looking for budget flight from Jo'borg to Casablanca or anywhere Morocco, any recommendation for travel agent / airline? thanks!


Country: Morocco


Where is Jo'borg ?
Sorry for misleading, i mean johanesbourg in South Africa. pls help...... thanks!!
let me know where is jo'borg first "Then we will talk business comrade" :))) is it johanesbourg ?... Have a nice Day. Check also your destination as i know so far landing to marrakesh can be a better deal.
Sorry for misleading, yes u r right, i mean johanesbourg. pls help...... thanks!!
Dear Patrick,

Try , you can simulate different cities and different companies (regular, low cost).

Look arrival on Casablanca and Marrakech. Other cities wont be interesting.

If think it will be difficult to find a Round trip air ticket cheaper than 700€
Etihad Airways,
Egypt Air
do fly from johanesbourg in South Africa to casablanca
you can check , transavia royal air maroc
turikish airlines



Air france

or SAA to western africa then RAM to Casablanca
In , you can search and compare the prices of the diferents companies that fly from Johanesbourg to Casablanca or Marrakech.
I would check on the website of or they search all other websites for the best available fares.
Emirates Airlines
Qatar Airways
Air France
British Airways
South African Airways
Turkish Airlines

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