Has anybody gone snorkeling in Thailand?

I'm going there in November and would want to experience snorkeling. I'm not a very strong swimmer, just average. Would it be safe for me to go snorkeling there?


Country: Thailand


Hi Kate
yes, very safe, do you already know where you will go??
I went snorkeling at sharks point, close to Ko Pee Pee,
there you can see all kinds of small sharks, no danger at all
Snorkelling is perfectly safe in Thailand and there are plenty of places to do it, particularly in the Phuket - Krabi and islands nearby. You could do it through a Dive school and they will take you under supervision to some of the best places.
One of the places to snorkel in Thailand is either Surin or Similan Islands.
The current can be present, especially around fullmoon, but nothing to be scared about.
In Khao Lak, we go out with speedboats with snorkelguides, that will keep an eye of for you, and you will, by the better service providers be equipted with a life-jacket so you allways will stay at the surface.
The seasson runs from October to May, so you are there on the right time of year
Snorkling in Thailand is possible on all the Islands. Similan Islands seems to be a paradise for divers. I myself have a very good experience on Koh Racha.

Have fun,

Hi Kate, I agree its very safe as long as your with an instructor and a group, they teach you, there are many great spots around Thailand for you to do this, kabi, Ko Sumie and may more, depending on the area so let me know closer to the time of departure. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Kingdom
OK, lets clarrify somethings.
Yes i belive that Krabi has good snorkeling, but that i dont know.
For Samui, what they usually do, is ship you of to Koh Nangyuang, a small island off Koh Tao.
The snorkeling on Samui aint that great, then you might ass well take the trip yourself over to Koh Tao, wich is just next to Koh Nangyuang.
There you will find a large diving community, and also some snorkel providers.
But again, Similans are recommended, because they are fairly easy to get to.
Are you on the otherhand comming from north, the best snorkeling is on Surin islands.
Both are protected marineparks, where fishermen are not allowed nearby.
avoid the rainy season
Hi Kate,

You will enjoy snorkeling a lot in Thailand. The Andaman Sea is best. if you are not a strong swimmer you can do group day trips from Phuket to places like the Similan Island and Phi Phi Island. My Thai wife (Ning)doesn't swim well so she keeps her life jacket on while snorkeling and has a great time.

Have fun,
Randy and Ning
head to any of the islands in the south to get a feel for it.then if you love it spend the cash and go somewhere special like the simillans ..
Thailand doesn't have to strong currents around the reefs around the beaches, so Thailand is a very good place to learn how to snorkel. anywhere you go in Thailand, there will be a snorkeling trip going to somewhere, so it wont be a problem doing it alone ether...
Calm an serene oceans here is Thailand... No problem what so ever..
Hello Kate ,good advice from all,some other islands you might like to consider,depending where you are in Thailand,are Koh Chang,and Koh Phanang,in the Gulf, which are lovely places to visit and have organised snorkeling trips daily. You do not have to be a strong swimmer,the fish and the coral reefs are beautiful. Have a good trip.
You don't mention where you are going in Thailand but in general snorkeling is very safe and some spots quite beautiful. If you are just going snorkeling off shore somewhere at a public beach or island, please be aware of any "taxi" speed boats and jet ski's operating in your vicinity.
Phi-Phi is OK - but gets very crowded and boats are everywhere. The snorkelling in Thailand is generally not as good as places like Maldives (excellent), Seychelles and Indo, etc. but I find that the smaller islands such as Koh Lipe and Koh Mook are best. No crowds, good viz. and calm water. Not as many fish as you might expect. However, snorkelling in the entrance of Emerald Cave on Koh Mook is really cool.
Hi, yes its very nice there, i did snorkeling in october 2007 between Krabi and the Phi phi islands, you can rent a motorboat for the whole day, just join a group, or for yourself, it is safe.
enjoy it !
Hello Kate

yes, it is very safe in Thailand because a snorkelguides will keep an eye of for you and u can snorkelling in Chonburi, Krabi, Surat Thani, Phang-Nga,
Phuket, Trat. i used to go to Phang-Nga and Trat. it very beautyful, amazing place. Dont worry. welcome to Thailand.
Hi Kate

Yes I think it is very safe for snorkelling there, its is very beautiful clear water and you will be looked after by professional staff.
It is very safe for snorkelling, especially in Phuket, Krabi, & Similan Islands. I go snorkelling regularly and I live in Rawai in Phuket. You can get a longtail boat from Rawai to Coral Island and feed the fish with bananas in shallow water. The fish swim around you and you can then put your snorkel on and see a very large variety of fish in just a few feet on water. If you are still not too confident you can wear a life jacket. Do you know where you will be staying?
Hi Kate,
yes, it's very safe but you should even know how to swim safety, do you already know where you will go??
If you tell me your destination maybe i can provide you a good service about some friend what i know and who also can take care of you..
I still working in a coffe shop but my friend next to my business place can provide a snorkeling tours wth a verygood care of you..
My Place ? Chumphon, middle southern of Thailand, on a way to go to the closer island of Koh-Tao; Koh-phan-gan; Koh-Samui, my town are on a mainland and you still make stop to take a boat for the island..
My place are very nice too and quiet, relax, cheap !!!
At this time if you plan to come here, the best place are the golf of thailand, because of the weather.. in our place we are going to the Summer time and a very good time to watch many kind of fish and wale...
If you go in similan Island who are also a good place for snorkeling you are to found a little raining saison and the sea condition are also 50/50...
I hope this small answer can provide you a good help, if you need more, please let's me know..
Have a good care, Eric..
Yes its completely safe and all the above answers have all that to support it. However, here is a link that you can surf through to get more knowledge as an added advantage:-

