what are the best places to visit in western Kenya?


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hi ,the most places is like lake victoria and migigo island which is in kisumu.
the crying stone in vihiga district, kakamega forest.chellangani hills,ruma national park among others.our email is
hi ,the most places is like lake victoria and migigo island which is in kisumu.
the crying stone in vihiga district, kakamega forest.chellangani hills,ruma national park among others.our email is
Try Kiboko Bay, in Kisumu, I have never been there, though two individuals have recommended it to me, one a tour guide, and the other is a friend who visited.
i Suppose Lake Victoria and the Kakamega forest! there is also Kit mikaye!
The best places to visit in Western Kenya include L.Victoria,Kit Mikayi rocks,K'ogelo,the famous crying stone,Kakamega forest(with millions of species of butterflies,velvet monkeys and nature walks plus see tallest tree that have been in existence for the last one million years).You can also visit Ikolomani(goldmines),watch bullfighting,camp at places such as Rondo retreat within the forest and experience a lifetime breath taking for personal tour rates
1. In Kisumu you will see Lake Victoria, the 2 nd largest Lake in the world . The lake covers about 67,850sq Km and forms a natural boundary between the three East African countries namely; Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, with the disputed Migingo Island at a stone throw from the beach. At the shore of the Lake, there is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery offered by nature, the famous Kit Mikaye. Kit Mikaye : a mystical gigantic rock with three layers, situated in Seme, Kisumu Rural constituency, about 20 minutes drive from Kisumu town. There are also several activities such as fishing, water rafting, sight seeing and water skiing. Kisumu Museum which is located within Kisumu city and serves as an educational and recreational centre for visitors. The museum has natural exhibits in form of fresh water aquarium and out door Snake Park , and tortoise pens . The museum is the home to 300 year old giant tortoise which was imported from Seychelles in 1930. Kisumu is the home of freedom fighters: The late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and Achieng Oneko. .A village in Kisumu (Kogelo), where President of the United States , Barrack H. Obama his ancestral home where he hails from. Domestic and foreign tourists have been flocking to Kogelo to trace the birth place of the U.S. president's father.
2. The famous Kakamega forest, the world famous equatorial rainforest known for its diversity of birds and insects' life. Its uniqueness makes conservation its top priority. A visit to the forest will give you a feel of what the Amazon looks like! It's filled with massive trees and thick wet undergrowth, which is also a habitat for diverse wildlife. The forest is a natural wonder that has a large variety of indigenous trees, as well as species of different animals and birds life. It is also the home of 400 species of butterflies, many of which can only be found there. Then proceed to bull fighting location in Kakamega. Two bulls are brought into an open field to fight. Before the fight, the bulls are given some traditional brew to charge them up. The bulls that fight are drawn from different villages primed to take part and defend the local honour.
3. Mount Elgon National park an impressively craggy extinct volcano. Mt Elgon is Kenya 's second highest mountain, located 470Km from Nairobi . Its attractions include; caves, cliffs and mountains peaks that are ideal for climbing, water falls gorges, hot spring and calderas.wisit us on http:// . For price details.
Kisumu, a city in the shores of lake Victoria and is second to Nairobi. Upon arrival, visit the Impala sanctuary and Dunga beach, also known as hippo point. Time permitting, a visit to the Kisumu Museum will also prove interesting. Here there is a very good collection of everyday items from the various people of the area including agricultural implements, birds and insect traps, food utensils, clothing, furniture Weapons, musical instruments and a fairly motley collection of suffed birds and animals including an amazing Centre piece of a lion riding on a wildebeest.
You should go to Kakamega Town the you will have to go to Kakamega Forest and you will enjoy some sweet smell of the forest while listening to birds singing.. Enjoy

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