We are taking a cruise,which schedule is better?

I will be travelingwith my wife in October to Egypt and Jordan. My cruise has given me the choice of two different schedules - either 2 nights in Luxor and 4 nights in Jordan or 1 night in Luxor and 5 nights in jordan, Which choice should I select? Which place is more interesting to explore? We could also use some time at Petra. Pls advise.


Country: Egypt


in jordan maximum u will need 2 days,i think cruise program in luxor even for 4 nights will be more intersting as u have many places to visit
i think 2 nights in luxor and 4 nights in Jordan, and Petra is worth visiting
I agree with my colleagues 2 night in Luxor, 4 night in Jordon...enjoy your exploration of 2 different civilations.
I agree with my colleagues 2 night in Luxor, 4 night in Jordon...enjoy your exploration of 2 different civilations.
Luxor has plenty of monuments to visit, 1 night is not enough, but it depends on what interests you most!
2 nights in luxor
2 nights in Luxor is the minimum you have to spend as there are a lot to see
you will need at least 2 days in luxor and it would be great .. you should also go to Aswan and see the high dam
you need at least 2 nights in luxor, there is so much to see and do here, most of the antiquities are here and it could be a very busy 2 days for you.
Hi - sounds like you are going to have a marvellous trip no matter what you do and it's a fabulous time of year to come. I think you must see Petra and there is lots of great stuff in Jordan but I agree that 2 nights in Luxor would be better for you. If you are interested in antiquities (and I'm guessing you must be) then Luxor of course has the Karnak Temple complex (my favourite monument in Egypt - it has it all, engineering marvels, art, spirituality) the Luxor Temple complex, Valley of the Kings, check out the alabaster factories, take a hot air balloon ride, rent a bike or scooter and see the town, drink mint tea or Turkish coffee at a cafe and talk to the locals... lots and lots to do and it's such a lovely town. WHatever you choose, have a wonderful time

hello look choose the first schedule because 2 days ithink it's will be not enough too in luxor alot of places and temples to visit like elkarnak temple and valley of kings and have nice time
i think that u must choose 2 nights in Luxor and 4 nights in Jordan
luxor is a wonderful place u must go in every where in it
i m sure that u will be very happy in it
I think all my colleges gave u right answers and i'm with all of them,choose the first choice 2 nights in luxor and 4 nights in Jordan.
uhhh , it must be 4 in loxur 2 in jordan ..... but as the valid choices it ll' b 2 loxur 4 jordan & have anice time
ofcourse you should chose 2 nights in luxor although its not enough , but i need to know How is your program in details as am little confused with the conection between the cruise & luxour & jourdan Thx , have the best holiday octb is nice time to come
hey my dear,
thanks for your question and if u want my idea spend more time in luxor so amazing place and aswan also i visit luxor before and jordon also i love both but i thing u can spend one night in petra this more intersting place in jordon but in luxor alot of pharonic things i thing do u will enjoy alot and in octobre good time
thanks i hope for u great trip in luxor and jordon
Luxor needs more time because it have alot of amazing places.
I think it`s better to get more days in Luxor..
luxor it`s a very lovely place to see..
because you need one day to see the east bank as Karnak temple and luxor temple..then the luxor musuem..
on the second `ll visit the west bank..valley of the kings and queens..temples..yes you should stay more than two days..enjoy your stay...
well i think 2 nights on Luxor and 4 nights in jordan will be better , and trust me when u see Luxor u will wish if u can stay more than 2 nights :D
Definitely you need at least 3 days in Luxor!
You know maybe it's not fair for me to answer because I live in Luxor, but at least 2 nights. I hope you do enjoy your stay here.
in my opinion 2 nights in luxor good bcz you can see a lot in luxor
Hi,I think 2 nights in Luxor to interesting by the monuments in it and 4 nights in Jordon.
the best thing is to have 3 days luxor and 3 days jordan cuz there is many things to explore in the 2 places but i think luxor is more interestin dan petra
4 night luxor 2 nights jordan lol
luxor has 10000 years of history and has many temples 2 nights not enough to luxor
2 Days in LuxOr !!! I dOn't think That gOne Be EnoUgh
it's better to choose 2 nights in luxor and 4 nights in jordan because luxor has many sites and places to visit and if you choose just 1 night you will not be able to enjoy luxor well, luxor is really interesting i think you will really enjoy your stay there spichialy with your wife.
have a nice day ;0)
One night in Luxor is not enough, i suggest to choose 2 nights or more in Luxor & the set of the schedual in Jordan.
Because there is many amazing & hestorical places & venues you will need to visit in Luxor.

Hope you enjoy your trip

2 nights in luxor

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