Can anyone tell me any interesting and fun thing to do in Costa Rica?

Can you give me any idea or suggestion on what worthwhile activities to do here. I'll be staying here for 3 weeks and want to do things while I am here.


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There are many worthwhile things to do in Costa Rica. I'm a fan of responsible tourism and I can suggest you to check this out:

You can go to the Caribbean and stay in an indigenous reserve in the rainforest for 3 nights (info in ), take some tours in the area (boat, horseback ride, hike, etc) and then you can visit Puerto Viejo which is a town in front of the beach. Also you can visit the area of "Dota", which is sourronded by coffee plantations and cloud forest and you can even participate of the coffee harvest which is in its last part (info in the website). Another good thing to do is to visit the Arenal Volcano área: it is an amazing place to visit.

Just let me know if you need anything else.


There is so much to do here. For starters there are many tours for all kinds of activites such as: sailing, snorkeling, fishing, diving, zip lines, extreme zip lines. My favorite things are more on the eco-tourism line. They show you the country and don't cost a lot. Things like visiting a secluded waterfall, going to out of the way beaches with incredible rocks, hiking near volcanoes, horseback riding, hot spring mud baths. We can help arrange any of these for you. Most do not need more than a day or two of lead time. Others are available anytime. You can also get great massage, facials and theraputic body works. Just bring your spirit of adventure and comfortable shoes. Guanacaste is very casual and quite warm. Modesta, Owner Hotel Villa Casa Blanca, Ocotal
There are tons of fun things to do, especially along the coast. Here's a link to activities with pictures:

There are plenty things to do in Costa Rica. You can enjoy the pacific coast doing river rafting, horseback riding at the beach. explore the caves in Guanacaste make boat trips to see dolphins ore wales and learn flying ultra lights at the Flying Crocodile. If you don't want to learn it you can book as well just a roundtrip seeing crocodiles turtles and beautiful nature. Check these links: or
enjoy your trip
I see that you already got very good reviews, and I must join them by saying there's so much to do here that you won't be disappointed. The thing is that it truly depends on what's fun FOR YOU. If its adventure & outdoor sports you're looking fore, there`s canopy, rafting, rappeling, canyonering, horsebackriding, etc. If its nature observation there are trams, suspension and hanging bridges, nature walks, etc. If you like water sports, theres sailing, surfing, windsurfing. If it`s nature observation you're looking for there are volcanoes, canals, hikes, etc... so in summary, there's fun for all the different tastes and interests. If you need more specific information, let me know, I'd be glad to help
I see you have received many great answers already from many people... What is important for you to think about is where you plan to stay, what your budget is, if you plan to travel by bus or rental car, and then plan some activities as there are plenty of things to do all over the country. Prices range for different activities and it would be good to know whether you prefer to visit the beach, some volcanoes, the rainforests and cloudforests, the Central Valley or maybe do some hiking, horseback riding or rafting...

As everyone has said, there are many exciting and interesting things to do here. I have travelled to various places over the last 8 years and still haven't seen a quarter of what there is to see and do in this amazing country. I'd be glad to give you more detailed advice once you give a few more details about what kind of trip you plan on having. Good luck and happy planning!
Hi, well Costa rica, has many things to offer so it all depends on what you want. ocean, mountain ,city,'s up to you.
It looks like all has been said about Costa Rica... You will have a great time and just do whatever you would like to do, it's all here. Should you like to get a more personal and tailor made answer, send me a PM. One suggestion: go wakeboarding on Lago Arenal! Just take a look at and we'll get you up on a wakeboard behind our Ski Nautique. Pura vida! Lars
Well, you can see the Iron maiden concert at the Estadio Saprissa next March 3rd. Also, cafe Tacuba(Mexican Alternative rock group) will be playing in concert at La Guacima Sp[eedway near the international airport in Alajuela.

Once you arrive you can also find out from any local or hotel receptionist about local fiestas in the differnt towns in Costa Rica(or by reading the local papers la Nacion or the Tico Times in English- or ). When we have fiestas in a town or city, we have a horse parade(Tope), fair grounds(juegos de diversiones), local foods(corn based and others) & beverages(Chiriche-type of moonshine), musical band(Cimarrona), Mascaradas or Payasos(young men that dress up in large masked costumes parading down main streets) and Tico style Bullfights(no killing the bull here!).

Hope this gives you an idea of some fun things to do here!

Diviertase :-)

Federico Grant Esquivel
Hi, here is a link to explain you an ATV tours guided, realy funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.
Diving Safaris is located in Playa Hermosa Guanacaste. You should definatly come scuba diving! If you are not certified, not a problem, one of our instructors can teach you to dive any day. Plus you can do many fun things in our area such as canopy tours, hiking, mud baths, horse back riding...
There are lots of things to do. It all depends on what your interests are. If you like to be active we have hiking (Rain Forest or Mountains), mountain biking, Fishing, Surfing, Riding Quads. There is all kinds of night life from clubs to more traditional tico discos.There are a loy of national parks and museums to visit. If I knew your interest I could narrow in on exactly what you are looking for.

Bill Roush
If you want to get a bit of the REAL Costa Rica, beside all the tips you already got, try these websites...

Hi.. There┬┤s a lot of things you can do here in Costa Rica, if you like adeventure im sure you will have the best experience of your life. You can do canopy, 4x4 adventure, and a lot of more things.. If you like to go out at nights also you will have the best time of your life, you can go to Tamarindo in Guanacaste, night life there is amazing.
Any question ask me and i will answer as soon as posible.
Hi, here is a link to explain you an ATV tours guided, realy funny. It's the real way to see Costa Rica 2 hours from the airport and only 10 minutes from Jaco a nice city with good restaurants and night club.
So much to do...and so many other responces! I would say, go to panama!

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