I am looking to spend two weeks in october in San Francisco. I am looking for a nice gay or gay firendly hotel (you can't find that... Expedia), with Internet Access, a close by walking to main areas of the city, or at least, public transportation. Castro Street will be great, but I am ready to sacrifice location in order to be closer to historic or main areas. I will hear all of your recommendations, about multiple transportation passes, tours, and everything you think and new visitor should be going to. Thank you so much. Francisco.


City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States


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Well, this being San Francisco, it would be worth mentioning if a hotel was NOT gay friendly. That said, most of the larger, swankier hotels are downtown. If you'd like to be in or near the Castro, then there are few B and B's and small hotels to choose from. The Parker House on Dolores is nearby, but I've never been inside. Also, you can try renting a private apartment in the Castro from .

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