Need petfriendly hotels

need a list or names of pet-friendly hotels in france.


Country: France


The best way is to locate the place yuo want to stay accoridng to your prices and visit the hotels in the area to be pet friendly. but i suggest that you let your pet to your friends in your home country before visiting france, you will avoid bringing all kind of authorization and papers.
where are you coming from ?
Hervé is right, coming to Europ with a pet means you will need to leave your pet for quarantine.
Much trouble for less pleasure.
you do not say what sort of pet you have. Dog? cat? snake? spider?
If you are coming from another country you should contact the french embassy to find out the regulations for your type of pet to enter.
To find hotels who will accept that type of pet write to the Office de Tourisme, c/o whatever town/s you are interested in and take it from there.
happy holiday!
hello, very soon you will find all answers at

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