where to surf in morocco?


Country: Morocco


Essouaria is a really great surfing place and a very peaceful place. The moroccan hospitality is great there and you dont get hastled to buy anything from every shop you pass.
essaouira, agadir and Dakhla is far morocc's best hidden surf spot!
Dakhla is the best for surfing and Casablanca too, Essaouira bit calm the wind is regulat for the kit surfing...
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Essaouira is great for windsurfing and kite surfing, known as Windy City. There is also good wind conditions further South around Dakla. The best and most well known surfing breaks are North of Agadir, from Aourir through Taghazout and beyond. Anchor Point, Hash Point and Killers are internationally known, there are many many other places along the stretch of coast and many surf shops surf schools and places to get your board fixed hen you break it! Or hire anything from wetsuits to boards in Taghazout.
the best places for Surfing in Morocco is the Atlantic coast between Essaouira city to Sidi Ifni (southern Agadir)..
in that part there are many places as Essaouira City Beach, Sidi Kaouki, Taghazout,...etc
dakhla,saouira ,achakar Tangier in genral in all atlantic coast of Morocco from Tangier to sahara
u can surf in casablanca ( DAR BOUAZZA) , or essaouira city,

between essaouira and agadir are the best spots
essaouira is more for windsurf and kite surf, agadir and the coast between essaouira and agadir near imssouane is good for surf
in the south dakhla is good for wind and kite surf
Essaouira is a great surfing place with a number of spots within 20 Km around- plus proximity from main cities:Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca. There are also a number of places to enjoy: Dar Bouazza near Casablanca, Oualidia near Eljadida, Taghazout near Agadir; and Dakhla way south of Morocco which is becoming the spot.
Near Essaouira at Imsouane and Sidi Kaouki
in my openion as an expert of hosting people,the well-kown place for surfing is Mohamedia near of casablanca.
i know many of foreign friends who visited,me they spoke to me about the beach of Mohamedia and its clean water and its surroundings.
So from essaouira to dakhla all the beaches are for surfing you can visit imssouane
esaouira north agadir mohamadia dakhla casablanca oualidia.

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