The Hotelbookerz Team
Hi Kate, as everyone is telling you : Thailand is an extremely good snorkelling destination. Having lived and snorkelled here for many years, i would personally recommend Koh Tao , in the gulf. Snorkelling off the beach in shallow , calm (flat) water. Ideal for the less strong swimmer. Good luck.
There are so many places to go snorkeling in Southern Thailand. if you go with a tour boat, they can provide you with a life-jacket.
I guess it's safe.
Have fun
absolutly, in Koh PhanNgan you can find nice and quiet beach on the north west side of teh island there are few bungalows, on the beach or up on the hill with beautifull sunrise. Just few step on the water then beautifull corals,fishes for your eyes...
You can snorkel from all islands, most it is better to take a snorkling tour, just ask for a snorkeling guid, that is mostly included in the price. Have fun
Yes it is safe. Goto Koh Phi Phi, it is beautiful.
Koh Phi Phi is probably the best bang for your buck. Cheap and easy to get there, great nightlife and excellent snorkelling. I do sailing charters and am a scuba instructor here on Phi Phi so if you like sailing and are interested in water sports call me at 0848486970.
Hi Kate
No problem, I can give you plenty of ideas for snorkling. No you don't have to battle currents, big waves etc. Give me a call and I can help. My mobile number is in my profile.
Have a great holiday.
Hi, I would advice going to Samui and then taking a trip to Koh Tao, normally you would go with a speedboat that drops you of at around three or four good places. Expect to pay 2,000 THB a person, with meals and drinks included.
It's definitely safe, as they provide you with life jackets, and the currents are not too strong.
yes perfect for snorkelling in koh samet and in koh lanta.
Like with every place in the world, some places are easier to access than others, and some beaches are more safe than others. We do in fact have strong currents here in Thailand, very strong sometimes and depending on the site, they can be a little scary. There are not many companies who really specialize in snorkeling, normally they just take you out on a boat, give you a life jacket and a mask and say "swim over there". There is not instruction or any true guiding with most of the small local companies. If you can find a company which will actually teach you something you'll have a better experience.

The marine life on the west side of Thailand is very much better than the gulf. Having said that, though, Koh Tao has very easy snorkeling from shore in several places depending on the weather (November weather can be unpredictable in Koh Tao, as the wind direction is changing then, but you can snorkel on both sides of the island). Phi Phi has great snorkeling if you go by boat, very little from shore (except for Long Beach, Haad Yao). Phuket's Kata Beach has very nice fish life and snorkeling right from shore. The Similans are beautiful, but you have to go with a group to see the right places and it's a long way from shore so a big expensive boat ride. Racha Yai is nice, and only 20km from Phuket.
Hi Kate,

I think, snorkeling in Thailand is very safe because its have a trainer who are teaching you before you go snorkeling. I've had a great time snorkeling experience in konlipe. Also, it was the first time for me, but it had a lot of fun.

Enjoy your trip!

This is information about kohlipe
Hi. Yes very safe. Krabi area has lots to offer. Great fun.
Come say Hi to me on Lanta.
Snorkelling is the best ever here. I live on Koh Samui so I have been snorkelling alot around this area. Anthong National Marine Park is a wonderful place to snorkel. It is about 30 mins by speedboat from Koh Samui.

You can take organised tours with dive schools like 100 degrees eat in Bangrak koh saui or Ohangan divers if you are staying on koh phangan, The whole day is pretty cheap about 2000 baht. This includes everythig including very good meals. You get a life jacket so if you are not a strong swimmer this helps also you will wear flippers or fins so you can swim much more quickly than you would normally even if the current is strong. Just make sure you wear a t shirt so you dont get sun burnt and dont go if it is a bit wavy becasue it is difficult to see.

Enjoy. It is an out of this world experience! Probably my favourite thing to do ever!
It is considered to be safe almost anywhere in Thailand. The ocean is very safe with hardly any big waves, swells or currents. Please make sure NOT to go snorkeling on your own as you mention you are not a strong swimmer. You don't mention where you will be going in Thailand so difficult to suggest any nice spots. Krabi and the surrounding area is very popular if you are going that way. The best is to contact a local dive centre once you are at your destination and get advice from them.
Hi Kate
The snorkeling in and around Phuket is now stunning, good visability and the water is warm. This will change when we go into the green season, so hurry on over here.
If you go snorkeling in the beginning of November in the South of Thailand, it can be a bit tricky regarding currents. make sure that you check out the conditions of the sea before you go into the water. The locals know this best. Be safe and have fun.

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