I am so excited about my extended stay in Costa Rica! Any advice for a first timer to the country, ie. what do i need to bring, the... place to stay, etc. Any advice at all will be great! Hope to see you there!!!


Country: Costa Rica


I recommend you do some research on the web first amigo!

Here is a list of websites you should visit/read before your next trip to Costa Rica. Hopefully this will give you any idea of what to bring, where to stay and what to do. Especially helpful is the Lonely Planet guide book on Costa Rica. I really recommend you buy this book and read it 'pronto'.

-- (What to bring and where to go?)
-- (Where to stay?)
- (CR Tourism Board)
- Rica facts & Figures (facts & what to do in CR)

Pura Vida!

Federico Grant Esquivel
*A sense of adventure *Rain gear * Headlamp/ flashlight * watershoes * biodegradable soaps and bug spray

HIGHLIGHTS _ (depending on what you like to do)
**Corcovado NP _ Pure JUNGLE
**Monteverde - Cloud Forest and Ziplines
** La Foruna area - Active Volcano Arenal
*Samara or St. Teresa for surfer beaches

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