Hi everybody It is possible to stay in Vietnam long-term without a work permit? Does it work like in thailand where you can exit and... at the end of your visa without any problems? many thanks Marcos


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Yes, you can do that, and you can get visa extension when it's expired.
Yes, It was much easier a few months ago but you can still get a 3 month visa upon entry, extend it 1 more month while you are here and then exit and return to start over again. The easiest and least expensive way to get your entry visa is to get a letter of approval for a visa on arrival. If you need help with that just email me at
Take a look at this site:
You can ask a tourist visa for three month to start coming in Vietnam and after see every diferent kind of visa and choose on your case what you need. Take a look : . and this too :
Good luck.
i don't think so. To abide by Vietnamese Law , you must have the work permit and ask for long-term residence at Foreign Immigration Control Bureaucracy. To submit necessary documents needed for Work Permit, i suggest you should make a contact with "One - stop shop" at Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affair nearest the place you live.
Hi - tell me in more details what you want to do in Vietnam. I will advice you what you need to do. If just for tourism, follow the below. If you intend to work here, need to be comply with law in VN. Now, Custom Department and Tax Department are much strict in controlling expats in and out.
i am not planning to work in vietnam
i am only planning to spend 9/10 months a year overthere
i can do it for you. It take easy for to do, this is my job..
you mention that you don't intend to work here, but you wish to spend 9 or 10 months per year. If you aren't working, you can apply for a 6 month visa. Then, you can extend it for one more month. If you have a Vietnamese spouse, you can apply for a "giay mien thi thuc", which means you don't need to get a visa. It will expire one month before your passport does. But if you have this, you must leave after 3 months and then re-enter the country. I don't believe there are other options, if you are not interested in getting a work permit.
I've been living in Vietnam for over 10 years without a work permit. During that time I have never been 1 day without a job, but I work on short-term contracts only.

Although the Government has recently become very strict, it is still possible to exit Vietnam and get a new visa for re-entry (1 or 3 months). Most foreigners in HCMC do this through the Moc Ba/Bavet Border gate with Cambodia. I just did this last February.
You can get a tourist visa then you can extend for several times. Then you have to exit and re-enter with a new visa, to do this you need some help from local people especially a policeman. But you have to pay some extra money.

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