hi im in yiwu wht r good places to visit here

im in china do let me knw hwt r good places to c


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Well, I like the Beijing International Art Mueseum.
The Beijing Aquarium is must, but I don't recommend the Beijing. Lots of people like the club D22, but I prefer next door at Club13.

Go see the art district "798" it'll blow your mind!

Also, the Olympic village (the entire district directly north of the city) is filled with unusual buildings and festivities (even though the Olympics is over)

At most big hotels and such, you can get a map in chinese and English, they should show you some great tourist spots as well.

Good Luck!
Frankly speaking ,there is not too much to see in yiwu city as it is more business oriented . You may visit China YIWU gifts and everyday products wholesale market to get more ideas about how chinese people do wholesale business there . Good luck .
hi you can come to lijiang ! here we have old towns and sonw montain very nice! we have 5000000 people coming ever year in lijiang! here some pictrues that you can have a look!
by the way i also can be you guide in lijiang! i can do all the thing you want!
Glad to hear from you. I am just familiar with Beijing city. I live here a few years. there are so many place to visit.I am a part time tour guide. if you need a tour guide then you can contect me. my email at
ok! I am a guide too ! so if you wanna come to lijang. i will be very glad to take you as a friend not as a customer.yeah if I wanna go to beijing i will email you for sure!
Yiwu is not far from shanghai.Shanghai is great city to visit.Any help,pls feel free to contact me!
Enjoy ur stay in China!
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well,yiwu is one of the oldest towns in china that attracts thousands of people every year.i think most people will like this kind of special if you like them
,i will recommend zhouzhuang,zhujiajiao,qibao... they are all famous old towns that not only full of old historys,but also chinese special food. the most conveninece is that they are all not far away from yiwu and close to you also can visit shanghai,one of the most modern cities in china.
Well,if you are looking for natural place not night life,you can also come visit Guilin,which is the place famous for awesome karst scenery. It has the reputation of having the most beautiful landscape in China, with green hill,clean water,fantastic caves and charming rocks. LIFE here is really relaxing and cheap compare to some big city like shanghai,beijing and shengzhen. If you wanna hang out in some cool bar and experience the mixed culture here,just go to Yangshuo village. Its about 90 mintues by bus and you will see there are so many awesome scenery and lots of westerner and cool bars. Also,if you wanna see rice terrace,do some rock climbing or refting,here is the right place for you to come. Believe me,you don't wanna miss this city during your stay in China.
I agree. Guilin is the best.
From Guilin you can also go to the Longji Rice Terraced Fields. They`re located faraway in the countryside and have been built by minority people. You can stay and eat in their houses.

I guess you left Yiwu by now or have learned where to go.

Yiwu is more or less business or producing of socks.
But it is a nice little city to experience. Walk the streets and visit the business centre to look for opportunities.
there is a place called's the biggest Chinese movie studio.they have the forbidden city and Qing dynasty Placae and lots of fun place there,I am sure you will enjoy. they have the shuttle bus between yiwu and hedian everyday.hope you will enjoy
there is a very good bar in yiwu but not many people know about it you can go cheak it out its nice cozzy and good food its called the rocks bar and there address is 277 north gong ren road 义乌工人北路277号 and i hear the making a big party on xmas and new year heehehhe ;)

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