Non citizen of Sri Lanka can buy a land or property in Sri Lanka?, if he can what is the procedure.


Country: Sri Lanka


Hello. You can drop an email to or . I'm sure they would reply to you in a a flash.
Yes. It is easier for native Sri Lankans, but still possible for other foreigners. There are several real estate firms that provide this service. I would recommend . You can tell them that Steve recommended them.
Can't buy,but he or she can 99 year's rent.
of course you can,if ya follow the normal routine you got to pay 200% tax from da value,what you got to do is when ya preparing the deeds you got to show a low value for the land for more infor call me on0773988345
There is no problem to buy for non citizen to buy land. Foreigners have to pay 100% tax on the value but beware to put an incorrect value. The government knows the practice to put a low value, so they will send a person to inspect the value of the land.
Mostly foreigners who buy land are having a residence visa. Like this the will pay only 5% tax!
We are related with a famous person who is selling propertys mostly to foreigners. Please contact us so we can help you easily. There are about 50 propertys for sale in the southern province we can help!
Hi Priyanga,
There is a system called "Dream Home" where he also gets a Resident Visa along with this package.


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