can some body tell us mote about donyosabuk and mt kilimambogo .


Country: Kenya


Please, I hope you are serious and not joking around. Find the details below

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
The Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park makes for a nice day trip from Nairobi, being located just 65 km from the city. The name refers to the solitary mountain standing in this park and rising to a height of 2,145m (about 8,000 ft). The park covers an area of around 20 square kilometers. The name is Masai and means "Mountain of Buffalo" - about 250 buffaloes can be found on the slopes today. The Kikuyu tribesmen call the mountain Kea-Njahe, or the "Mountain of the Big Rain", and consider it as one of the homes of the Supreme Being Ngai.
There is one camping site in the park. Visitors should approach the park via the lovely Fourteen Falls on the Chania River. The park offers great views of high mountains like Mt Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Visitors can reach the top of the solitary mountain in the park using 4X4 vehicles. The graves of Sir William Northrop Macmillan (1872-1925) and his wife Lady Lucie lie near the summit. The American had arrived in Kenya in 1901 for big game hunting, and had played host to Roosevelt during the latter's 1911 safari. The ranch "Juja Farm" where he hosted Roosevelt is popular among film crews. The couple are known for creating the Macmillan Library in central Nairobi. Visitors can also observe animals like the baboon, colobus, bushbuck, impala, and duiker and a variety of birds. : US$ 225 per person
Full day Fourteen Falls/Kilimambogo special
Fourteen falls is located about 65 km away from Nairobi off Thika - Garissa Road turning at Makutano junction. The falls derive the name from their fourteen successive falls of water along the famous Athi River, border between Thika and Machakos districts. There is a lot to see and do while in this scenic site – boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, bird watching among other activities. Nearby the falls lies Kilimambogo, a Kiswahili word for the Mountain of the Buffalo and home to the late Great Philanthropist Sir Macmillan. Half way the hill lie his grave, that of his wife and their house helper. It is on the foot of this hill that Macmillan entertained Roosevelt and Churchill when they paid him a courtesy call. In the hill you will spot birds, buffalo, baboons, and other animals. Picnic lunch will be served at the hill summit. Return to Nairobi where the tour ends. Price: US$ 230 per person

It lies near fourteen falls. Kilimambogo is a swahili word for the Mountain of the Buffalo.

Its home to the late greate Philathropst Sir Macmillan. Half way up the hilllies his grave that of his wife and their house help.

Just one road leads to its summit, which offers magnificent 360 panoramas over the Athi river, the pineapple fields of Thika and the snow capped peaks of both Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. Its an ideal day trip or camping weekend.
whats the cost of a day trip
its not far away from the city of nairobi approximately 65kms and has great view of the large plantation of pineapple,mt kenya and mt kilimanjaro.

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