooks.
Hi,this is the rigth answer.
To made a Inka trail is better in these seasons april, may,august but the best one season are june, july, because is not raining, and the Inka trail is not easy walk when is raining even camping.
June and july are the best time but you need to made a reservacion months ago sometimes a year.

Rigth now tourist are making Inka trail but they cant see the landscape around. Becuase to much rain, dark, cloudy, cold, wet, so is not confortable for many of them but is cheeper the price.
June and july are higth season in Cusco, so things are spensive and full in hotel, restaurants, bar, pub, etc.

well i write you more about Inka trail , but those are the best time to go there... Is so beautiful , so dont missed it.

Ruth Mendez Soto.
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Lima is great the year around, UNIQUE WEATHER, never too hot, never too cold, never rains or any rude weather as most capitals has to sufffer...WE DONT!!!

But the better time is Summer, from Novemeber to April these last years, because of the Global Warming.
you can go there all the year, is so wonderfull!
To visit th eInca Trail you should go better with a tour operator, not only weather is important to consider, you should plan in advance because it has a limit of turist per day and per season.
In February the trail shuts down for the whole month for maintenance. Besides that, it tends to be more crowded between June and August. Rainy season is November to March. So short answer: April-May and September-October. Mind you, you need to plan at least four months in advance. Get in touch with us if you need more help organizing your hike and your trip at . Good luck
Book in advance 6 to 8 months with a good agency (compulsory). Not least than US$ 250 all inclusive so that you make sure they don't exploit porters.
Let us have your dates asap so we can book your trip. Here is an example of a package we can put together for you 5 days, 4 nights, the extra night in Aguas Calientes so you can spend an extra day in Machu Picchu. Good luck.
We are oficial Tour operator of Inka Trail, certificated for INC national institute of culture and INRENA national institute of natural resourses.
We recomend you to take the tour in december o January because this is the period in which less people come, we dont recomended from may to november there are many passengers, aproximately 500 thousand people every day.
The dry season, which runs from April to October is the best time (and most popular) to hike because of the milder daytime weather. You will need to make your reservations 3-4 months in advance if you want to be assured of space during this time. During the rainy season, the Trail is less crowded and less advance time is required for reservations. The Inca Trail is closed during the month of February each year.

The Inca Trail is by far the most famous trek in South America and is rated by many to be in the top 5 treks in the world. In just 26 miles (45km) it manages to combine beautiful mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest, subtropical jungle and, of course, a stunning mix of Inca paving stones, ruins and tunnels. The final destination of the trail just cannot be beaten: Machu Picchu, the mysterious "Lost City of the Incas".
The Classic Inca Trail trek can be arranged by numerous Cuzco tour operators, and generally costs about $300 per person. You will be camping in designated campsites each night, porters will be able to help you with baggage but cannot legally be overwhelmed and you can buy any equipment you lack (or is not provided - depends on the tour operator with whom you book) in Cuzco.

It's absolutely crucial that you allow time to acclimatize to the altitude in Cuzco before your attempt the Inca Trail. Two nights in Cuzco or the Sacred Valley is the absolute minimum, though three is highly preferable. Do not attempt the trek after just spending one night in Cuzco - you will almost have an extremely painful time on the trek and the travel highlight of your vacation to Peru will be ruined. Altitude sickness is indiscriminatory - your physical fitness and age has no bearing on how you might be affected

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